Gen 3 Chapter 7

Finally, it was birthday time for all the babies! Since they were so close in age we decided throwing one big party was the best for all of us! Of course Denver got to have his candles blown out first, since he was two weeks older than the girls! Second was Danielle! It was going to be such a relief to finally be able to tell the twins apart more easily. As the sun began to set Trent brought her out to the cake. I suppose we should have started their party earlier. Who would have guessed that it would take so long to sing to each baby and help them blow out their candles?!And last was Denise! Of course the sun had just finished going down so I was ready to wrap up this evening and get the kids inside for dinner and hopefully bedtime! I was counting on the fact that them growing up was going to make this all a little easier for us, please don’t let me be wrong! Dinner time was slightly easier, thank goodness! At least once we got them all rounded up in the highchairs and broke out the baby food they could all eat at the same time! When we had to give them bottles we always seemed to be marathon feeding! Just so you know Denise is the one on the left of Denver, while Danielle is on the right! I made sure not only to dress them differently but to do their hair different as well! Lucky for us the night went by without a single wake up call from any of the kids! The first time in a whole year we got to sleep the all night long! I felt so refreshed when I woke up I didn’t know what to do with myself! I suggested we get started teaching the kids how to walk, talk and all that other fun stuff! Since there were three kids and only two of us my Dad volunteered to help with the skill building! I was so grateful to him for this! Without his help it would have taken a lot longer! I was not completely right about it being easier. Some things were, but it was still busy having to teach them all the things they were going to need to know. We had really just traded the marathon bottles and diapers, into walking and potty training sessions! I was thankful though that this did mean they were on the road to independence! Of course they would still need help with homework, and we would have to feed and support them but they would be able to do more for themselves allowing us to concentrate on our band. Lately it seemed instead of playing gigs we were just playing for people in the subways earning pretty decent pay in tips. Still, not what we wanted for our band. The kids played very well together! That in itself was a blessing since we didn’t have to listen to them scream at each other for stealing toys or being mean. It was also nice to be able to have a break where they could sort of entertain themselves and we could relax or work on our own things, such as new songs. Candice was doing well in the Science career, and got her first promotion. She still didn’t have much interest in parenting her son. We were afraid by the time she decided she was ready he would have already accepted us as his parents and know her only as his Aunt. It made me a little sad to think she was missing out on these precious days, but she really truly didn’t want to be involved, that or she was just scared. Either way time was ticking away for her. Dad was finally able to take advantage of his retirement for something other than helping us take care of the kids. One of the fish in our tank had died, and this time instead of buying new ones from the store he wanted to go catch some. Little did we know he was going to bring back a baby crocodile! There was a little swamp outside of town by the old warehouse he used to work at. I never knew about it, but that’s were he said he got it from! The girls were absolutely adorable! I couldn’t believe though that they took after my Mom and Dad with their hair color! I was sure at least one of them would be blonde since Trent and I both were! Danielle’s hair wasn’t quite as dark as Denise’s though, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they’re like when they’re older! Denver was also a cutie! Despite the fact his father had darker skin he actually inherited Candice’s blue eyes, which Mom said Grandma had, and then blonde hair, also like Grandma and myself as well! I think he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up! I never did meet his father, but he seemed to have good genes! Our happy home was interrupted one day when I got a phone call from my cousin Shameka. She was crying hysterically and I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I wasn’t trying to be mean, but I guess I was a little frustrated and finally I convinced her to put her brother Tobin on the phone. That’s when I found out that Aunt Elisha had passed away. I couldn’t believe it! I had to go tell my Mom.Of course after I told her she immediately grabbed her car keys and headed over to Bently’s house. “Are you ok Bently?” my Mom asked in a worried voice. “I guess so, I just can’t believe she’s actually gone.” Bently answered. It was quite a shock, afterall Bently was much older than my Mom and Aunt Elisha and now it looked like he could possibly even out live my own Mother!

Then of course he couldn’t keep it inside any longer. Uncle Bently had done his best to be strong for his kids, but with my Mom there I guess it just became too real. My Mom did her best to console him, finally she even offered to take care of the funeral arrangements. He graciously accepted her help and they began planning her funeral for the next day. When she arrived back home she went straight for Denise who I had just finished getting ready for bed. She scooped her up and smiled, although I could have sworn I also saw a tear roll down her cheek. I had a feeling Aunt Elisha’s death made her own seem more real. She had just turned 94 and the time was more than likely coming, when though, we just didn’t know. I myself don’t want to think about it anymore than she or anyone else does.

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5 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 7

  1. Amy6 says:

    Aww the kids are adorable!! Could you vote for a heir on my legacy?

  2. Onendonliyazzie says:

    As the kids are such cuties! Agh. The deaths is always the worst part of a legacy, my heirs mother died last time I played my game and I just felt all sad since I had played the mother from birth to death. Honestly I’d be sad to see Bayleigh go, I hope it’s not for quite some time!

  3. shipplr says:

    Poor Bentley. I remember in the first generation how dedicated he was to Elisha. I hope Bailey and Christopher get to live long enough to see their grandchildren grow up! On the subject of grandchildren, the tods are adorable! It never ceases to amaze me how people can have such beautiful Sims. (Still on the subject of the tods, would Denver’s father be the nice man Candice met at the wedding?)

    • groveslegacy says:

      Yup! That sure is him. He was actually there when he was born and followed them home, but Bayleigh ran him off because I wanted him to be a mystery! lol I’m not sure how he knew either cause he never saw her after that!

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