Gen 3 Chapter 12

Baby’s are the most precious gifts! Of course you probably think I’m crazy for saying that, after-all he’s crying right? Well I know some people can’t stand it, but he had such a sweet little cry it really didn’t bother me much. We were just about to throw him a birthday party when he got fussy all of a sudden. Oh well, the show must go on! (This is why I don’t throw elaborate parties at this age!)Trent wanted to do the honors for his little man, so I gladly stood back and watched. We sang a little song, which got him smiling at least, and blew out the candle. I was so excited, finally we would see who he was going to look like! If he took after the girls with brown hair I was seriously going to scream! I wanted at least one of my kids to be blonde like me and their Dad! Oh! I got my wish! Wow, I can’t believe how fast he’s grown! He looks so much like his Dad with those eyes and hair, none of the kids ended up with my eye color. They were all this really light brown just like their father! Mine were green which my Mom said I got from her and my Grandpa. We had been seeing a lot more of Marc since that first day he came home with Tyra and the girls. Now he was just coming alone, and always asked to see Denise. I could tell she liked him, but she wouldn’t let on to it. Him on the other hand, he wasn’t shy about his affections towards her. He was always complimenting her and telling her how great she was. This particular day Marc pulled Denise in close and whispered something into her ear. I tried desperately to hear what they were talking about. The only thing I could hear though was the little giggle Denise let out after I heard “pshh pshh pssh”. I’m glad whatever it was made HER laugh anyway. Then for the first time I saw Denise open up her emotions to Marc. Maybe what he had said wasn’t actually funny, but had something to do with his feelings that he just didn’t want anyone to over hear. I know it’s bad for me to pry, I just worry about the girls. I didn’t know this boy, he seemed nice, but you just never know! Marc began to open his mouth to break the silence between them when suddenly Denise leaned in and kissed him. It took MY breath away! I tried so hard to keep myself quiet. I couldn’t believe my little girl was growing up right before my eyes! I had to fight back tears. I noticed then that I wasn’t the only one watching, so had Danielle. As soon as she saw the kiss she backed into her room, hurt written all over her face. “Wow..” remarked Marc when their kiss finally ended. “I just couldn’t hold it in any longer, I’m sorry if it was wrong of me.” Denise said. “No, it’s not wrong at all. I’m glad you did. I’ve been wanting to ask you out forever but not sure if you really liked me or not.” Marc replied. “Well I do, and I’d love to be your girlfriend Marc.” Denise said. I was happy for them, but a little worried about Danielle. I hope she can be happy for them too. For a while Danielle didn’t talk to anyone. She just went about her day and tried her best to stay busy and especially keep her distance from her sister. I tried to talk to her and she just brushed me off saying she had this or that to do. Honestly I had never seen any of my kids lift a finger to help with the housework until now. I appreciated the help, but still, I knew this wasn’t a good sign. I had other things to worry about, however, tonight was a party at Caden’s house. It was a very formal affair so I dressed up real nice and headed over. “Hey Kesha! Wow you look great for just having another baby!” I told her. “Thank you Cass, I think it just runs in my family!” Kesha replied. I was totally jealous though. I still looked 4 months pregnant after my third kid who was now 2 years old and she looked as if she never had ONE and there youngest was just now 6 months old! The party was mainly just us adults, although Tyra and Dion were running around too somewhere. Caden was buying into a business in town but needed to use some of our legacy funds to get the building first. He pitched the idea to me, since I was the one left in charge of all the money, and said I’d get it back eventually and he’d make me his partner so even when I was paid back I would still get some of the profit. Sounded good to me, I just hope it worked out! I didn’t get to see Tyra, or Armando(the new baby) but I did get to see Dion! He was cute as a button in his little suit! Very well-behaved too! Kesha and Caden certainly were doing a great job parenting from what I could see. I knew it was hard on Caden though, Kesha even though she was older than him looked younger than all of us! Her vampirism was also passed down to the kids so we all knew Kesha and them would outlive all of us by a long shot. Finally when I got back home my jaw dropped when I saw the girls playing together on the couch! I was so happy, Denise had apparently broken through to Danielle and they were back to being friends as well as sisters! I tip-toed pass them not wanting to ruin the moment so I could change and get ready for bed.

Trent had been taking care of Daylan while I was gone at Cadens party. I passed them in the hall and couldn’t believe the striking resemblance. I mean I saw it before, but with him holding Daylan as he was I just noticed it even more. I was so proud to have such handsome men in my lives! I don’t think I could get any luckier if I had any more! Which is something we discussed, I think we’re done. I’m going into my 40’s so I think it’s safe to say I’m getting just a little too old to keep up with any more! The girls loved their little brother, which was a great relief to us! They would help with the potty training, feeding, playing. You name it they did it! I guess their IS an advantage to having teenagers around! As long as you could get past their quirks anyhow. Denise and Daylan were just so cute playing together. She was trying to teach him patty cake, but as you can see by the blank expression on his face he’s not really into it! Keep trying Denise he’s bound to get it one of these days!

That weekend I noticed Danielle going outside, which wasn’t unusual for her since she loved the outdoors so much, but for some reason I felt the urge to peek out the window. What I saw next would definitely explain he sudden recovery from her mini depression. I was a little concerned this boy looked older than 18. Not that I mind, my sister and I liked older guys too, more mature. I just was slightly worried he may try to take advantage of her. So far their relationship looked like nothing more than just friends, but you better bet I’ll be keeping my eye on these two as well!

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5 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 12

  1. fleurlegacy says:

    Daylan is soo cute! wanna check out my new legacy? click on my username thingy :p

  2. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Daylan is so cute! Gosh I can’t believe how fast everyone is growing up!

  3. Amy6 says:

    Daylan is adorable, so much like his father! I hope this older man that Danielle likes wont break her heart!

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