Gen 3 Chapter 5


I guess I jinxed myself thinking that I wouldn’t become pregnant right away, beccause I did! That’s ok though, I was still happy since I was very fortunate not to have any real bad morning sickness like some people do. I guess I had a little right before I found out, but it passed very quickly! We still hadn’t gotten too many offers to perform since our first, but the club owner said we were welcome to play on our own time for tips whenever the stage was free. We definately took advantage of it. We didn’t really need the money, but it would be nice to have some extra so we could make sure we had everything we needed for the baby before he/she was born. I can’t say that we really turned too much of a profit though. Trent usually always made his way down to the bar at some time or another for a drink. I of course couldn’t drink being pregnant, juice wasn’t good for the baby. I did, however take advantage of some of the other things the bar had to offer. Things such as their greasy over cooked, over priced pizza! I was incrediabley hungry with this baby. More than I would have thought anyway. I felt like I was eating for more than just 2! More like 12! It may not have been the healtiest food I could have found but I know it was better than not eating at all. Besides a little junk can’t hurt now and then, right?Whatever had been making Candice sick passed quickly and then she began to eat. Almost as much as I was and she wasn’t even pregnant! She was so used to not gaining weight and eating whatever that she started to work out. She didn’t want people to think she was fat, although I know I was, even when I wasn’t pregnant. I guess I just inherited the wrong genes!My waistline was expanding a lot faster than I would have expected! By the second trimester I looked like I was about to pop any day! Still I loved my belly and the baby it held inside. I was really hoping for a girl so I could dress her up in all kinds of cute little dresses. We could always have a boy later on!Candice seemed to shed most of the weight she had put on. Although anyone looks skinny in black! I would wear more of it if I wasn’t such a fan of pink! My sister was very quirky about her clothes. She often changed outfits several times a day and always wore some of the most inappropriate things! I guess that was just her way though, our Dad had been the same way so I guess it’s just something she got from him! My Mom was an excellent cook despite only reaching level 5 in the culinary career ladder. I wanted to be a good cook for my family too, so I asked her for some tips. She made it look all too easy though. She could chop, toss and spice things with such ease. I had a hard time just flipping my pancakes so they didn’t get burnt to a crisp!

Mom had just put her cobbler in the oven when she heard Candice screaming in the other room. I told her I’d keep an eye on it while she checked on her. She found her clutching her stomach and screaming wildly. It had Mom completely freaked so she told me she was taking her to the hospital. Neither of us had ever seen her freak out that bad so something had to be wrong! I wish I could have gone with them but I had to finish cooking and make sure the house didn’t burn down. I’m sure Candice would be ok anyway. She probably just had bad gas pains or something like that. I’m sure they would be back at home in no time and we’d all be laughing about this later! Oh how wrong I had been, yet again! Mom called me an hour after they had been at the hospital. She told me apparently my sister had been pregnant and just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was completely in shock, as I’m sure my Mom was too. How could this have happened? She never had a boyfriend that we knew of!?Mom quickly took over for Candice as being the Mom of little baby Denver. She loved him as if he was her own. I was still very much in shock and not to mention a little mad since he took over MY baby’s nursery! I realize we didn’t have any where else to put him, but what was going to happen when my baby was born??I asked Mom this question the very next day. She assured me that her and Dad would make him his own nursery I just needed to give them time since they weren’t expecting this. I could understand that, but then when she said “Cassie, you know you’re going to have to help raise this baby as your own? Candice just can’t handle the responsibility.” I was a little upset. “What do you mean Mom? What about you?” after I asked that I realized what she meant. Her and Dad were just getting too old and there was no telling if they’d live past his childhood. I took him from my Mom and began playing and talking with him. “Are you gonna be Mommy’s big helper for your littler sister?” I asked snuggling his nose against mine. I still didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl but I was really hoping the latter. He cooed softly. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad afterall, I mean they’d be close in age so they’d be almost like twins! As I laid baby Denver in his crib I felt my love for him grow. I may not have carried him, but he was related to me and I just couldn’t resist those cute little cheeks! Babies were so cute, how could you be mad at them? The only issue I could see was he was going to know he was different because of his skin color. It would be a while before he relalized that, so hopefully we had plenty of time to figure out what we were going to tell him when he was older.

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  1. Cyndelle says:

    Wow, love reading this! Total hooked! 🙂

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