Gen 4 Chapter 10

After losing all the baby weight I gained with Eva and Ellie I treated myself to a complete makeover! Mom and Daylan stayed home to watch the girls while I went out that evening. A change was what I definitely needed! I looked a lot more like a wife and mother now instead of a young kid with pink hair! Now it was time to see if Marc approved.

As I pulled up outside the house where he was living with his partner from work I began to get really nervous. What if he didn’t like the changes I had made? What if he was still upset about Cyrus? What if he wanted nothing more to do with me! I wanted so bad to make things right. If I could have I would have gone back in time to re-do everything! But I know that wasn’t possible, I just had to hope he would forgive me.

Having to ring a doorbell to see my husband was such a surreal sensation. I held my breath waiting to see if he would answer the door. I wouldn’t blame him if he looked through the peep-hole and walked away. I’m sure if he had done this to me it would be hard for me to forgive and forget, especially if a child was involved. But she was half the reason I wanted this to work so badly. My kids needed their father, and I needed my husband, simple as that!

I was just about to turn around and head back to my car when the door opened, slowly, but it opened. There stood Marc, I couldn’t believe it. It had only been 3 months but he seemed to have changed so much in that time. I didn’t think it was possible but he actually was more attractive now than he ever was before. “Denise? Is that really you?” he asked, breaking the silence. “Yeah” I said looking down, I just knew he didn’t like what I had done to myself, “I got a little makeover today. I was hoping we could, well talk?” I asked. “Of course, come on in.” Marc replied opening the door for me.

“Marc, I just really wanted to say, well I’m sorry. I–” but before I finished he grabbed my hand. “Denise, I know you are sorry. That is not the point. The point is you lied to me for years while everyone else apparently knew.” Marc said. I lowered my head feeling ashamed of myself. He hadn’t forgiven me, all this had just been for nothing. “Well I guess I should go then.” I said turning to leave.

“Wait.” Marc said tightening his grip on my arm. “Despite all the pain you have caused me Denise, the simple fact is I am still in love with you. In fact seeing you again after so long makes me realize more than ever how much I don’t want to be without you.” I was completely speechless! A smile came across my face! “Oh Marc! I am so glad to hear that! I don’t know what I would do without you!”

Without another word Marc took me into his arms and kissed me. Something we had done many times before but it felt like new. I didn’t want that moment to ever end, it was so perfect. I held on to him as tight as I possibly could, sparks felt like they were literally flying between us. I had never had such a passionate kiss with him before. This is what I had been missing out on for almost our entire relationship. Perhaps this all happened for a reason then?

Before I knew it we had stripped down to our underwear and were laying on the bed in his partners room. I had never felt such a strong desire to be with anyone before. Not even Cyrus, who managed to pull me into his little game, whatever that may be. We spent quite an evening “making up” for the last few months he had been away.

After it was all over and we had managed to find our clothes again, we laid there cuddling each other. Finally I asked him to come home with me, and he said yes! We got up and packed his stuff and headed for home. His partner had returned sometime during it all and was more than happy for us. Although maybe he was just happy to have us out of his little love nest that he had created!

Just a week after Marc had been home it was little Ellie’s first birthday! She was getting big so fast, just like her sister! I had also found out I was expecting again, apparently I had gotten pregnant just before Marc left so I was already about 4 months along! I was really hoping this time around Marc would get the boy that he so badly wanted, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Ellie grew up into a precious little girl just as Eva had been. You could tell though just by looking at her face that she was Marcs little girl! Although she definitely had my eyes! I was so happy we had made up before she knew anything was wrong. Eva had pretty much forgotten as well since Marc had been back, it was almost like it never happened! Finally I could put it out of my mind and enjoy my life!

Yes, things seemed to be falling into place at last. Ellie was such a cuddle bug, I spent half the day at home holding her! I guess I shouldn’t complain, Eva was in school now and with the new baby on the way this was probably the only time I would get to spend just Ellie and I. I took full advantage of it and taught her to walk and talk. She was a very fast learner when it came to both of those categories!  

Potty training, well.. that took some time! I was patient with her though. I knew it was just a matter of time and she would get it, just like her sister had. I definitely hoped to have her trained though by the time the new baby came! The less diapers the better! That was for sure!

I felt so fortunate my husband came home to me safe every night. After 6 months our new love was still going strong! Even my big ol’ pregnant belly couldn’t keep us apart! Every day I thanked the great creator above for giving me a second chance! I knew in my heart that nothing would lead me astray again! I had found my happily ever after and wasn’t about to let it go!

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6 Responses to Gen 4 Chapter 10

  1. singer14 says:

    Daaaaaaaaaw! Gla hey could work things out. EAT APPLES, DENISE! APPLLLESSSSZ!

  2. . says:

    Denise, Looks SO DIFFERENT! I thought I was reading the wrong legacy when I clicked the link for this chapter! Great chapter today :]

  3. StarSarah says:

    Just foudn this. Brilliant. Your pictures are so vivid and i love your story telling. Cant wait to read more x

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