Gen 5 Chapter 9

Work was the only thing that kept busy enough to forget about my problems. The house felt so empty without my parents. Lance had brought up having a baby the other night and I quickly shot his idea down because I wasn’t where I needed to be with work yet to take that kind of time off. I could see the disappointment in his face, but it would simply just have to wait.

Later that night Lance wrapped me in his arms like he always did. “Ellie I know you are upset, why don’t we go out for a change? You know get your mind off things?” he said softly. Now that was a suggestion I could live with, although I wasn’t sure it would help. “I guess. Where do you want to go?” I replied. “How about the new Jade Fusion Lounge? Supposed to have really good oriental food.” he said. I nodded and we both got changed and headed out.

As soon as we got there I realized it was the same place I had been in earlier when doing promotions for work. Lance sat down at the bar and immediately ordered us a round of drinks. Samurai something or other, whatever it was hopefully it was good and strong!

The lady making our drinks put on an awesome show. Fire and lots of tossing and shaking and flipping. I don’t know how she had become so talented, many years practice I suppose, but she had me completely mesmerized.

After a couple of rounds of juice we were both feeling really good and decided to head out on the dance floor. It wasn’t such a bad idea after all, in fact I hadn’t thought about my parents since we had walked in.

Of course when it was time to leave I was sad to have to go home knowing my parents weren’t there. But I knew I had my husband, and he cared about me, so no matter how much I missed my parents I knew it was time to move on.

I decided to call off a day so I could spend some more time with my husband. We decided to go out to the lagoon for some sun and fun! “I’m so glad I have you in my life Lance, I don’t know what I would do without you.” I said. “Well I know what you wouldn’t be doing.” Lance said with a smile and a wink.

We brought along our fishing poles in hopes of catching something worthwhile for dinner. Lance had his eyes set on swordfish and I had mine on lobster. Whether one of us would get lucky or not though was another story.

It didn’t take quite as long this time before I felt something bite. It felt big, but sadly when I reeled in my line it was only a tiny anchovy, not even enough worth keeping! Still though I had caught something right?

“Wow Ellie! What a fish! You could save all the starving sims in Sunset Valley with that!” Lance teased laughing so hard he snorted. I couldn’t help but laugh myself, because that tiny little fish wasn’t much bigger than the bait I had on the hook!

“Well at least I caught something! Seems like you just don’t have the fishing gene like I do!” I said back playfully mocking him. “Oh yeah I’m totally jealous.” Lance replied rolling his eyes. We both decided that fishing just wasn’t our thing apparently and took off for home.

Once we arrived home I took off to brush my teeth. I don’t know why exactly but it was one of those little things I just couldn’t help doing whenever I was bored, nervous, whatever. I heard the bathroom door squeak open, but pretended not to notice.

Lance grabbed my toothbrush and tossed it into the sink while wrapping his arms around my waist and my lips to his. Any sadness I felt he could instantly melt it away with a single kiss. I hoped no matter how much time passed we would always feel this way about each other.

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