Gen 3 Chapter 10

When I got to Uncle Bently’s house I was kind of expecting to see a frail old man answer the door, after-all he was much older than both my parents had been. He surprised me though, he was definitely getting older but seemed to be just as healthy as he ever was. “Hey Cassie, come on in, how are you doing?” my Uncle asked. I had been trying so hard to stay strong in front of others that when he asked me how I was doing, I just lost it. I fell into my Uncles arms bawling like a newborn baby! “I just can’t believe they’re both gone!” I cried into his shoulder. “I know Cassie, it’s not easy. You know your Grandparents died in much the same way, one after the other. It was really hard on your Mom.” Uncle Bently told me. For some reason what my Uncle just said made me feel a little better. As I pulled away he looked down at me and said, “Hey, why don’t we go to the Bistro and get something to eat, I bet you haven’t eaten yet today. It will be my treat!” Uncle Bently insisted. I nodded my head and tried to smile at him. “I am a little hungry.” I managed to say. “Good then it’s settled! As long as you don’t mind driving us there!” Bently replied, and with that we were on our way. Once at the Bistro I asked if we may eat outside, since I loved the outdoors, the fresh air always made me feel better. Uncle Bently talked about my Grandparents, whom I never got to meet, and how my Grandfather proposed to my Grandmother outside this very Bistro! His stories of him and my Mom when they were younger were nice to hear. He also told me that my Mom and Dad met at him and my Aunt Elisha’s wedding, which was pretty cool. I was so glad I decided to go see him, it definitely helped me to accept what had happened. When I got home I hopped in the shower and put on my normal clothes. When I finished getting dressed I felt someone behind me, before I had a chance to turn around Trent said, “Cass, I’m afraid to even tell you this, but I was just on the phone with your cousin Tobin. It seems your Uncle Bently as passed away.” Somehow I knew those words were coming. I let a tear fall down my cheek, but then I thought of all the wonderful things I had just learned from him about my family. I wiped my eyes then said, “It’s ok, he had a full life. At least now he’s with my parents and Aunt Elisha.” I think Trent was a little shocked, but happy, I took the news so well.That night I just couldn’t sleep. I lay in bed thinking of all the changes that have happened. My parents and Uncle passing, then Candice and Denver moving out. Our big family had dramatically downsized in such a sort period of time. My girls were also growing up, much to fast for me. Only a few more years and they would be having families of their own. I decided I needed to do something fun to help get me out of this funk. So I invited my family that was still left over to have a party. I had found some fireworks Dad had bought on our trip to China. I don’t know what he was saving them for, but I decided it would be fun if the three of us all got together to set them off! Danielle was really into photography and was taking a special class for it which provided her with a camera. She wanted to get us all together for a picture. Needless to say it didn’t come out so well! But I don’t think it was her fault, for some reason the three of us just weren’t posing together in any of the shots! This was the best one she could get! When the sun finally went down I gathered everyone outside for the main event! I had never seen fireworks so close before, mostly I just watched them on TV, so I was quite excited. “This is for you Mom and Dad! I hope you’re watching!” I said lighting the fireworks. We all watched as they shot up into the air. I covered my ears, they were so loud! Then when they burst into a smile I knew my parents had heard me! I felt such a wave of relief I knew all our grief was going to be worth it! Good things were coming, yes sir! And for once in my life I was finally right! Once we were all back inside I went to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing so, but I’d had my suspicions. It didn’t take long to show up positive! As I emerged from the bathroom rubbing my tummy I looked up at everyone and said “I have some great news everyone! Trent and I are expecting a new baby!” Everyone looked shocked, no one but Trent and myself even knew we were trying, but I could tell they were all happy for us. The rest of the evening the whole family sort of scattered and did their own things. Denise loved music just like her Dad and I did, and she took to Trents drum set we had set up in the guest house, she would spend hours there. She had grown up liking to be alone, half the time we didn’t even see her because if she wasn’t playing the drums she was locked in her room or bathroom, anywhere but outside! Definitely not something she got from us, we loved to be outside. Denver had also escaped into another room and was reading to himself. He wasn’t a shy kid, but I guess that had changed. I guess it could partly be Candice’s influence, she was never a big people person, mostly because of her autism, but I guess some of that had rubbed off on her son. I asked him how things were going with her and his Dad. He confided to me that even though he was happy with them, he was sad that he had to be away from us as well. I told him that he was welcome to visit any time, and I really hope he does! To finish off our big evening I played guitar for everyone and we sang songs. I had gotten really good at the guitar, I could play anything you asked me too! Despite Trent and I being such talented musicians our band still hadn’t taken off quite the way we had hoped. We made what money we had purely from tips since we hadn’t been asked back to anymore performances. It didn’t disappoint me as much as it did Trent, he loved being in the spotlight, while I preferred to keep a lower profile. Still, we had a lot of fun in the process, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I was actually kind of glad we weren’t famous or as busy as we had been when I was pregnant with the girls. It gave us much more time to enjoy the pregnancy and since my parents were gone the baby care would be all up to us this time. We didn’t know if we might have twins again or not, they said that once you had twins your chances of having more was increased, plus at my “advanced” age (as they liked to call it) I was at risk of having multiples. Only time will tell! I can say this much, I did have quite the appetite! I been watching a lot of cooking shows and had learned some new recipes, so I was always whipping up something new and yummy! Cooking Cable is definitely not a good channel to watch while you are pregnant! I enjoyed my growing tummy, however, being pregnant was always a good excuse to me to put on a few extra pounds! It was only after the baby, or babies, were here that the guilt would actually set in! That won’t be for another 5 months at least, so for now I’ll just enjoy myself!

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5 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 10

  1. Amy6 says:

    Poor Bentley… all dying together…. Baby, yay!!!!!!!

  2. PMmommy says:

    I am really enjoying reading this legacy. More More!!

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