Gen 4 Chapter 1

While my sister inherited our fathers slim figure I was given my Mom’s more “shapely” figure. She seemed pretty happy with her size, but I however was always jealous of Danielle for being thin, so I made it a point once I became an adult that I would not be the fat one anymore! I started a strict workout routine every morning as soon as I woke up and before I got showered and dressed. After my workout I would sit down to my protein shake breakfast. This was an essential part of my diet since it suppressed my appetite and helped replenish anything I lost through my workout. Being thin as you can see was not an easy task for me in any sense. It made me feel better about myself though, and that is always a good thing to go for. Marc and I had a pretty good relationship, we hung out all the time, he basically lived at our house although we hadn’t slept together–yet. Several times we had talked about it, but neither of us were in a hurry. We would know when the time was right. “Hey you want to check out the new bar in town tonight?” Marc asked me. “Sure, that could be fun.” I said with a sly smile, maybe tonight would be that night?As for my perfect sister and her perfect boyfriend they decided right away they would move in together after Danielle was legally an adult. Cyrus was a professional athlete and had money, plus my sister worked all through high school. So it was the perfect time for them to buy a perfect little beach house complete with pool and hot tub. Oh and don’t let me forget the sports car! Yup, they had the perfect little life the two of them. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not jealous, no really I’m not. I couldn’t be more happy for my sister, I mean she gets to go out on her own and start her family. Just because I’m stuck in the same house with our parents, younger brother(whom I ADORE), and sleep in our old room while my boyfriend gets the guest house? Why shouldn’t I be happy for her?!Either way tonight was going to be the best night EVER! “So why is that drink called the big mistake??” I asked the bar tender. “Well you’ll never know unless you try it.” she replied dryly. “Ok, well I’ll take two then!” I told her. I watched as she mixed the two drinks. To me it looked as if she either needed more practice or had drank a few herself! Either way when she handed me the drinks I rushed upstairs to give Marc his. “Let’s get this party started!” I yelled handing Marc his drink. We both guzzled down the yummy fruity mixture of the drink named the “Big Mistake”. When mine was gone I gazed around the room, everything seemed so much cooler now! The music was better, the lighting was better! Why that drink wasn’t a mistake at all! I was so ready to get my groove on! I motioned Marc over to the dance bar area, then climbed up and started dancing my butt off! This was better exercise than my workouts I think! I could feel all my muscles turning to jello. I lost complete track of time while I was up there, when all of a sudden the music cut off and the bar announced they would be closing up soon. I got down off the bar and that’s when I realized something. Where was Marc? I gulped back my fear when I realized he had taken my purse and left! I didn’t have the car and I was pretty far away from home. Now what was I to do? I was starting to get a little mad when a thought crossed my mind. I was near the beach! My sister’s house wouldn’t be far of a walk, sure it was 3 in the morning, but she would understand right?? When I got to her house it was dark, so I slipped in the gate to see if maybe they left the back door unlocked. When I found out it wasn’t I decided the pool looked inviting and since I wasn’t really tired yet I stripped off my clothes and dove right in! I didn’t even hear the door open, I guess I thought I had been quieter than I really had been about coming in the back way. I was a little surprised when I found I wasn’t alone in the pool! Cyrus who I figured then had seen me in all my glory had decided to join me in the pool! He too had stripped out of his clothes! I found this a little unsettling but still under the influence I really didn’t think much of it! “Ehemmmm….” Danielle cleared her throat very loudly. I suppose she heard all the splashing going on outside since I decided to have a water fight with her husband. When I saw her I slinked out of the pool where my clothes were and put them back on quickly. I then noticed Cyrus’s clothes and decided it would be funny to hide them, so I scooped them up and stashed them in the bushes. Cyrus did not however find it very funny. Danielle tossed him a towel and then scolded him for yelling at me. I will admit I felt a little bad that I got them arguing, but it felt nice to see my sister stick up for me. She could tell I was intoxicated and told me to come on in and that I could spend the rest of the night at their house and she’d take me home in the morning.Danielle was even nice enough to offer me her and Cyrus’s bed. I think as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out! I slept pretty well considering some of the really strange dreams I had about the previous nights activities. When I woke up Danielle fixed my breakfast, I had to refuse since I felt so sick to my stomach. She then took me home in her fancy sports car. It felt very good to be home. I went inside and made myself a pot of coffee to help sober me up. No one else was up yet which was good, I certainly didn’t want my little brother to see me this way. As I sat there sipping my coffee I reflected on the night before and was beginning to wonder what had happened to Marc? He wasn’t here and neither was our car or my purse. I started to get more and more worried the more I thought about it. I had to find out, I hope he was ok!

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