Gen 5 Chapter 2

I woke up freaking out in the middle of the night Wednesday. I just couldn’t take it anymore! Being cooped up at home all day! Ezra had been keeping me fairly busy, at least from the time she got home from school til the time she went to bed in the evening, but it still left me a few hours where I just didn’t know what to do with myself! If this week didn’t end soon I was going to lose my mind!

The next morning I was getting ready for school Mom pulled me aside. “Ellie, I’m letting you off your punishment early” she said softly. This was great! But just as I was about to jump for joy, there was a catch. “Grandma passed away last night, and well we’re having her funeral in a couple of hours. Go get yourself and your sister dressed, ok?” she finished. I didn’t know what to say or do, I just couldn’t believe she was gone.

We may have gotten a day off from school but we were all far from happy about it. I don’t know why but I think out of everyone I was the most upset. I don’t know what it was just something inside my head seemed to snap. I didn’t know what I was going to do without her, and I was angry about it! In fact once the service was over I told my parents I was going to walk home so I could have some time to “think”.

Truth of the matter was I had already done some thinking and decided to sneak into the school and steal this weeks math tests! I always hated math and the teacher hated me as well, so this ought to serve him right! The adrenaline rush of doing something bad was just what I needed to help get my mind off of losing Grandma.

On the way home I bumped into a girl from my class. I decided to let her in on my little secret and told her all about the tests I stole. But instead of thinking it was “totally awesome” she just looked at me with this disgusted face and once again I just totally lost it!

One thing lead to another and before I knew it we were on the ground kicking and punching each other. That is until the restaurant owner threatened to call the cops. Then I jumped up and hauled butt out of there! The last thing I wanted was for this to get back to my parents!!

Of course it probably would have helped if I hadn’t blabbed to that girl about the test thing before beating her up. Evan confided in me he heard Mom and Dad talking about how they were going to “handle” my actions. He said they mentioned something about boarding school but then hushed up when they realized he was in the room. They couldn’t send me away, could they?!

So I decided to ask Dad and see what was going on. “You aren’t really thinking of sending me away, are you Daddy?” I said in my most innocent voice. Just pleading as hard as I could without actually jumping up and down yelling ‘NO NO NO!’. I held my breath as I waited for his answer.  

Sighing heavily he said, “Well Ellie, what do YOU think we should do? I mean the school and this girls parents are outraged at what you’ve done. You haven’t left us with much of a choice.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “When?” is all I managed to say. “Next week, and until then you’re still grounded.” Dad finished.

Of course I didn’t take all this news too well and basically flipped my lid. I screamed, I cried, and to no avail my Dad just looked at me. I knew he couldn’t change anything though. The decisions had more than likely been Mom’s and there was never any way to change her mind once it was made up!

So I headed to my room and began packing. I tried to convince myself this was really happening, but it still sort of felt like a bad dream that I just couldn’t seem to wake myself up from. Still I tried to think of the good things that could come of my experience, but I just couldn’t seem to at the moment.

Ezra walked in our room, but before she could say anything I handed her a present. “For me?” she asked. “Yes Ezra, it’s my teddy bear, and well I don’t think I should take him to school so he’s yours now. He’ll take care of you while I’m away, ok?” I asked. “Oh sissy!” she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

I gave her a big hug and whispered that everything would be alright. I would write, call and of course I should be back in well, THREE years! I tried really hard to be strong for her though. I knew she would be the one to take it the worst, she was such a coward I don’t know how she was going to make it alone in our room at night.

Not being able to hang out with Tori before I left sucked worse than any of it. Friday after school I rode the bus with her, even though it would mean I’d have to walk home once we got to her house. “So you’re really leaving Monday?” she asked quietly. “Yup.. got all my stuff packed and ready, but I’m not” I said still in shock I suppose. “Well don’t worry! We’ll still be best friends when you get back! And hey, we’ll be adults then too! We should get an apartment together!” she said excitedly, and of course I agreed.

Early Monday morning Mom called the cab company that was going to take me to the airport. I still couldn’t believe she was going through with this, and she didn’t even seem to be upset by it! She said she would have taken me to the airport herself but she didn’t want to make Evan and Ezra ride the bus to school. Of course, don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings!

When the cab finally arrived, reality did as well. This was it, I was going away from friends, family, my home. All to go to some nifty Art School. La Fromage something or another. Bleh.. the name still tasted sour in my mouth. I gathered my things and threw them in the trunk of the cab, it was time!

As the cab pulled away I tried to take in every last bit of how the house looked. I wonder if it will look the same when I come home in three years? If only I could have known how different I, and everyone and everything else would be then.

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