Gen 1 and 2 Bloopers

Not sure why Annette was making this face, she was waiting for him to tell her how he liked her work on his bedroom and she looked like she swallowed a bug or something! Caden when he aged up to a toddler! I love the cross-eyed glitch! haha, it’s cute on the kids anyways! This was just a picture of Bayleigh I don’t think I ever put in the story, but it was a good shot of her! Another of Bayleigh as a toddler! Eating her dolls… num num num! And finally for the first two generations, here’s Caden passed out on the floor as a teen. I had him doing too much I guess! Oops! Not a good way to impress Kesha, who he had just finished making out with!

***************************Hope you all enjoyed***************************


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