Gen 7 Chapter 5 – Part 1

On the first day of school I met a new friend, his name was Marc and apparently had just moved to Appaloosa Plains because his Dad was military as well. We talked a little while waiting for the bell to ring and I had butterflies in my stomach suddenly. It was almost the same feeling that I had gotten before I rode a horse for the first time. Very strange…After school there was soccer practice and I told Chelsea all about Marc. “Sounds like someone has a crush!!” Chelsea teased. “Noo, I just like hanging out with him that’s all.” I said blushing. “Uh huh, sure. You keep telling yourself that!” she said as the whistle blew which told us all that practice was starting. I liked soccer, it was fun but it wasn’t something I was real coordinated at. Chelsea was a good goalie though and I admired her athleticism. I had to pick an extracurricular though so I figured I might as well play soccer because at least I could run fast! Of course I ended up playing mostly defense because my offence well, you can see how well I do there! “Good job girls! That’s a wrap for today, make sure you get your schoolwork done and I’ll see you tomorrow.” the coach yelled blowing her whistle one last time. I hung out with Marc every weekend it seemed and spent less and less time on other things that I used to love. I just felt like I needed to be around him, like my whole world had shifted it’s focus and I became blind to anyone and anything else that didn’t have to do with him. Of course we started dating and that only made my obsession worse. I constantly skipped practice and stopped going to hang out with Chelsea so that I could spend more time with him. His other friends were upset as well that he was always hanging out with me and didn’t have time for them anymore. My parents took me out to my favorite little restaurant one night, but requested that I not invite anyone to go with us. That made me a little suspicious, what did they need to talk to me about? My grades were good, so what was the big deal?  After we all got out food my Mom began talking to me about colleges and my future with Marc. “I hope you don’t make all your decisions based on what he is going to do with his life..” she said. I tried to tune her out because every word she said just made me more and more upset. While everything she said made sense I didn’t want to hear it. “Mom don’t worry, I plan to go to college and get my degree in business so that I can run my own stable one day. Marc is planning to get his start on his career while I’m gone and we’ll see each other on my breaks from school.” I explained in detail the plans he and I had made. My Mom just looked at me with a hopeful smile, but I could tell she wasn’t buying into it.That night I stared at the poster on my wall. As much planning as we had made was it all going to work out the way we wanted? Only time would tell but one thing was for certain and that was that no matter what I loved Marc and we would be together no matter what anyone else thought. Also I was going to chase my dream and see it come true, one day I would be a famous horsewoman!

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2 Responses to Gen 7 Chapter 5 – Part 1

  1. Great update… I’m excited that she start dating Marc, but worried that things will start going awry. 🙂

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