Gen1 Chapter 4

January 16, 2011

My poor garden! It sort of became the last thing on my mind during Aarons and mines engagment and wedding. Well now that he’s living with me and all I should have a little more free time for things like this.

Married life was great! I learned to cook sushi, Aarons favorite! I was never crazy about fish but this wasn’t half bad. It was so nice to have a family of sorts. Although we had no children yet, we were almost ready to start trying! I guess our biggest challenge was the fact this old house was falling apart on us! That shower was starting to drive me nuts! We were planning on remodeling the house after we had our first child but it looks as if we may not have a choice but to go ahead and do it! Or not…. Aaron was very handy to have around! He could fix anything! He spent about half the day in there but he eventually got it done! It made me happy that it was at least one less thing I’d have to replace, for now!Did I mention he also attempted to help clean? He knew my one biggest pet peeve was a dirty house. I was really grateful he at least made an effort, most men couldn’t have cared less. *sigh*Even if he never finished what he started I still had to applaude the effort on his part! Really, because if he didn’t pitch in at least a little bit I don’t know how I would ever have free time! This would become even more important once kids were involved!One thing that I think was our biggest challenge as a married couple was our sleeping habits. Aaron could sleep through anything! Me on the other hand.. well I guess from living in the orphanage I just never got good sleep. I would wake up if I even thought I heard something!Still though, we had been married for a few years and our marriage was very close to perfect. We made love every night, and we constantly stopped each other in the hall for kisses. Also we had yet to have a real argument! My job was also going very well. I had recieved several awards for my work, and a lot of my customers kept calling me back to makeover the rest of their houses after seeing what I could do with one room! In fact work was so good I decided to go ahead with my own homes makeover!I started small, with a new stove of course. The one that originally was in the house was gas, and a lot more flammable than the electric versions! And since kids we hopefully going to be in our near future I wanted the house to be as safe as possible!Next I made over the living room. In my favorite color of course, blue! I always liked it because to me blue was a happy color. I know some associate it with sadness, but not me!Then the kitchen. For the mean time I kept the old fridge, but I figured that one day would probably also give me issues.. I mean it already sort of did since all the leftovers tasted like the inside of the refridgerator.. but it was tolerable for the time being.The dining area inside the kitchen.. still sort of plain, but an improvement none the less! And finally my studio! I traded in my easel for a drafting board since I thought it would be more productive in helping me plan more before I began on assignments. So far that’s all for now! We expanded the master bedroom but we kept the decoration the same. I know Aaron wasn’t crazy about the pink-ness but it was how my parents left it after-all and I didn’t want to lose everything they had picked out for the house! The bathrooms also still needed to be done, but we didn’t want to spend all our money just yet. Afterall we were trying for a baby so we needed extra just in case!!

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8 Responses to Gen1 Chapter 4

  1. QuackQuakcDuckie says:

    Hey! It’s me 😀

    Here is my E-mail, that’s the only other thing I have for contact so yeah…(edited out)

    No-one can see this, right? xD

    • groveslegacy says:

      I edited it out 🙂 But I got it.. and I can actually email you from here I believe! Those old party poopers at EA can’t stop us from chatting! I had an idea for a new movie you could make.. Throw a sim funeral for our thread! hehe.. I can NOT make movies, but yours is really good! You could like do it to Amazing Grace or somethin.. only if you want though!!

      • QuackQuakcDuckie says:

        Now there’s an idea! ;D

        I really one do it! 😀
        I also have another machinima which I haven’t touched in ages xD
        And thanks for editing my e-mail out ;D

  2. Ashlee(Dreamer32910) says:

    Your story keeps getting better! I love it!
    Love the remodels to the house too.

  3. catalon2 says:

    Hi! i know this is two years late, but its worth a try! :D! Any ways I’ve started a blog on wordpress and it worked pretty well, but the newest post come first and the older come next. This could be a problem, Because now my start to my legacy is last… I really want to fix this. Thanks! If you don’t reply i understand.

    • groveslegacy says:

      I’m not sure if there is a way to make your older posts show up first or not. But what I do is make “Pages” instead of “Posts” to list the chapters in order and keep it organized. Other than that I would just make sure your chapters are labeled according to generation as well as order so that people can go back and find the older ones first! Hope that helps 🙂

  4. pinnaplevaction says:

    OMG!! thank you so much!!!! you were a big help!!! (and by the way, LOVE YOUR LEGACY!!) Ok, thanks again!!!

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