Gen1 Chapter 2

January 12, 2011

So this is what my life has become. I get  up and tend my plants and then go to work. Come home, go to bed and repeat. *sigh* I had talked to Aaron a few times, usually as we passed each other on our way to work. We were both so busy I started to wonder if my daydreams about us together would ever be anything more than just dreams.

Finally it was Saturday I made lunch and put it away. Why on earth did I make a WHOLE plate of PB&J? I would never eat it alone.. Maybe I should go talk to Aaron? Maybe he would like to help me eat them? I was always thinking of ways to talk to him but never actually got the nerve up to do so. Come on Annette!! Do you want to be alone forever? I wasn’t getting any younger that was for sure! It was time! I would march over to Aarons and ask him out! Or at least that was the plan! Wish me luck! Whew! I actually made it to the door, and he answered! YES!! “Hello Aaron!” I said reaching my hand out to shake his. “Hello there Ms Annette.” he said with a slight chuckle. “How are you? Would you like to come in?” he asked. “Um.. sure!” I replied.”

“I like your house, it’s very well decorated.” I said observing the enviroment around me. “Thanks.” he replied “Although I’m afraid I can’t take credit for it, this was my Grandparents house until they recently passed on. My parents gave it to me since they already have a home in Sunset Valley.”“Well I was just wondering really if you might want to. I mean if you aren’t doing anything later.. Maybe we could go hang out some time?” I fumbled with my words. Dang it Annette he’s going to think you’re a fool! “I was thinking about asking you the same thing.” Aaron said with a wink. “Just tell me when and where and it sounds like a date to me!”So it was set, our first date would be lunch tomorrow at the bistro! I felt as if I was watching myself walk up to my house at a distance. The whole idea that I was actually going on a date with Aaron was so surreal! I spent the rest of the day getting myself prepared so I could talk without sounding stupid tomorrow!Sunday came and went. Our date was fabulous! We couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. As I loosened up around Aaron I came to find he was incredibly funny and easy to talk to. In fact our date went so well we spent the next few months constantly at each others houses or out in town getting to know the place together!My garden was coming along great. The same as my relationship with Aaron. I was quite pleased too that I could garden and look at his house at the same time. I got to enjoy two of my favorite things together! Life couldn’t get any better for me! That afternoon I went to see Aaron. “You know we’ve almost been dating 6 months now!” I stated. “Yup! I was thinking we could go to our favorite spot tonight and celebrate. Does that sound ok or did you have another idea?” Aaron asked me. “Sure! I was actually going to suggest the same thing!” I replied with a giggle. We seemed like the perfect fairytale couple. Always thinking of the same ideas! Although I have to admit I certainly did NOT see this coming! Shortly after we finished our anniversary meal, Aaron got down on one knee and said “Annette, I know that we’ve only been together 6 months, but in that time I have come to love you like I have never loved anyone else in my life. I know you are the one for me. Will you marry me?” “OH MY GOSH!” I squealed. “YES! YES! Of course I will marry you, Aaron!!” I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy and off in my own little world I didn’t even hear my phone when it began ringing. Not like I would have answered it even if I had!

When Aaron stood up I wrapped my arms around him. “The ring is beautiful! I love you so much! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!” I whispered into his ear. “Ah my love I was hoping you would say that! Happy anniversary!” he whispered back. After our engagement Aaron began staying at my place. We had decided to wait to offically move in together until we were married but most nights Aaron would come to bed with me and we would talk until we both were asleep. I felt secure knowing he was there, and always had good dreams. “Annette, you are so beautiful. I’m so glad I moved here.” Aaron said to me one evening. I smiled and blushed. I had never dated anyone before Aaron. Usually after people at my school found out I was an orphan they wouldn’t talk to me anyway much less date me. I was so lucky to have someone in my life who finally cared about me so much. “I’m glad you moved here too.” I finally replied.“You know babe, our 1 year anniversary is coming up”. Aaron then said to me. “Uh huh, I was thinking maybe we could set our wedding date for that day? It only gives us a week to prepare but one of my clients told me about the Apple St. Chapel. I called and they have an opening for 4pm on that day!” I told him. “That sounds perfect my love.” Aaron replied.

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4 Responses to Gen1 Chapter 2

  1. prettyone27 says:

    This is absolutely amazing!!

  2. Ashlee(Dreamer32910) says:

    This honestly almost made me cry! It reminds me so much of Josh and I. He proposed to me just 6 months after we’ve been dating and in 2 months will be our 1 year.
    I love your story!

    • groveslegacy says:

      Aw 🙂 How sweet! My hubby and I had been together 10 months when he proposed, on Christmas! He wrapped my engagement ring in a HUGE box stuffed with clothes! It was sweet, he was trying to hide it from me 😉 We got married that next December, 5 months after our son was born!! Now we’ve been married 5 years and together for 7!

  3. Michayla says:


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