Gen 7 Chapter 2 ~*Sleep-over*~

Friday came quickly and before I knew it Celeste and I were talking horses and having a great time. She answered all the silly questions I had and also added that when it got warmer she thought her Mom wouldn’t have a problem letting me ride their horse! After we talked ourselves silly we decided to watch some TV. Although I will admit we still did a lot of talking, especially during the commercials! This place was really starting to feel like home now that I had Celeste around. I think she could definitely be my new best friend, although I still missed James.

My Mom baked us a plate of yummy chocolate chip cookies which we gladly gobbled up while they were still fresh! This was probably the one time we both were actually quiet for more than a few seconds!

After we finished our cookies we decided to do some pillow fighting. I had never had a sleep over before because I wasn’t allowed to have a boy stay the night. That was the good thing about Celeste being a girl, we were having a great time until my Mom called down to us to come upstairs and go to sleep.

My room was too small to fit out sleeping bags on the floor so Mom let us use her art studio upstairs. I hadn’t even realized how tired I was until I climbed into my bag and Mom cut of the lights. We both fell asleep almost instantly, the night had definitely been a success. I couldn’t wait to do it again!

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One Response to Gen 7 Chapter 2 ~*Sleep-over*~

  1. Mfb426 says:

    Great chapter πŸ™‚ I’m caught up now. I love your legacy, but always forget to comment on the older posts. (I just discovered your story a few weeks ago, and love it! you’re writing is fabulous!) And, I’m glad that Gabbie has a friend to play with in AP πŸ™‚

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