Gen 5 Chapter 6 part 1

This part will be told from Lances view.

As I sat sketching out ideas for sets for my college play, I couldn’t get my mind off Ellie. I had hurt her so bad, and I didn’t know if she would ever forgive me. And why should she? I hadn’t cheated on her, but I hadn’t exactly been honest about my flirtatious side. I tried to talk to her, but the last few days I was lucky she even let me in the same room with her.

After a week had passed she finally let me back into my own bed, but usually that was only after she was asleep anyway. As I crawled into bed that night I came up with a plan. I would take her away for a while. A vacation! It would be perfect, just what we both needed! I would book a flight first thing in the morning and hopefully she would agree!

I hardly slept that night, and by the time Ellie got up at 5 I was already dressed and had booked our whole vacation. “Hey Lance, what are you doing up so early? Got a date?” Ellie hissed at me. “No, at least, not yet” I smiled hoping she would realize I meant with her. “Ellie, please go to France with me?” I begged. “What?” Ellie said spinning around to face me. “I booked us a flight at 8. If we leave now we can still make it.” I pleaded. “I’ve always wanted to go to France..” Ellie exclaimed thoughtfully.

Soon we were both sitting in a cute little french cafe drinking fresh coffee. “I’m so glad you agreed to this vacation Ellie.” I said taking a sip. “Well you know this doesn’t fix what you have done to me, I’m still really hurt Lance.” Ellie replied. I knew it wouldn’t fix everything, but I had hoped it was at least a start. She meant so much more to me than anyone ever had, I just couldn’t lose her.

I got up and took her hands in mine, I was completely shocked when she didn’t resist, and couldn’t help but smile. “Ellie, I know how much I’ve hurt you and I want to fix that. I want us to have fun and re-connect on this trip. In fact I have a fun little surprise for us at the nectary. Are you up for it?” I asked. “Sure, what kind of surprise?” she asked back. “Well if I told you it wouldn’t be much of a surprise!” I replied as we headed off towards the nectar factory.

I had booked us a nectar making lesson in hopes that we could create something together and be able to take it home with us. The first step of course was picking the grapes we wanted to use to make our nectar with.

After we got done picking our grapes we headed inside where we added the fruit to the machine. This was supposed to be the fun part, and I figured I’d let Ellie go first. She was a little hesistant though. “Come on babe, it’s fine! This is how everyone makes nectar!” I assured her. “Well.. I guess it won’t hurt to try.” she replied.

Ellie hopped into the barrel and began stomping on the fruit. “Oh wow! This is sooo… gross!” She said laughing and stomping even more. I chuckled to myself at how positively cute she was standing there in her bikini. Every time I looked at her she gave me another reason to love her. “Alright! My turn!” I declared helping her out.

Of course as soon as I stepped in I fell right onto my rear! “Whoa! This stuff sure it slippery!” I cried out getting up onto my feet. “I hope our nectar won’t taste like my bum!” I joked at Ellie who could not stop laughing.

“I’m sorry.” she said biting her lip to stop laughing. “That’s just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!” I was so glad to see her smiling and laughing again! So far things were going the way I wanted, I was sure I could get her to forgive me now!

“Alright let’s get this stuff brewing!” I said stepping out. I began cranking the wheel which was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. “Now, we just have to wait until it runs through the machine, and then it will all flow into bottles I had made for us to take home!” I said smiling at her.

There wasn’t a whole lot to do while we waited, so I took her in my arms and told her how much I loved her. She didn’t say anything back, but she didn’t push me away either, which was real progress. Then I leaned in and kissed her, it felt like pure magic! It meant so much to me because it was the first time in a while she had let me kiss her and if felt just as good if not even better than the first kiss we had ever shared.

“Oh look! I think it’s done!” Ellie exclaimed. “Well go ahead and get it, I want you to have it anyway. Save it, for a special occasion.” I urged and sort of dropped her a hint. Today was only the first day, I still had plenty more in store for the both of us on this little get-a-way.

Back at the cottage I let Ellie know I had plans for tomorrow as well. “The bedroom is downstairs, so you go ahead and get some rest. We have to be up early tomorrow for what I have planned.” I said showing her to the stairway. “You aren’t coming to bed with me?” she asked. “Well I can if–” I began to say as she grabbed my hand and lead me downstairs.

I certainly was not expecting this much of a reaction from Ellie, but apparently I was doing something right. If she was to forgive me she would make me the happiest man alive, and I would do anything to keep her in my life and not mess up ever again! That was one thing I was completely sure of!

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