The Bachelor Party

“Hey Evan!” I said shaking his hand. “So are you ready to party?” he asked enthusiastically. “Of course! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for me.” I said smiling. Evan had asked Ellie to throw me a bachelor party. I was completely surprised when she said yes! I guess she figured I couldn’t get into trouble with her brother and Dad there to supervise me.

Of course Ellie had told him too she didn’t want any dancers there, and he hadn’t listened to her. As soon as I walked in I saw these two girls in tuxedos dancing for the guys Evan and I had invited. But I mean come on this is what bachelor parties are all about right??

Of course being the groom to be one of the dancers came over and gave me a bit of a “private” show. It was all in fun though, sure she had a nice body and it was fun watching her dance but what Ellie and I had was more than what I could have ever had with a girl like this! I clapped and yelled for more, but all of a sudden I was signaled over by my soon to be brother in law.

“So I want to talk a little about our groom.” Evan began. “Noooo!” I shrieked dramatically, “Lies, it’s all lies I tell you!” Evan chucked and then said “Well I was going to say what a great guy you are and how excited I am to have you as a brother but if you don’t agree, we can just toast you instead!”

And with that Evan pulled out a huge bottle of nectar and began to shake it. “You’re not going to–” I started to say as he then popped the top and soaked me with the sticky nectar. I licked it off my face and grabbed the bottle from him, it was my turn to get someone messy!

So I turned around and spying my future father in law I decided he was the perfect candidate. “Take that DAD!” I yelled spraying him with the fizzy nectar. Thank goodness he had a sense of humor or the wedding would have been off for sure! And not because of the big chested dancing girls either!

The party was tons of fun but when 4am rolled around Marc and I decided it would be best to get home and at least get a couple hours of rest. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to be joining. I couldn’t wait for the wedding in 12 hours!


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