Gen 3 Chapter 8

Mom began to worry her time might be near, so she decided she should spend more time with the rest of our family, namely Caden, Kesha and Tyra. Kesha had just found out she was expecting again, and my Mom hoped she would be around to see her fifth grandchild born! “Caden isn’t home right now, but if you like to come in Tyra will be home from school soon. Would you like something to eat?” Kesha asked. “Sure, I’d love to.” Bayleigh answered back. My Mom decided on a can of soup, something simple. She didn’t want to put Kesha out since she was a vampire and pregnant. The eating habits of vampires was one Mom was not fond of one little bit, and she new they weren’t crazy about ours either. She tried her best not to watch Kesha as she slurped her meal. The thought of blood, even from a container made my Mom’s stomach churn. After Mom and Kesha finished eating Tyra came home from school. “GRANDMA!” Tyra shouted throwing her arms around Mom. “Hey honey! It’s so good to see you! My you’ve gotten so big and beautiful since I saw you last!” Bayleigh replied. “Thanks, you heard my Mom is having another baby right?” Tyra asked. “Yup, which are you hoping for a little brother or sister?” Bayleigh asked in return. “Well it doesn’t really matter I guess, I’m a little old to play with them.” Tyra replied. They talked for half the day before my Mom finally decided Caden wasn’t going to show up, and she went home.  Back at our house things were calming down. The kids all knew how to walk, talk and could use the potty. School was just around the corner for them, and I couldn’t wait. I was hoping once they were all in school Trent and I would be able to get more work done. This was a precious age though. Everything they said and did was a Kodak moment it seemed! Take this as an example. It was almost bedtime and we had Danielle and Denver all ready to go when what happens, we can’t find Denise! I freaked out for a few mintues as I went scrambling through the entire house. Looking in laundry hampers, trash cans, toliets and finally when I had just about given up I saw the lid on the toybox move! What a little stinker! The kids birthdays this time were a quiet affair. We just had a little home cookout type thing. We were all out playing catch in the yard. Mom offered to go inside and get some lemonade for us all since it was getting so hot. I asked if she wanted a hand, she looked a little pale to me, but she insisted she was ok and just needed to go in a cool down for a minute and would be right out with the drinks. I regret not going with her, why didn’t I listen to my gut?! It had been about 10 minutes and she still had not come back out so I went in to check on her and found her this way. I couldn’t believe the time had finally come. Why now? Just a month shy of getting to see her new grand baby! The DAY of the kids party!? They will be so devastated when I tell them.  My father of course took it the hardest of all. They had been two peas in a pod and even though my Mom could be difficult she loved my father with all her heart, and he loved her just as well. I wasn’t really sure how to help him through this, after all I still had my husband so I didn’t really know what it was like for him to lose a partner. Trent and Danielle were especially worried about my Dad being alone in the guest house. I offered him our bed in the main house and Trent and I would sleep on the couch, but he said he wasn’t going to do that to us. They stayed with him most of the evening until he finally asked them to leave so he could get some sleep. “Aww can’t I finish my show Grandpa?” Danielle whined. “You can, in your living room. I’m sorry sweetie I just really need to sleep before Grandma’s funeral tomorrow.” Chris said, choking on the last of his words. Candice gave up her room for the girls, now that they were in big beds the nursery was too small, so she moved into their room and them to hers. That night was hard on us all. We couldn’t get what had happened to Mom out of our mind. She did live a long and happy life, but we still all missed her dearly. Dad snuck out early that morning to go to Mom’s grave before anyone else got there. I guess he just wanted some time to deal with his feelings alone. Her gravestone was beautiful, just as she had been. My father had ordered a dozen white roses to have put at her grave, it all looked so wonderful. I know she would be happy with it.

When everyone gathered for the funeral we were all crying. It made it feel so much more real. Candice was yelling about this that and who knows what else. It was hard to tell sometimes when she was really upset. Mom’s death seemed to have taken a toll on her as well. We all took turns talking about Mom, and after Dad’s little speech he lost it. I took him in my arms and tried my best to comfort him. Trent stood behind me watching the girls. Denise seemed to take it harder, but she was closer to my Mom while Danielle was closer with my father. Finally when my Dad began to quiet down I offered to drive everyone home. When we got home we all sat down on the couch to watch some TV and clear out heads. No one felt much like changing or talking however. Looking at Denise’s face broke my heart. I didn’t know what else to do for the poor girl. It was just something she was going to have to learn to deal with I suppose. I looked her way throughout the movie, and the few times she would make eye contact with me I’d give a smile to let her know we were here for her. She smiled back once, but only a half a smile. But hey- I’ll take what I can get! At least it was a start. When the movie was finally over Danielle began to cry. She hadn’t really cried at all at the funeral, I guess it was just now hitting her too. I told her to go take a nice warm bath and go ahead and call it a night, she sniffed and said “Ok Mommy.”, Mommy. She hadn’t called me that since she was 2! The girl just about had me crying! This day had been way too long for all of us, so why wasn’t it over yet?!

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7 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 8

  1. Susan says:

    Awww..even though I knew it was coming, that was so sad! Poor family! Chris and Danielle are breaking my heart!

  2. Amy6 says:

    aww RIP Bayleigh..

  3. madismith67 says:

    Aww, R.I.P Bayleigh.

  4. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    😦 R.I.P. Bayleigh.

  5. ;Rainee says:

    RIP Bayleigh.!

    BTW I love your housee!!!!! 😀 In the game. Is it on your downloads link yet? If not please put it up, I would like to have it in my game!!

  6. JewelsRule says:

    R.I.P Bayleigh…you will be missed. Such a sad chapter! 😦

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