Gen 1 Chapter 1

January 9, 2011

It may have been a cheap old bed, but I believe I slept better than I had in fifteen years in that room. I made sure to tidy up of course. The morning light was so beautiful as it poured in through the windows. The sun seemed to wash away most of my bad childhood memories.

I loved to read, books were my only friend when I was in the orpanhange. So I sat down and started brushing up on my recipes. Afterall I never had a mother around to teach my how to cook. I was going to have to start somewhere. I didn’t want to be stuck eating cold cereal all the time! I also knew that I would need to be able to cook one day when I found a husband and had kids. Afterall what good mother doesn’t know how to cook right?

My job as architectural designer was going quite well. I had a steady flow of jobs which gave me a decent amount of money to sock away for new things for my house! Most of my clients were pretty pleased with what I had done for them, although they didn’t usually give me much to work with! Good thing I’m creative at heart!

Here’s an example. This room is to be turned into a study.. tiny right? No problem, right? Wrong! She wanted a couch, TV, TWO bookcase, desk, and drawing board all crammed in there! Well like I said.. lucky I’m creative!

This is what I came up with! You can’t see the TV but it is a wall mounted one above the desk there to the right. I had to save space somewhere since that darn drawing board takes up the whole room practically! Time to see what she thinks!

Well not a great review but she must have liked it because she paid me $200 plus a $50 bonus! Cha-ching! Now I could buy myself some furniture!

I also decided to invest some time in the great outdoors! I figured I might as well living in the country, the soil was good I should harvest some good produce that I could also make money off of!

Time to wind down for the evening and paint. Not only was it a good way to make extra cash but it was helping me climb the architechtural designer ladder! Next thing I knew my doorbell rang. “Who in the world–?” I wondered to myself.

Heeeeellllllllooooooo there Mr. Wonderful! “May I help you? I asked. “Hi, I’m Aaron, I just moved in that little house next door. I just thought I’d stop by andsay hello!” replied Aaron. “Hello, I’m Annette.” I said. I couldn’t come up with anything else. “It’s nice to meet you Annette. Feel free to come over anytime you like!” Aaron said.

Those eyes.. those yummy green eyes! They were so warm and inviting. I had never met anyone before who made me feel the way he did. Which I guess was why I was so speechless! I always knew what to say, until now. “Oook.. see you later?” I replied with a slight stutter. Aaron chuckled “Of course, I do live just next door!” He gave me a wink then turned and left.

I returned inside to have some dinner and clean up. Clean.. of course I had to distract myself. Aaron had made me a bundle of nerves! I had to pull myself together. Could it really be this easy? Could my soul mate be living just next door?

I laid in my bed and thought to myself. After all this time my life felt as if it was finally worth all the pain I’d been through as a child. I couldn’t wait to see what my future held. Was Aaron the one for me? Would we get married, have children and live happily ever after? Only time would tell.. but for the rest of the evening I imagined what our future together could possibly be like.

<—Prologue           Chapter 2—>


7 Responses to Gen 1 Chapter 1

  1. madismith67 says:

    I just love your legacy! Such a great start! (:

  2. Ashlee(Dreamer32910) says:

    Great job! Keep up the good work.
    Where did you get Aaron’s shirt from? I really like that.

    • groveslegacy says:

      I believe it came with Fast Lane Stuff! My hubby bought it for me for Christmas 🙂

      • Ashlee(Dreamer32910) says:

        Aw that’s so cute 🙂
        My fiance, Josh wanted to buy me Ambitions but I beat him to it, I think he was kinda sad by it..poor guy. I’ll let him buy me Out Door living 😀

  3. Michayla says:

    Keep up the good work

  4. Jojo says:

    I like how down to earth she is. She doesn’t expect much and is super pretty, but it’s not stereotypical or superficial. She’s just…natural!
    Love the story, can’t wait to hear more!

  5. lilac16 says:

    I know I’m a bit late in reading this lol 🙂 but I love it! ❤ Really love the backstory I do that with my stories really gives a depth to the characters. Great job!!!

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