Gen 5 Chapter 6 part 2

We’re now back to Ellie’s point of view.

I had always wanted to go to France. The country was so beautiful, it really took my breath away looking out at the country side. Lance had picked the perfect little cottage. I loved it so much, I think if I could I would of loved to stay there for the rest of my life. Looking out the window I was able to put my life at home completely behind me and just focus on me and Lance.

I wasn’t quite sure what Lance had planned for the day, but I ran down to get myself dressed once I heard him up taking a shower. I put on a new outfit I had found in the dresser here and the cottage. It made me look like a local and I absolutely loved it!

Getting out of the car I yelled “Race ya!” to Lance and took off towards the lake. Maybe it wasn’t fair I got a head start but he certainly caught up to me pretty quickly.

The fresh air and sunshine felt so good, I was up for whatever life had to throw at me today! Lance handed me a fishing rod and helped me cast it out before casting his. “I hope we can catch something to cook out later!” Lance exclaimed. “I’ve never been fishing before, I’m sure I won’t get a bite.” I replied back.

“I’ve never been fishing before either.” Lance admitted. “I’m sure one of us will catch something!” I assured him with a smile. But after a few hours I began to have my doubts. I could see the fish splashing all around us, so what was the problem? At this rate we weren’t going to have anything for dinner! Just as I was about to give up however, I felt a tug.  

I quickly reeled in my line to find a huge, no gigantic frog on the end of my line! “Holy cow!” I exclaimed. “Get a load of those legs Ellie! That will make a fine meal!” Lance said back to me. “You mean we’re going to eat a… FROG?!” I yelled. “We’re in France, why not? Everyone else here does!” Lance said back with a laugh, I guess he had a point.

“That was a good meal Ellie! Without you we would have been goners!” Lance joked as if we would have really gone hungry without my frog. “No problem! Next time though I hope to catch a lobster! Now that would be a good meal!” I replied back. I think I was finally starting to believe Lance was truly sorry. I mean would he really go through all this trouble if I was just another girl? Still, I wasn’t going to let my gaurd down just yet.

Standing up Lance took me into his arms. “You know Ellie, I’m truly sorry about what I did. Those other girls don’t hold a candle to your beauty, and I could never feel for them the way I feel for you.” Lance said softly. I blushed, I couldn’t help myself. No one had ever in my life made me feel the way he could.

“Ellie Groves, will you forgive my stupidity and make me the happiest man alive by marrying me?” Lance asked dropping down on one knee. I gasped and nodded my head yes. I always tended to be dramatic, but this time I really felt as if I might faint, for real! In fact I began to feel myself falling backwards down the hill!

Lucky for me Lance saw what was about to happen and grabbed me tightly. “I promise Ellie I will never let you fall. You will always be safe as long as you’re with me.” Lance said pulling me close. The last two days were the most perfect I could ask for. If spending my life with him meant living this way then I was all for it!

We spent out last evening in France curled up on the couch in the cottage just spending time together. I was a little sorry it had to end, but we both had work to get back to. Plus my Mom had called and said she really wanted to talk to me about something, so I guess it was time to get back to reality. I couldn’t wait to tell her about our engagement!

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One Response to Gen 5 Chapter 6 part 2

  1. feeltheBTrush says:

    I have a bad feeling about what her mom wants to tell her…

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