I will upload characters to the exchange for anyone who wants to download them! I will try to remember to do it while their young adults! Unfortunately Bayleigh I forgot, so she will be an adult 😦 Sorry everyone! I know this section has been neglected so far!


Annette — Aaron




Danielle (request)

Ellie — Lance


Houses/Community Lots

Apple Chapel

The Groves House (Gen 1-2)

The Groves House (Gen 3)

The Groves House (Gen 4)

The Groves House (Gen 5)

The Groves House (Gen 6)
Houses may contain some CC and store items. All CC is safe! I promise! I’m not sure if it will even transfer, but if it does I wanted you to know about it! Also lots of pictures and items are still in the home that the family has collected through the generations 🙂

Also, I will only be uploading main characters, if there’s a certain sim you want that I haven’t uploaded send me a message or comment and I’ll do my best to get them up here for you! 🙂

Oh, and any lots you may be interested in let me know. Ex: the chapel, I made and wouldn’t mind uploading if enough people are interested!


31 Responses to Downloads

  1. ali says:

    I would love the Chapel you made, it’s perfect for my legacy too!

  2. ali says:

    Oh and where did you get the pattern on the walls in Cassie’s new home?

  3. ;Rainee says:

    house please! just a reminder :3 love the legacii

  4. Samantha says:

    Please can you upload Danielle I really like her and i love your legacy thank you! 🙂

  5. tracie says:

    could you reupload the chapel, please i really like the look of it, but the exchange says it is not longer up

  6. tracie says:

    Thank you

    • groveslegacy says:

      No problem! I got it up there and I re-linked it on the page so it should take you right to it! Let me know if there’s a problem, other than that, enjoy it 🙂

  7. Where did you find Ella’s amazing hair?

  8. laxchick2001 says:

    Can u put Danielle back up? The exchange says its unavaliable. Also Kesha too! Thanks!

    • groveslegacy says:

      I will have to see if I still have them both… I am not sure I kept them in my folder when I got my new computer. Although Kesha is still alive so I could probably still get her up! Just give me a few days to see what I can do…

      • groveslegacy says:

        I don’t have their files anymore :/ I can try to recover them some other way but it will have to wait until after school is finished since I’m not sure how or how long it will take to attempt to get them back. Sorry 😦

  9. micathegamer says:

    I really want to download their first house, but it says it isn’t available anymore :p

  10. groveslegacy says:

    Should work now! 🙂

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