Gen 3 Chapter 4

The day couldn’t have been more perfect! Everything glowed so well in the day light that I felt like I was in the middle of a fairy tale! I hoped Trent liked the place I chose as much as I did! I couldn’t wait to finally become his wife and give myself totally to him. “You look absolutely gorgeous, Cassie.” Trent said as I walked up the steps of the gazebo to meet him. I blushed the same color of the pink roses decorating the inside. He always knew how to make me feel like the most special girl in the world. As we recited our vows I felt like I was dreaming, I was so happy. “With this ring I thee wed.” Trent recited as he slid the ring onto my finger. I know I had the goofiest look on my face. I just couldn’t help express myself through my facial expressions, although I certainly wish I hadn’t looked like some love struck teenager! I recited my vows and slid Trent’s ring on his finger, it was just a plain band, but on the inside I had names engraved to make it more personal. Trent had agreed to take my last name since he wasn’t even on speaking terms with his family. I was glad, Fong was just well, strange if you ask me! As the ceremony ended I lost myself in our kiss. I didn’t want that moment to end. Sure we had kissed many times before, but something just felt different. Everything around me just seemed to disappear, and it was just him and I, together, forver. When our kiss finally ended Trent said, “So how does it feel?” and I replied “Very good, Mr. Groves.” giving him a little wink. I heard my family cheering outside of the gazebo, that’s when it hit me that we weren’t the only two here! The sun was beginning to set and now it was time for the reception! Even though I didn’t want to leave my new husbands side I took the time to greet my guests. I was very happy to see that Uncle Bently had made it. He was older than my Mom and I’m not sure how much longer he was going to be around. He seemed to be doing fairly well, too bad Aunt Elisha didn’t make it though. The reception was going very well, even Candice managed to find someone she could talk to! I was amazed when I saw this because normally autism causes people to be withdrawn from others. There must have been something about this man though, he didn’t even mind her crazy topics which hardly ever made any real sense! Trent and I danced the night away, it was a lot of fun. However we were both waiting for things to start winding down so we could get back home and celebrate alone, as newly weds tend to do! But I didn’t want to be rude, so we just sort of waited for the guests to start leaving. Mom saved me though! Dad works the night shift and when he had to leave for work she started going around telling people it was time to wind down. Then she told me “Go on home sweetheart. I’ll take care of it from here, you go have fun!”, “Thank you Mom! You’re the best!” I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. I don’t know what I would have done without her! Once at home we got settled in our bedroom like we had so many times before. This time was so much different though. I was really nervous and shy, Trent could tell too since I wouldn’t look him in the eye. “It’s ok Cass, it’s just me. You know I love you, we can wait if you want?” Trent whispered to me as if we were being watched. “No, I guess I’m just a little nervous, I want to be good for you.” I replied to him. “You could never dissapoint me Cass.” Trent replied, and with that I said “Well what are we waiting for then?” So I’m sure you can guess what happened from there. I’m not going to go into details, if you don’t know then I guess you’ll just have to guess! The next day Mom told me she was worried about Candice. I guess she dissapeared after the wedding. We all went looking for her and finally found her trotting her way out of the theater. Mom had a fit and told her she needed to let us know when she was going out! Of course that didn’t go over very well, since she was an adult she felt Mom still treated her like a baby.

It had been a long, tension filled day after that. Trent decided he would grill supper so Mom didn’t have to cook. I was proud of how he was really taking on more responsibility now that we were married. He seemed a lot more grown up, and his cooking wasn’t bad either! Sure maybe it was just hot dogs, but I had seen people even mess those up in the past! My poor sister didn’t even get to enjoy the meal, as soon as she sat down she jumped back up and ran to the bathroom. At first I wasn’t worried since she often would forget she had to go until the last minute. It wasn’t until I could hear her being physically sick that I began to worry. I finished my dinner than asked Trent to clean up so I could go check on her. “Candice, I couldn’t help over hearing you in the bathroom. Are you ok?” I asked. “Yes sissy, I’m ok. I think just the food smelled yucky and I couldn’t take it.” Candice replied. “Oh, ok? Do you want me to make you something else to eat?” I said back to her. “No, it’s ok sissy. Thank you.” and with that she was off to her room. “So was your sister ok?” Trent asked me as I laid in bed next to him. “I’m not really sure, she said she is but I’m still a little worried.” I replied to him. “Well I know we said we were gonna wait, but since our band performances have been sort of slow lately, what do you think about trying for our first child?” Trent asked. I was a little put off at first but then I thought “What could it hurt to do a little practice?” I said with a wink. Afterall I probably wouldn’t get pregnant the first time anyway!

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7 Responses to Gen 3 Chapter 4

  1. ;Rainee says:

    Hello, what’s Candice’s traits? I want to make a sim like her. 😀

  2. Onendonliyazzie says:

    Ooohh are we going to get double the babys this time!? I’m so glad Trent and Cassie got married, it looked like a great party! I’m shocked they didn’t marry at the church I guess I just always thought she would lol.

    Hey is Trent’s shirt from OLS? I’m getting that stuffpack in a few days, I’m excited. How are you liking it!?

    • groveslegacy says:

      I figured since both of them loved the outdoors it would be a shame to coop them up! But I know I’ll use the Chapel again sometime in the future 😉

      Trent’s shirt is from OLS. I really like the clothes in the pack! The stuff too, lol! I think the only thing I’m not crazy about is the hair.. but that’s ok.

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