Gen 4 Chapter 14

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Well, Mom may not look like she’s doing better, but she is! Last time she went to the Dr he said that she could very well live another 10 years without anymore complications! The only downside was the experimental medication she was on caused her to become weaker than she had been prior to the disease, so she now needed the assistance of a cane. Still we were all very relieved that she was going to be around for quite a while!

Eva had a new interest in her life, a love interest that is. I don’t know his name or anything about him really. I can’t even say for sure it’s a guy! All I know is that she has been walking around with the love struck dummy face for the last month. Talking about who knows what, just constantly “blah blah blah blah”. I never remember being quite so head over heels in love as she is, but then again I don’t remember a whole lot of my teen years anymore!

On the toddler home front, well things were going very well. Ezra was about to go to school and Evan, well he is now potty trained! Finally no more kids in diapers! It really won’t be too much longer before he starts school as well, and even though I’m a little sad to see my last baby growing up, I’m also ready for some much needed rest!

Ahhhhh, now this is what I’m talking about! Just relaxing in the hot tub next to my all time favorite man. In fact I believe this is the first time we have ever gotten to use our hot tub, alone. And well you know what that means! Hehe, we may be getting older but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have a little fun, right? Oh and no more babies! I can guarantee that one!

It was finally time for all the kids to go back to school and, well the way the school year worked out Ezra and Evan started at the same time, even though Ezra was about a year older. They were really close though, and since Ezra tended to be more of the quiet type I think being in the same class as her brother will be a good thing. He can keep an eye on her that way.

Ellie and Tori were still inseparable. If Ellie wasn’t at Tori’s than Tori’s was at our house. It didn’t really bother me for the most part. They would usually stay out of the house doing what little girls love to do of course! Pillow fights, tag, dolls, you name it they did it.

This particular night though Ellie thought it would be funny to try to scare her cousin so bad she wouldn’t be able to sleep. She began by telling her a ghost story. I don’t know where she heard such non-sense, but whoever or where ever she got it from it was certainly scaring poor Tori. She was absolutely shaking in her pj’s!

“And when the fog lifted up off the roof of Don Lotharios house, Bella Goth was gone! She had vanished into thin air, never to be seen, again!!” Ellie whispered in the spookiest voice she could. She drug out the words as she watched her poor cousin shaking and biting at her nails just waiting to find out the rest of the gruesome tale. Then all of a sudden a loud noise made both of them jump.

“Ok girls, that’s enough! You need to get some sleep or you’ll never want to get up in the morning.” Marc yelled out to the girls. “Ok Daddy!” Ellie replied. “Whew he sure scared me!” Ellie laughed. “Well how do you think I feel?! I was already scared out of my mind! I thought we were going to be abducted just like in your story!” Tori cried still shaking. “Oh Tori, that’s just an urban legend. I doubt Don Lothario or Bella Goth are even real people! Come on let’s go to bed.” Ellie finished.

Tori wasn’t exactly sure she believed Ellie or not, but she did manage to fall asleep all zipped up in her sleeping bag. The rest of the night we didn’t hear a peep out of either of them, which was a relief because some nights they would just pretend they were sleeping and then when the rest of us were in bed we could hear them out there giggling to themselves.

For the most part Evan was a good little boy. He always offered to help clean up after dinner and would do his other chores and homework without having to be reminded every night. That’s why it was so hard to believe what we were hearing from the schools. They said he liked to cause trouble in class and with the exception of his sister Ezra, he was mean to a lot of the other kids.

That is, we found it hard to believe until this behavior of his began to come home and effect the rest of us. One night he had been up in the bathroom for a good hour or two when finally Eva came and told me she really needed to get in there and shower so she could go out with her “mystery” man. So I went upstairs and banged on the door until he came out snickering. I should have known right then and there he had been up to no good, but the thought never crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until I heard the shriek from Eva that I had any idea something was wrong. I rushed upstairs but she wouldn’t let me in. She was just crying about her hair, said it was green and that if her friend came to get her she wanted me to tell him she wasn’t feeling well and would call him later. I felt so bad, she wouldn’t even let me in to see if I could help her get it out. I guess it was time I have a talk with Marc about what to do with Evan.

So early the next morning that’s exactly what I did. It was his first offense at home, but it had been a pretty bad one. It took me and Eva all night to wash that color out. Marc and I decided maybe he was just bored and in need of a constructive way to use his energy. So we agreed on an afterschool activity. But if his behavior didn’t improve, Marc had mentioned boarding school. I really hope it doesn’t come to that…

“Young man, what you did to your sister is unacceptable. Your mother and I have decided to enroll you into boy scouts after school. I will be calling your Scout leader daily, so don’t even think about skipping.” Marc told Evan sternly. “Yes, Dad.” he replied. Although he sounded upset, I’m sure once he makes some friends he will have more fun than anything else!

Lucky for everyone we got the whole situation figured out before Prom night arrived! Eva’s mystery man, who now has a name, Kurt, was meeting her there. They weren’t officially dating according to her, but I could see she was hoping Prom would change all of that. I offered to take her, but she declined, saying she needed to walk herself so she could think. I knew she was nervous, but I assured her on how stunning she looked! Still, she didn’t want me to take her.

She strolled in shortly after 11pm with a huge smile on her face. I knew by that things had gone according to her plan. She even told me her and Kurt were crowned Prom King and Queen. And at long last I had a face to go with the name for her boyfriend. They made a very sweet couple from what I could see. I asked her to tell me all about it, but she yawned saying she was too tired. So I gave her a hug and sent her off to bed. As she walked off I shed a little tear, I just can’t believe my baby girl is almost an adult.

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4 Responses to Gen 4 Chapter 14

  1. fleurlegacy says:

    Aha! Evan. you little prankster! xD

  2. singer14 says:

    I love how you really showcased generations into it! And yay! Cassie is around for longer!

    • groveslegacy says:

      I adjusted the age spans! lol I have always thought Elders weren’t around long enough, so now hopefully they will be able to at least see their grandchildren! 🙂

  3. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Hi! I loved the chapter and I can see that you haven’t gotten around to Denise’s profile!!! I would love to help out 🙂 If you decide I can help my email is down there!!!!


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