Gen 5 Chapter 3

After 3 years I was finally home! Walking through the front door I guess I expected a warm welcome from my family, but much to my surprise I was greeted by absolutely no one. The house looked the same, but would my family? Especially my little brother and sister, how had they changed. Suddenly I heard a noise in the kitchen and went to see who was in there and where everyone else was.

I spotted my Mom sitting at the table, she looked up at me but with her mouth full of food didn’t say a word. So I sat down in front of her and asked “So, where is everyone?” after a short pause she finally answered me. “Well dear not everyone is as lucky as you to be done with school, so they are in bed.” Mom answered. “Oh, well I just-” I started to say, “Tomorrow afternoon we are having a party for you and you’ll get to see them then. Why don’t you go upstairs and get some sleep, I moved your things to your Grandma’s old room for now.” she exclaimed getting up and leaving the room.

She was right, I was pretty tired, but I had at least hoped to get a warm welcome from my family. Yawning I changed for bed, but as soon as I sat down on the edge I felt strange. Like I didn’t belong here anymore, I mean I didn’t even have my room anymore! It was all Ezras now. All of a sudden I didn’t think I would be able to sleep at all that night.

Lucky for me though that wasn’t the case. I slipped into a deep slumber and completely forgot about everything I’d been through for the past few years. School wasn’t bad, but I missed my family, though now that I was finally home I questioned why. I dreamed a lot that night about how things had been before I left and when I woke up I discovered I had actually been crying.

I started getting ready for the day, fixing my makeup and such. I was kicking myself for oversleeping because now I wouldn’t see my Dad or siblings until the party that afternoon. I guess I could see what Mom was up to, although she was probably still asleep herself.

I was right of course she was asleep, so I decided to clean, one of my many little quirks. Of course it didn’t take me long since Mom kept the house fairly neat. With nothing else around for me to do I decided I’d go see about getting a job at the new studio that moved to town while I was gone.

When I got to the Plumbob Pictures studio I was in awe. I felt like I had been transported to the center of Hollywood instead of still being safe in my little town of Longview. The excitement inside of me was building, but at the same time I started to get a little stage fright. This was what I had gone to school for, but what if I wasn’t any good?!

I didn’t let those thoughts get me down for long before stepping inside the studio. Apparently I couldn’t have picked a better time because no sooner had I walked in than I was walking out with a JOB! I didn’t even have to audition since it was such a small role, but it was a role none the less and I couldn’t have been happier at that moment!

I arrived back home just in time for my graduation party. I also figured this would be a great time to announce my new job! Of course though Mom had invited everyone in the family, even some I couldn’t really remember how we were even related.

It was really nice to see everyone again and I started to feel like less of a stranger than I had the following night. I got to see my Uncle Daylan again, I think the last time I saw him was almost 10 years ago, and well he didn’t look like he had changed much but he had gotten married and now had two kids of his own.

Tori hadn’t seemed to change much at all, which was such a relief! “Oh Ellie I missed you so much! We have so much to catch up on!! You go first!! How was school? Did you meet any cute boys??” she exclaimed barely taking a breath between sentences. “Well it was ok.. no boys that were worth talking about though.” I replied shrugging my shoulders.

We talked for a while more about the school, and she shared her juicy gossip about boys and what all went on here while I was away. But once again I started to feel like a stranger, Tori seemed excited to listen to my stories at first but her eyes glazed over once she realized I didn’t have any gossip like the kind she had. I will admit I was a little more than disappointed to see we just weren’t clicking like we used to.

I made my way inside where my brother and sister and most of the rest of the family had congregated. I decided it was time for my announcement about my new job, but try as I might I couldn’t get anyones attention. This of course frustrated me beyond belief, so I was forced to show my dramatic side.

I faked passing out and well, it seemed to work at first. At least it got Evan and Ezras attention. They helped me up and asked me if I was ok, in which I replied yes. But the truth was inside I was hurt very deeply.  

I excused myself from the rest of the party since no one cared what I had to say anyway. Mom followed me but I asked her to leave as well, saying I just needed some alone time to collect my thoughts.

I got online and began surfing the web when I suddenly got this instant message from my old teacher. He had been my drama teacher freshman year before I had been shipped off to boarding school and was quite interested in how things had gone and was even thrilled when I told him about the job I landed earlier that day. I can’t explain it but I started to feel a connection with him despite the fact we weren’t even talking face to face. So of course when he asked to meet me for coffee after work the next day I instantly agreed. Finally someone seemed to care!

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2 Responses to Gen 5 Chapter 3

  1. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Yay! Im glad to see you were able to at least get one more chapter out! Hopefully all the problems with your game are fixed now! Im glad Ellie’s back but its kinda sad that her family’s snubbing her buttt ooooohhh what will happen next with her professor!? Cant wait to find out!!

    • groveslegacy says:

      🙂 I am happy I was able to get this chapter out! And I feel bad it’s taking so long to get more out, things have just been so crazy here. I’m about to play and get some more shots so hopefully another will be coming soon!!

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