Gen 3 Chapter 6

One evening I woke up to the strangest feeling in my stomach. As I sat up in bed I felt my water break! At first I thought I peed myself, until I realized I didn’t have to go! I nudged Trent and told him to take me to the hospital. At first he just rolled over, but then as I grabbed him again he shot up in bed and started freaking out! “It’s time??” he asked, and I nodded my head. After that I don’t ever think I’ve seen someone get dressed so quickly and before I knew it we were out the door and on our way to have a baby! I managed to keep my calm, since Trent was so freaked out it was a good thing one of us did. Once we got to the hospital I got a little nervous, but the feeling didn’t last long! The hospital staff got me checked in and settled, it wouldn’t be long now! I couldn’t wait to see what he or she looked like, and to finally find out which we were having! I was definately rooting for a girl now that we had Denver at home! It would be perfect! One of each! Of course lately I seem to have a habit of being wrong about things like this. It was quite a suprise after little Danielle was born when I got up and suddlenly felt something, or should I say someONE else coming out of me! Yup, that’s right we had twins! Baby Denise was the second born within just 2 minutes of her sister. Sure I was happy, I got my little girl, but I sure wasn’t expecting TWO. As we arrived home I felt an overwhelming dread rise up inside me. Not only did I just give birth to twins, which would mean we needed another crib. But what about Denver? Now we not only had two but three babies that would need lot’s of love and attention! Trent tried to assure me things would be ok, but I couldn’t help but wonder. Would they?At least while I was at the hospital Mom and Dad had gotten Denver a new crib set up in the other spare room. It suited him very nicely! They even got him his own cute little dark brown teddy! Mom was pretty shocked when I walked in with one baby and then Trent walked in with another her eyes got as big as saucers and her jaw almost literally hit the floor! We had to do a little adjusting but we got a second crib delivered right away and managed to fit it in place of the changing table which we just moved over into Denvers room. I had such mixed emotions now, with three babies in the house. I loved them all, but how were we going to handle it all? We needed more money as well, cribs aren’t cheap you know!It was a good thing we had a couple of performances scheduled to take place shortly after our babies arrival. The money we made off those sure helped us buy the diapers and baby formula we needed! I felt bad leaving Mom and Dad at home with three babies, but they said they could handle it. Too bad Candice wasn’t interested in helping, at least then the numbers would have been even!

But she had no interest in the new babies, not even Denver. She couldn’t stand the crying, it was too loud for her to handle. Instead she went right back to work in her garden like nothing had happened. I was shocked too that she had gone right back to being her skinny old self. Not even an extra pound or a stretchmark! I looked like she did when she was about to have her baby! It was so not fair! Taking care of our girls was a tough job. Our parents helped out a lot, but even they needed their time to rest. It seemed to be a never ending ordeal. Feed one, change one, then the other needed it, and by the time you were done with them the first needed it again. I sure hope this gets easier as they get older. Our nights revolved around us each taking turns with the babies. Usually split into 3-4 hour shifts, some nights those few hours seemed to tick by so fast, and others like tonight just seemed to crawl. I had managed to get all the babies sleeping at the same time so I tip-toed out of their rooms to lay on the couch and at least rest, but as soon as I got to the end of the hallway I heard one of them wake up. Of course they woke the other one up and, well you get the idea. Trent got stuck with the morning shift that particular day, which meant he was responsible for cooking us breakfast as well. It didn’t come out so well! I felt bad for him, first he made pancakes and they burned, so he cleaned that up and tried waffles. Well you can see how those turned out! I guess he was just too sleep deprived to pay attention to what he was doing! I told him it was ok, and helped him clean up. Then he poured us both some cereal and said “Well at least I can’t burn it!” he chuckled, and I too let out a little laugh. Although it would have been nice to have something hot, he had at least tried to cook us breakfast. I guess I could always get myself a cup of coffee, that might help me wake up!Denver was about 2 weeks older than the girls, and I was so relieved that he was much calmer too. He didn’t cry nearly as much as they did, and I guess since he had his own room he also slept better. I loved to take care of him, it was nice and peaceful in his room. I could hear the twins crying next door with my parents trying to comfort them. “Not too much longer.”, I said to myself. Their 1st birthdays were coming up and hopefully things would get better, at least they would be able to do more than just sleep, eat, cry and poop! We got a call that we had forgotten to pick up our check for our last performance one night, so Trent went to the bar to pick it up. I wanted to go with him, since it seems that the bartender was always hitting on him! I didn’t like it one little bit! Trent told me she wasn’t his type, but somehow she would always persuede him to stay there by giving him free drinks and food.

Of course he would end up drinking too much and then when he did come home he was acting crazy and talking to himself. I then had four babies to take care of! My parents always got the nights off so they could help us during the day, they were too old to do it all the time. But well, this night after I got my drunken husband off to bed I sat down at the table to drink some coffee. I was going to need it, this was going to be a looong night with the babies all by myself!

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7 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 6

  1. JewelsRule says:

    I’ve just realised that this legacy is alphabetical…*facepalm* Great update, though! It’s always nice to read this legacy.

  2. Amy6 says:

    Sorry I haven’t commented much! Great chapter can’t wait to see the kids as toddlers!

  3. NRowe says:

    What a handful! 🙂

  4. Kiki says:

    My sims had triplets once…..Ahhhhh! they were a handfull, my sims got some sleep though, they are teens now..Or adults? I dont know I havent been on that file in a long time. They were girls and the only names I remember were Audrey and Farrah I think 😛

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