Gen 5 Chapter 8

After the reception we took off to our own private after-party. “Keep your eyes closed Ellie, just a little more.” Lance said carrying me into the house. I don’t know why he insisted I keep them closed, but I humored him. When I opened them I couldn’t believe what I saw. “Where are we?” I exclaimed. “Welcome to your new home babe!” Lance answered, “Oh and don’t worry about your parents, there’s a cottage for them out back.” he said with a smile.

After changing out of my dress I walked into our new bedroom where Lance was waiting for me. The house was gorgeous, at least from what I had seen so far. The colors were the same ones in the French cottage we had stayed in and I could see little touches of France in just about every room I had seen so far.

I climbed into bed and began kissing Lance. “I love it..” I whispered to him. “Especially the little effiel tower!” He mumbled something under his breath I couldn’t quite understand but I’m sure it was some sort of thank you! Anyways I’m sure you can imagine what happened after that.

“I’m glad you like the house Ellie. Your Mom and Dad saw them building this place and when they talked to me about it we all agreed it would be a great present.” Lance said as we laid there about to go to sleep. “Well you were right, it’s the perfect present! Plus with my parents out of the house we can walk around in our underwear!” I teased. “Or naked.” Lance said with a wink.

The next day we headed out to the beach just to get out and do something different. While we were there I got a call from my Aunt, actually my great, great, GREAT Aunt who was apparently throwing a party that evening and asked if we would like to come. “So you sure you want to go to this party Lance?” I asked for the 10th time. “I think it would be good for us to meet the rest of your family, so why not?” he replied again.

So as the sun began to set we pulled up to this little house in the country. Mom had said this was the house our family started in, so that meant it was about 400 years old! It looked a little shabby but certainly not bad for that long ago.

Once inside my Aunt showed us where they were having the party and we all began dancing. It was fun, but a little awkward at the same time. You see, my Aunt is a vampire and she’s probably almost as old as this house! She had seen the last 4 generations of our family be born and grow old and pass on while she had barely aged at all. It was just so crazy to me. Especially when I thought she could be around maybe to even see my grandkids, or GREAT grandkids!

About a week after we had been married I was out doing the laundry, and I couldn’t help but feel as if I had changed. I loved my job, but I was starting to wonder if there was more to life than just work and play. I felt as if maybe something was missing, but I knew if I asked my Mom she’d tell me that meant it was time for kids and I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

When I returned home that evening from work my husband greeted me, a solemn expression across his face. “Ellie, I’m afraid I have some bad news.” Lance began, but before he could even tell me what it was I just knew. I cried out and began to lean forward like I was going to pass out. “Your father is gone.” Lance finished.

Lance caught me and held me tight in his arms while I sobbed. “How- is- Mom?” I managed to choke out. “She’s fine Ellie, upset of course but well she’s resting for now and I’ve already told her I’ll help her take care of things tomorrow. You don’t have to worry, ok babe?” Lance said in a soothing tone. I just couldn’t believe my Dad was really gone.

Mom refused to have a funeral for Dad, she told us that wouldn’t have been what he wanted. Still I felt bad that Mom wouldn’t let me help support her, but I knew there was no arguing with her. I could only sit back and watch how it effected her.

It was horrible to see her go through it alone, but no matter how I tried to help she pushed me away. She even gave up music! So close to meeting her lifetime goal, and she just gave up. I had never thought my Mom would be one to throw in the towel but I guess she felt there was nothing else to live for.

We knew she was going to leave us as well, very soon by the looks of it. She hardly ate anymore, and when she did it was alone. When the time finally did come I found a note from her saying how proud she was of me and that even though she was gone she would always be with me in everything I did. Rest in peace Mom and Dad…

**sorry if the chapter was a little bit of everything rolled into one! But I just wanted to share the pictures of the party at Kesha’s house, I thought some of you might enjoy them**

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3 Responses to Gen 5 Chapter 8

  1. Abi:) says:

    I’m really going to miss them… I hate that she gave up music:( Great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one:)

  2. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Aww R.I.P. Denise. Love Lance & Ellie’s new bedroom set up!

    *anxiously waiting for next chapter & your new story :)*

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