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The Groves legacy is my Sims 3 project for 2011! I have played the sims since the end of sims 1 and through all sims 2, and so far throughout the whole sims 3. I have had a couple legacy’s and written several stories for the sims 2. This is my first time with the sims 3. So I apologize if I’m not quite up to speed 🙂 I hope that you all will enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and playing it!!

Generation 1 Info

Annette is the founder of this legacy. She is actually my simself re-vamped! I have dark brown hair and eyes in RL so obviously dirty blonde with blues eyes is NOT me! Plus her name is Annette and mine is Allison. I find simselves hard to play past the first generation because they are so much like me. Her spouse Aaron is also my husbands simself! The only thing I really changed for him was I gave him green eyes. Other than that he’s pretty true to my husband.

Generation 2 Info

Bayleigh is our heir for this generation. She has quite a unique mix of traits that the game assigned to her! Being a klepto and good is a strange mix, but I figured she could be like a modern day Robin hood robbing from the rich sims of Longview and giving to the poor unfortunates who can’t afford ladders for their pools. She is also mean-spirited, which is another strange trait for a good sim. Not sure how that will play out but I guess we’ll see!

Generation 3 Info

Cassie was the chosen heir for this generation, but it was such a close tie with her and Candice I decided to keep her around by making her an “autistic” sim who couldn’t live on her own. Things should get interesting to see how Cassie and Trent will be able to make their band the next big thing while taking care of their own kids and her sister! Will the stress be enough to break them??


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  1. saskia507 says:

    Hey I would like to thank you. Your stories inspired me to try my Legacy story again 🙂 I would appreciate your opinion and I wanted to let you know I gave you a special thanks on there and placed a link to your story on mine. Thank you again and I love your stories 😀


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