Gen 3 Chapter 11

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Mondays?! It seems that is the one day of the week that whatever can go wrong, WILL go wrong! This particular Monday morning well, you can see the Fire Department had to come out! So apparently it wasn’t running so smoothly. I guess I should start from the beginning, since you are probably wondering what happened for them to have to come out in the first place! I was in the middle of fixing breakfast for the girls and myself (couldn’t let the baby go hungry!) and Trent was fixing the dish washer, which just seemed to keep breaking now that my Dad was gone! All of a sudden I heard a cry come out of my husband unlike any I had ever heard before. I turned around to see him getting fried! Before I could say anything though he pulled his hand back, while badly burned, he was still alive! Of course just as I was beginning to calm down flames engulfed the dishwasher! Luckily we keep a fire extinguisher under the sink which Trent grabbed and began to use. The nozzle seemed to be clogged though and the fire just continued to grow. I was in shock and so terrified I didn’t know what else to do but stand there! Thankfully we had a fire alarm so the call went straight in to the fire department. As soon as I heard the sirens outside Trent had just managed to get the extinguisher working and the flames subdued. I ran to him and threw my arms around him. “I’m so glad you’re ok Trent!” I cried into his shoulder. “And I’m glad you’re ok Cass!” he whispered in my ear. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost him. What would the girls have done if we had both perished?! So many things were going through my head I had completely forgotten I was in the middle of cooking! Thank the great Creator above for my Danielle! She had heard all the commotion and apparently smelled the waffles burning, so before we had our second fire of the day she rescued them! They were a little crispier than usual but not bad enough to warrant having to make cereal for the day! I asked her where her sister was and she said she’d been locked in the bathroom all morning that she had to use mine to get ready! I wonder what in the world that girl was up to? Denise finally emerged from the bathroom when she hear the bus honking outside. I was in udder shock at what I saw. She had cut and dyed her hair and was wearing makeup! I don’t know what had gotten into her to make her want to change the way she looked, but I will admit I was a little worried. She liked to be alone and I was starting to worry that may be having ill effects on her, that or a boy was involved! I had just finished getting myself cleaned up and dressed for the day when I felt like I had to use the bathroom— BAD! Of course just as I got there I figured out, this was labor! It was time to find out, boy or girl? One baby or two? Or three? Oh boy I sure hope not! I grabbed Trent and we were on our way to the hospital! As I arrived at the hospital I just couldn’t believe that when I came out again I would have a new baby, or babies! The excitement was almost too much to take! I had almost completely forgotten about my contractions as now my stomach felt it was doing flip-flops about what was to await us once out little bundle was born! I hadn’t even taken care of the nursery yet! I emerged from the hospital with a bouncing baby boy! Just one! I was very relieved at this, although I wouldn’t have minded twins I wasn’t quite sure I could handle them without my parents around! He was perfect in every way, looked so much like his father. At least from what I could tell at the moment! He was born at 7:32pm and we named him Daylan Groves!

Trent had called home to the girls to tell them about their new baby brother. He also had instructed them to set up Denvers old crib in his room and get it all set up for when we arrived home. I was unaware of this, but when we got home I was so grateful to see it all put together! It brought back fond memories of when the girls and Denver were babies. I was so exhausted I got Daylan ready for bed and then decided to get some sleep myself! It felt like my head had just hit the pillow when I heard a shrill scream come from Daylans room. It was spooky at first because when I woke up I had almost felt as if the whole day had been a dream. When I reached down and realized my big belly was gone that’s when it hit me he was crying, most likely for food, but with babys you never know! So I drug myself out of bed, especially since Trent didn’t move one muscle to help. I picked up my little man and smiled at him. I didn’t like getting up in the middle of the night, but that little face made it worth it. If I didn’t know any better I would say he was even smiling back at me! More than likely it was just gas, but we can pretend it was a smile! I checked his diaper which was wet, changed him and then got his bottle ready.

I stood there feeding Daylan and thought about how much I missed out with the girls. Since they had been twins and then of course Denver was my responsibility I barely got to enjoy moments like these. I knew then and there Daylan was going to be spoiled rotten! Not only was he the only baby I had to care for his sisters were old enough as well they would more than likely express interest in him as well. I didn’t see this as a problem though, he was just one very lucky little boy! Too bad he would never get to meet his grandparents though.The following day the girls brought their cousin Tyra home from school to see the new baby. Tyra had brought along a friend as well. I’m not sure if it was her boyfriend or if maybe this was the guy who Denise was changing herself for. I caught him staring at her and her doing her best to keep her eyes from meeting his. Danielle however seemed to also have her eye on him. I surely hope this isn’t going to put a wedge in their relationship, the girls have always been so close, I’d hate to see a boy come between them!

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3 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 11

  1. Amy6 says:

    oh I really hope that boy doesn’t effect their relationship. Mostly if they were really close in the beggining! Thank godness Trent is okay!

  2. fleurlegacy says:

    I have finally added a chapter to my legacy! The Fleurs please check it out! And the same happened with my founder’s fiance!

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