Gen 6 Chapter 2 part 2

I had done a lot of thinking about my future in the last months of high school. My little job at the grocery store wasn’t going to get me far in life, so the day I graduated high school I went to work there one last time. What I was going to do from there was going to be life changing, not only for myself but Raina and my parents too. Now I just had to tell them my plans and hope they supported me.

I asked Raina to meet me on the beach that night, the same beach we had our first date when we were teenagers. When I got there I saw the worry on her face. I wasn’t exactly sure how to tell her, so I figured I would just say it and hope she wasn’t mad. “Raina, I’ve decided to join the military.” I said and then waited for what seemed like forever for her to reply. “Oh, so.. what exactly does this mean? You know for us?” she finally replied sounding a little upset, but not as bad as I had anticipated.

“Well, I kind of decided to do this for us. Raina, I love you and as much as it’s going to hurt me to be without you, I just feel that the security the military life will offer us is something too good for me to pass up.” I explained, holding her hands. She began to smile a little, but I could tell she was still upset.
Before she had a chance to say anything else I decided it was time to ask, ask her the question I had been wanting to ask her for so long now. I only hoped she would give me the answer I dreamed of.

I pulled out the small black box and opened it up. I looked up at her and saw a tear roll down her cheek, I almost put the box back in my pocket, afraid she was crying because she did not want this. But before I could she cried out “Oh Fin! Are you asking me what I think you are?!”
“Yes Raina, I am. I want you to wait for me, and when I return I want to marry you!” I said taking the ring out and sliding it on her finger. She smiled so big and seemed to happy I knew what her answer was without her having to say a single word.
“Of course I’ll wait for you Fin! No matter how long you have to be gone, I will always be here when you come home!” Raina replied hugging me tighter than I even thought she possibly could. “I won’t be gone long, 2, maybe 3 months and then we can have our wedding and our family!” I told her. “I can’t wait.” she whispered back.
Telling Raina had been the scariest part, although I was a little afraid of what my Mom would think, both my parents took it surprisingly well. Both of them congratulated me on my engagement and told me how proud they were with what I chose to do with my life. I could see tears in Mom’s eyes, but I hoped they were happy and not sad tears.
So this was finally it! I gave both my parents one last hug and then grabbed my bags. I heard the taxi beep his horn outside and I was off! Time to become a man! I didn’t know what was going to await me there, but I hoped it wasn’t half as bad as all the stories I had heard.

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  1. Samantha says:

    I am so excitied that raina said yes their so cute together! 🙂

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