Gen 5 Chapter 1

It started off like any other typical Saturday at my house, too bad I didn’t know then what I know now. I woke up after my parents and younger siblings had eaten breakfast and was in the bathroom getting myself ready to hang out with Tori. She wasn’t only my cousin, but my BFF and when we weren’t together we were planning on what to do the next time we were.

I was a little more than surprised when I got downstairs and there was a hot plate of pancakes waiting for me. Along with my Mom, of course there was a catch to this right? “Ellie I just wanted to remind  you about Ezra’s recital today. We all plan on being there, so please don’t get too busy with Tori and forget! It’s at 2pm, ok?” Mom said with a bit of concern in her voice. “I know Mom. I won’t, I promised her I’d go remember?” I replied with my mouth full. Apparently that satisfied her because she got up and left without anymore prompting.

As soon as I was done I send Tori a text message asking where she wanted to meet up at. After only two seconds she text me back with “my house”. We had both become very proficient texters, and sometimes our parents were absolutely amazed our fingers didn’t get tangled up from texting so fast. I told her I’d be right over, I just had some “business” to attend to first.

I was somewhat of a computer geek I guess you might say, I could do just about anything with a computer. Today my plan was to set up a scary video to play when the next person tried to use the internet. I was hoping for it to be Evan, since he was always pulling pranks on the rest of us. A little payback would be sweet!

As I took off for Tori’s house I snickered to myself, aw man was it gonna be good! Too bad I wouldn’t be around to see his expression! Of course there was always the chance the wrong person could get pranked but more than likely they would blame Evan, so either way my plan involved him getting what he deserved!

As soon as I got to Tori’s I took her aside and told her about my wonderful little scheme. Being an only child Tori lived off of my stories of tormenting, or being tormented by my brother and sisters. Although now that Eva moved out I was the oldest, which I must admit was really awesome.

“Oh Ellie I wish we could be there to see his reaction! I bet you he wet his pants!” Tori giggled. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon talking about boys, school and the future. Of course time got away from us like it always does, and it wasn’t until my Aunt came home that I realized how late it was! Mom was going to kill me!!

I ran all the way home, the lights were out so I tried to sneak in the back door, but Mom caught me. I got down on my knees and begged for forgiveness, which of course usually worked for little things like this. Something else was terribly wrong though because Mom didn’t appear to be buying it this time.

“Ellie, this is the last straw! You know it’s one thing to disappoint me and your father, but your sister was counting on you to be there for her! You know she looks up to you! The entire reason she’s even in ballet is because YOU did it too when you were her age! She was terrified and even with all of us there we had a hard time even getting her on stage!” Mom yelled at me. “I’m sorry Mom I–” I started to reply. “Just save it! I don’t want to hear a word you have to say! Go apologize to HER and you’re GROUNDED!” Mom finished and stormed off into the house.

Before I headed inside I called Tori and broke the bad news about my being grounded. She and I both started crying of course, but I told her we could text at least because Mom hadn’t taken my phone away. Either way it was going to be a long week only being able to see Tori in school and through text conversations. I’d worry about all that later though, right now I had to go make it up to my sister.

I luckily caught her just as she was about to go to bed. I apologized to her up and down and told her I would do anything she wanted as long as she could forgive me. “Anything?” she asked, in a tone that was just a little bit creepy. “Yes anything! I’m yours for the week Ezra!” I replied. “Well, how about you start off with a bedtime story?!” she asked excitedly.

Of course I said yes and she climbed in bed and handed me a book, The Warlock of Padilla. “Are you sure you want this book?” I asked her. “Yup! It’s your favorite book, so it’s going to be mine too!” she replied smiling. It was true, it was my favorite, but it was a long more ‘adult’ type book that I’m sure she wouldn’t understand yet. Even so it was what she wanted so I was happy to oblige.

Of course being a book of all words it didn’t take long at all before Ezra got bored and fell asleep. I don’t even think I got past the first chapter in fact. I wanted to make sure she was asleep though so I continued on for another couple of pages before closing the book and setting it on the nightstand. I wasn’t really tired, but since I wasn’t allowed to play video games or use the computer I figured I ought to call it a night. This, was going to be a looong week.

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2 Responses to Gen 5 Chapter 1

  1. Amy6 says:

    Aww so sweet! I don’t know if you have but I would love it if you ckecked out my rainbowcy: ! I would also appreciate it if you added me to your links, I will return the favour! Thank you!

  2. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Aww what a cute chapter! Stinks that Ellie got grounded but she’s such a beautiful teenager! I can’t believe how far the Grooves family has come 🙂

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