Gen 4 Chapter 13

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s a boy! One healthy little baby boy, who we named Evan. He definitely completes our fairly large ‘little’ family! I know too why I was so hungry now, he weighed a whopping 9lbs 11oz! Daddy of course couldn’t be happier and as soon as we got home took over the task of watching him while Mommy rested. I’m very grateful because I have a feeling this will be the LAST I get to relax for a while!

While I was in the hospital a few things changed, such as Ellie! She had grown up to be a lovely quiet little girl. She would spend most of her time up in her and Eva’s room reading. It helped me out quite a bit seeing as Ezra and Evan were both extremely needy. I had to concentrate most of my attention on them so I was glad Ellie was no longer demanding my attention the way she used to.

Eva had also grown into a beautiful young woman who absolutely adored her younger siblings. This was also a help to me, when she was home that is. Ezra and Ellie looked up to her I could tell! Exactly the way I always secretly looked up to Danielle. Yes, you heard me right. My perfect sister I always envied her, at least growing up I did.

Now that I have my family I can see though that I am truly the lucky sister. I have a husband who loves me, kids who couldn’t be cuter, and the support of my mother who has been there for me through it all. I only hope I’m half as good a mother as she is! The kids are so lucky to have her around too. I barely remember my grandma, I believe I was Ezra’s age when she passed.

Of course I couldn’t deny my mother was getting up there in her years, but I never expected for her to really die one day! That is until she hit me with some terrible news. “Denise, my doctor just called back with my test results sweety, and well I have a very rare blood disorder which could very likely take my life soon.” Mom explained, I could tell she had been crying, but she had her brave face on for me. However I began bawling like a baby. I didn’t want to lose my Mom!

“Oh honey! It will be ok” Mom said to me wrapping her arms around me. I held on to her with all my might, not wanting to let go in fear if I did she would slip away from me forever. “But Momma, I can’t do it without you!” I cried into her shoulder. “Yes you can dear, and you will, when the time comes. But let’s try to put that behind us for now. We don’t want to spend the last of our time together miserable do we?!” she announced as happily as she could.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about it though. No matter how hard I tried it was there staring me in the face. I felt as if she had already been taken from me and I felt so, so, empty and alone. I still had Marc and the kids, but without my Mom we all wouldn’t be here where we are today. I didn’t know if I could do it, but I had to try to begin taking on all the household responsibilities so my Mom could rest and maybe, just maybe beat this disease.  

Her Doctors put her on some experimental medicine which made her really tired all the time. She would spend all night and half the day sleeping. Some days she seemed better and some worse. I tended to her on those days were she just couldn’t seem to get herself out of bed and it just broke my heart to see her so sick and weak.

Eva took full responsibility for Ellie, making sure she got her homework done, ate dinner, and bathed before going to bed. I didn’t even have to ask, she just told me not to worry about it.

Ellie tried to help to, although there really wasn’t much she could do. She did manage to keep Ezra happy for me though, while Eva and Marc took care of little Evan. Ellie and Ezra had a special bond, they were only 2 years apart, and understood each other every well. So even though Ezra couldn’t talk yet Ellie could understand her and that gift made everyone’s life a whole lot easier!

There were also times Danielle offered to take Ellie so that not only would things be easier on us at home, but her and Tori, Danielle’s daughter, could get to know each other. Danielle and Cyrus’s marriage had been on the rocks for a while now and so far Tori was there only kid, so it also helped her get some socialization outside of school. The girls really seemed to hit it off too, which is always a good thing!

Evan’s first birthday creeped up faster than all of the girls had. Mom actually felt like celebrating and even wanted us to throw a big party. I declined saying I just wanted a small family get together. It was wonderful she was finally getting better, but I didn’t want her to over-do it either! Little Evan of course didn’t mind since he was of course surrounded by his favorite people!

I could tell the minute I laid eyes on him that he was going to be a heartbreaker! He had Mom’s hair color! The only one of my kids to be blonde! He did have my eyes, which was nice that he at least looked somewhat like me, because aside from the hair and eyes he looked just like his daddy! Oh yeah everyone, look out for Evan!

I picked him up and snuggled him close, then promised him something I probably shouldn’t. I promised him I would be there always no matter what. Of course he probably won’t remember this when he’s my age, but I will. And I was going to try my hardest to be there for him as long as I possibly could!

With Mom feeling better and at least able to take care of herself I went back to my duties as wife and Mother. It was certainly a hectic job at that! Marc finally got into forensics like he had always wanted and ended up working even longer hours (didn’t know that was possible!) and then both girls were always at school or their cousins homes. Leaving me, alone, with two screaming, inconsolable toddlers! *sigh*

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2 Responses to Gen 4 Chapter 13

  1. cheyleesims says:

    I love it..can’t wait to see what all the kids look like the next time they age up 🙂

  2. singer14 says:

    Oh, I love it soooo much! I’ll miss Cassie. 😦

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