Gen 5 Chapter 4

About 5am, an hour before I was scheduled to wake up anyway I heard a bump. I knew my parents and brother and sister were sleeping, plus something inside me just sent my system into alert mode. I decided (stupidly) that I would investigate. Not sure what I was thinking I would find but a burglar was certainly not number one on my list.

It all happened so fast from there and the next thing I remember was my Dad asking me if I was ok. I stood over the intruder, stunned that I had actually defeating him, but that I was also completely unharmed. “Yeah Dad, I’m ok.. I better go get ready for work though.” and with that I headed out for my Dad and the cops to take care of the rest.

But before I could get away the cop stopped me to ask a few questions. I answered as best as I could but I really didn’t remember much at all. It seemed to satisfy him enough and he then took the cuffed burglar off to the station. All of a sudden I realized it was way past when I should have been heading in, so I grabbed a cold waffle from the fridge and ran out the door just before the carpool left me! Whew!

Work was a total blur, I just couldn’t get my mind off the mornings events. It wasn’t until he walked through the door I completely forgot about everything. I couldn’t believe how unbelievably handsome Mr. Williams was. I don’t remember him being that way in high school! Apparently my awe for him was quite evident as he let out a little laugh upon approaching me.

“Hi, Ellie. It’s me, Mr. Williams.” he spoke to me almost like he thought I had no idea who he was. “Hiii..” I said still in awe. The last time I had seen him he was a lot larger, and not muscular in any way shape or form. Now he stood before me this hot, beefy, hunk of man! I knew right then and there I was attracted to him.

We went into the college cafe and Mr. Williams bought himself and I a cup of coffee. Then we sat down and he asked me about the LeFromage Art school and what my experiences there had been like. I was still really nervous so I really didn’t go into much detail, or not as much as I’m sure he was hoping for.

I could tell our conversation was not going very well as we sat mostly in silence for the next several minutes as we finished our cups of coffee. I wished I knew what to say to him, but I was afraid of making a fool of myself. Although I was doing a pretty good job of that without saying anything either. Lucky for me he asked if I’d like to take a walk in the park, this was my chance to redeem myself!

As we sat and enjoyed the sunset I decided maybe taking the focus off me and onto him would ease the conversation a little. “So Mr. Williams–“, “Please call me Lance” he interrupted. “Oook, Lance, uh so when did you start working out?” I asked. It was all I could think of, but it worked and he told me his story, then asked me “So how’s the new job going Ellie?”

“It’s going great! I’m having a blast and I think my first commercial will be airing on TV really soon!” I said with as much enthusiasm as possible. “That’s great.” Lance replied with a smile. Suddenly I didn’t feel so shy and we spent the next hour or two, I’m not even sure really, just talking about life in general and of course our hopes for the future.

When he asked me about my hopes of meeting someone and getting married I got a little nervous again and stood up, “Oh look at the time! I better get home!! I have work tomorrow!” I said nervously. “But I thought you had weekends off?” he asked. “Oh yeah, well we just um..” I couldn’t figure out what to say.

Next thing I knew I was in his arms, and it felt like heaven. “Well Ellie I had a great time, we’ll have to get together again one of these days.” he said releasing me. I felt like a huge bowl of jello! Again I was speechless, but I knew in my heart I wanted to declare my love for him right then and there, but my lips kept me from actually doing it.

“I hope you had a good time too.” Lance said in hopes I would say something back. “Yes, very nice.” I said smiling. “Maybe one day we can be more than just friends?” he asked again hoping for an answer. “I um, have no idea?” I said awkwardly. Then I just wanted to run and hide! I had never dated since it was forbidden at my boarding school.

Then he leaned forward and kissed me, a long, passionate kiss. I was left breathless by it, I just knew that this was the start of something new and wonderful in my life. It felt so good that someone actually cared about me again. I had felt so betrayed by my best friend and family who seemed to move on with their lives and left me out of it, but now I had a new friend, and maybe, just maybe something more.

*** This chapter is a little short, but I needed to end it there. For fun I want to see if any of you can guess who Mr. Williams aka Lance is. He’s a very popular male sim in another wonderful legacy story. If you think you know leave me a comment 🙂 ***

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4 Responses to Gen 5 Chapter 4

  1. thelifeofapetal says:

    Easy! It’s Merlot Pinot Noir! From A Splash Of Color!

  2. saskia507 says:

    Im glad to see another chapter and Im loving it! XD I gotta get back into writing my new one myself.!

    • groveslegacy says:

      Glad to hear that 🙂 I have been playing my butt off and writing too.. lol I am trying to line up a few chapters just in case things get busy again I can still put some out. I don’t like going more than a week or so without a chapter. I just feel bad! Can’t wait to see yours!!

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