Gen 5 Chapter 10

Early that morning I got a call from my agent about a new part they wanted me to audition for. I was supposed to have the day off but he said that he arranged a meeting for me with the director to discuss what he wanted from me. I agreed because landing this job would definitely help me move up.

I met with Mr Stanley at his house, or well outside rather. He briefly told me what the part was, handed me my costume and then told me I needed to meet with my other cast members and be prepared Monday to start shooting. I was so happy! Especially when he told me who my co-stars were and handed me their numbers!

Of course the first cast member I met was Emmy Starr. She was Mr. Stanley’s, wife? Girlfriend? Really not sure but they lived together so it was only natural she was cast in just about everything he directed. I rambled on about how happy I was to work with such a talented actress but she didn’t seem to share my same enthusiasm.

The next day I met with Richie Striker, he was not quite as good-looking in person as he was in his films but he was a lot more personable than Emmy was any day. He actually talked back to me and laughed when I told a joke no matter how stupid it was. In fact he invited me back to his place!

“Ellie I think you will be fun to work with.” Richie said making me feel like a little kid on Christmas. “Oh Mr. Striker that means so much to me!” I replied. “Please, call me Richie.” he said smiling. “Hey do you think you could help me with something?” he asked. “Sure anything for you Richie!” I answered beaming.

Apparently he didn’t want help, more like someone to write his invitations for an upcoming party. It did have to do with our production and I was invited as well, but still I knew he would get the credit for my work. It discouraged me a little but I guess his secretary was out on maternity leave.

“So how did things go my sexy little chef?” Lance asked when I got home from Richie’s house. “Well much better than they did with Emmy the other night, but I still don’t feel like I quite fit in with these people.” I replied.

Lance kissed me and made me once again feel like the most important person in the whole world. “You will do great, you are my shining star.” Lance said in between kisses. Things quickly escalated like they always do and we ended up in the bedroom.

Something about that night in particular was different. Not sure if it’s because of the silly outfit I was dressed in or simply the mood I was in but something definitely stuck out in my mind. However, I knew that I would never forget this night.

I decided that the only way I could feel more like a celebrity was to party with them. Since I wasn’t very well-known yet I wasn’t sure I was actually on the list of any of the celebrity clubs in town so I decided to use my computer hacking skills. Much to my dismay I wasn’t on the list, at least not then. I added mine and Lances name to the list so we could go hang out later and hopefully get to rub elbows with some of Longviews movie stars.

We had no problem getting into the club that night, thanks to my computer skills. Unfortunately the place was dead, more dead than anyplace I have ever seen. Aside from the bartender we were the only ones there. Oh and the bouncer, but I don’t count him since he has to stay outside all night. The night was young, so we decided to have a drink or two and wait to see who else would come in.

After a few cocktails Lance and I were both hungry so we decided to order some food. Holy cow was that ever a mistake! He ordered shrimp cocktail which was over $50 and the same with my olive platter. I mean seriously? It couldn’t have cost them even close to that much even if they imported the food from France!

Finally someone else showed up! Too bad it was Emmy. I tried to talk to her and even introduce her to Lance, who just had a way with women and she still was too snobby to talk to me! Well at least without rolling her eyes at everything I had to say. I could tell working with her was going to take some real patience on my part.

Emmy didn’t hang around long since we were the only ones there I guess she figured it wasn’t worth her time. So I stood around watching the fish swim in the tank and wondering if this was really the life I was meant for. I loved my job, but my personality didn’t seem to fit as well as some. After a few more hours of waiting around it was apparent no one else was coming.

Having already paid over $300 for food and drinks I figured it would be silly to just leave, so I danced for a while. Lance had been hooked to the bubble blower most of the evening but when he saw me dancing he decided to join me. We spent the rest of the night dancing together until the club closed. It may have not turned out the way I quite wanted but I got to spend it with my number one fan!

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