Gen 3 Chapter 13

My girls may have been twins but they were very different. Danielle worked hard at school and even got a part-time job. I don’t know how she did it, since I myself never actually had a real job outside of the band either. She was also very well-mannered and stayed out of trouble, which I was extremely grateful for. Since her sister was the opposite. With the exception of school, she did do her homework on time and so she had good grades. She was always getting into trouble though. This particular night I was told she was caught out after curfew. She said she had been out at the park doing her homework with Marc, sounded a little suspicious to me since she hated being outside. I was more embarrassed than mad at her, but I still yelled at her to make sure she knew I was getting tired of this kind of stuff. “Denise, HOW do you expect us to trust you when you’re always getting into trouble!?” I asked. “I don’t know Mom…” Denise answered. “Well you’re grounded until your birthday party next week!” I shouted. Then she folded her arms and stomped off like a mad two-year old. Daylan was still so sweet and innocent. I wish sometimes I could have kept him like that forever! I always knew where he was and he wasn’t able to talk back! This evening he was sitting by the couch watching Danielle play video games. She had recently gotten into sports games since her crush, Cyrus was a professional ball player. Trent knew how stressed out I had been lately and was kind enough to use his coupon clipping skills to find me a deal at the spa! I hadn’t been to one EVER and was really excited! He not only found a coupon for a Mud Facial, but a Deep Tissue massage! I couldn’t wait to take advantage of them!  Once the girls had left for school I headed into town for my spa day. While I was there I got to thinking about the big party coming up. Trents sister had just moved in across the street and they hadn’t seen each other since Trent moved in with us. I called him and suggested he go talk to her and invite her to the party. After-all it was his Mom not his sister he had been upset with when he moved out. So once I got back the girls had just gotten home and I told him to go ahead before it got dark. She happened to be standing outside when he arrived. I think she was quite shocked to see him after all those years. In fact I’m not sure she even recognized him completely. But she invited him in, said she wanted to talk to him about something. Trent told his sister about the party coming up and she graciously accepted the invitation. Then she told Trent her news. “Trent I know you and Mom haven’t always gotten along, but don’t you think it’s kind of silly that you haven’t talked to her in almost 20 years? I mean she’s getting really old, and she still hasn’t met her grandchildren and they’re almost adults!” she said in a concerning voice. “I know sis, I just.. well I guess I’m afraid she’s still mad and would chase me off if I went over there.” Trent replied. “I think you’d be surprised.” She said. Then Trent got up, said goodbye to his sister and headed off down the road. As Trent climbed the stairs to his Mothers house he caught a glimpse of her inside, she had changed so much. Then he got this feeling in the pit of his stomach, like butterfly’s flying around. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell, closed his eyes and hoped his mother would accept him back into her life. He could barely remember why they were fighting since it had been so long. As she opened the door a wide smile came across her face. “I thought after all these years you’d never set foot on this porch again, son” his mother said. “Mom I–” Trent began. “Well what are you gawking for? Come in here and have some coffee!” she said in her very country accent. Trent took a seat on the couch next to his Mom. No matter how much she had aged she was still the same woman. His sister was right, he was surprised she welcomed him back without hesitation. He noticed she already had coffee out on the table, almost like she was expecting him. He also noticed she had the news on, typical of his Mom from what he remembered anyway, she liked to know everything that was happening, all the time! They chatted some, and drank their coffee. But a lot of the time was spent in silence watching TV. To Trent it felt almost like they had never missed out on all those years together. I’m very happy I made him see his sister. Now not only was she coming to the party but Trent also asked his Mom to come so she could finally meet her grandkids! It made me happy that even though my parents were gone my kids still had one living grandparent. It was finally the day of the big birthday party. Daylan was turning 5 and both of the girls were celebrating their 18th birthday! Danielle had of course invited Cyrus who I knew she really liked, and who appeared to really like her back, I think they were just waiting until she was actually an adult before beginning their relationship. We let little Daylan go at it first. Everyone gathered around and we sang him happy birthday and cheered. I went to blow his candles out and he said “No Mommy, I can do it!” That did it for me! It was then I realized how grown up he was already becoming. I was going to be in for it in just a few more years! Then it was the girls turn, Danielle went first and then took off with two slices of cake. I’m sure one was for her and the other was for Cyrus. I was a little disappointed she took off instead of watching her sister, but Denise didn’t seem to mind, or even notice. As she blew out her candles I felt a little tear roll down my cheek. It was official! Now my girls were adults and could take care of themselves without my guidance. I wasn’t quite she I really wanted to accept that yet, but I suppose I don’t have much of a choice.

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4 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 13

  1. Amy6 says:

    I can’t wait to see the girls as adults!! Glad Trent made up with his Mother and Sister!

  2. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Aw I’ve always wondered about Trent’s side of the family, I’m so glad to see they were able to make up! I cant wait to see the girls all grown up and to hopefully find out about all these changes Denise has had going on latly!

    • groveslegacy says:

      Yeah Trents family actually got in a fight with Bayleigh so I decided to keep them apart, lol. But in the beginning I think I just mentioned he was having problems with his Mom? But now that Bayleighs gone I figured they could make up 🙂 Plus his sister keeps poppin out babies! lol

  3. fleurlegacy says:

    Great chapter! I got a new chapter out on my legacy! Link:

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