Gen 5 Chapter 7

The morning after we got back from France I headed over to have breakfast with my Mom and see what she wanted. “I’m really concerned about your father and I living here in this big house all alone Ellie, would you consider moving back home?” Mom asked. “Well Mom, I will under one condition.” I began, “And that is that my fiance is allowed to move in too!” I finished smiling. “OH!! Ellie congratulations!! Of course he can dear!” mom replied excitedly.

Lance moved his stuff over during the day while I was at work and we started staying in the house that very evening. I was still in the “guest” room but I felt so much more at home with him by my side and that was all that mattered. That and planning our wedding! I couldn’t wait to be Mrs. Lance Groves!

Work was going really well, I was even sent out of the studio for the day to promote our movie which would be coming out in just a couple months! Although it was going to be hectic I wanted to get married before the premiere. My brother asked if he could throw Lance a bachelor party, and I reluctantly agreed. I told him there better not be any girls there though!

Finally the weekend had come, Lances bachelor party(click here to read) had come and gone and he was extremely hung over. Mom and I made Dad wake up and get him sobered up and ready for the wedding at 5pm sharp! In the mean time her and I went to the spa for some pampering. It was going to be fun spending some time with her again.

It was just what I needed that day. Some time to relax and unwind with my Mom. Even though I had felt distant from her after boarding school I still loved her and it was fun to reconnect. We actually got to talk about my school and career, she even asked about grandkids, which I laughed at her because even though I planned on having kids eventually it wasn’t in the plans right now!

Finally the time had come, Mom and I grabbed some lunch between the spa and the chapel but it was time to go set up and for me to get dressed for my big day! I was excited, nervous, happy, scared… so many emotions all running through me at that moment. What was it about weddings that could make your stomach turn so?

I put my dress on and stood a long time in front of the wardrobe wondering what life would be like when we were married. Would our relationship change? For better or worse? Suddenly I wasn’t quite sure we were doing the right thing. “Honey, is something wrong?” Mom asked from behind me.

I sat down next to her and decided to see what her thoughts were. “Mom, how did you know you wanted to marry Dad?” I asked. “Well honey you never can be sure, but I knew your father was the one for me because of how my heart felt when I was with him.” she replied. “So do you think I’m doing the right thing?” I inquired some more. “Well only you can answer that, but from what I’ve seen from you two you look like you’re doing the right thing.” Mom answered back smiling.

I stood up taking in what my Mom had said. I was just letting my nerves get the best of me. So I finished getting ready and put my makeup on, making sure not to get lipstick on my teeth. I guess the neurotic side of me was kicking in because I was trying to hard to make everything perfect for that day, I guess I should have realized nothing is ever perfect no matter how hard you try.

Finally it was time, standing at the altar with Lance I was still nervous, but not quite as bad. Now I was more nervous because of all the family watching us rather than the actual marriage itself. I know, ironic that an actress be scared in front of her own family right?

Lance recited his beautifully written vows to me and I just melted. I knew in my heart that this was right, no matter what my head or stomach might be saying. I had met the one person who could make me feel special all the time, no matter what. Then it was my turn to say my vows, they weren’t as well written, but they still got the message across.

Then we exchanged rings, they were actually old wedding rings my parents handed down to me. Not their rings exactly but they were family heirlooms none the less and I absolutely adored them. They were simple and fancy all at the same time. Perfect symbols of Lance and mines love for each other.

As we sealed our marriage with a kiss all the anxiousness I had been feeling drained from my body and all I could feel from then on was pure joy! I know I had done the right thing and now I couldn’t wait to start our life together, but first it was time to party with our family!

The wedding cake was HUGE! A lot bigger than I thought it was going to be but that was ok, I could just cut it into bigger slices! Which I’m sure no one would argue about, I mean come on who doesn’t like cake? Lance helped me do the honors of cutting the first piece but then left me to the rest of it.

As I cut up the cake family lined up to get a piece. I couldn’t wait to try some myself, the baker had done an excellent job. We had given her quite the task because we wanted a nectar flavored cake as a reminder of our trip to France where we had been engaged.

After everyone had eaten we all moved outside to the gazebo where we shared our first dance as husband and wife. As the first song ended the rest of our guests began to get the idea and joined in the fun.

Mom and Dad certainly looked like they were having a good time. I hadn’t seen them that happy in a while. It made me feel more confident though that Lance and I could be happy together for a long time.

My brother’s wife wasn’t able to make the wedding since she had just given birth to their first child so he ended up dancing with our Aunt Sandy, Daylans wife. Daylan was around, but he said he didn’t like to dance so he just sat back and watched the fun. Oh well, his loss! Overall the party was a success and everyone had a good time!

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