Gen 3 Chapter 3

Once we had all gotten settled in our new house Mom decided to go see how Caden, Kesha and Tyra were settling in at our old place. Caden was home at the time, but he told Mom Kesha had gone to pick up Tyra at school. She had just recently started and I guess wasn’t too crazy about riding the bus because the other kids picked on her for being a vampire. Other than that, Caden said they were doing pretty well. Much more room there than their old house.  Mom tried to get Candice and our cousin Shameka together so Candice could have at least one friend. She wasn’t too thrilled. I don’t think Shameka was either. She was only 16 and even though Candice still acted like a child, she was actually more like a 6 year old than a 16 year old. Still Shameka tried to be her friend, in the end it was Candice who told Mom she didn’t want to have her over anymore.Dad had caught some more fish to go in our tank. We now had 6, but I only ever saw 5 of them at one time. One was always hiding, and we barely ever saw it except when we would feed them and they’d all come up to the top. I suppose that’s just how fish are. Kind of fun at first, but now it’s kind of boring. At least they make the house look nice! I was getting quite restless about the whole Trent thing. I know he had to be feeling the frustration too. I mean we had started dating when we were 16, he moved in when we were 18, here we are almost 21 and he still hasn’t proposed. Which also means no sex. Of course that’s not extremely important in a relationship but when you’ve been sleeping next to the same person for 3 years you start to feel the tension! I approached him one night in the kitchen and told him we needed to talk. He began flirting with me like he always does and made me completely forget what it was I wanted to talk to him about. There was just something about the way he looked at me that would make me go into an almost hypnotic state. Just as I remembered what it was I wanted to talk to him about he got down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his back pocket. As he opened it I gasped at the beautiful ring it held inside. “Candice, I know you’ve been wondering why I’ve waited so long to ask you this. It’s not because I don’t love you, I do, more than you’ll ever know. That’s why I waited until I could afford the perfect ring you deserved, to ask you, will you marry me?” Trent said. I was so awe-struck I simply nodded my head as he slipped the ring out of the box and onto my finger. I couldn’t have asked for a cuter ring! He knew me all too well, it had a beautiful heart shaped diamond in the middle with two little pink stones on either side and was set in a fancy old fashioned looking setting. As Trent stood up from the floor I lept into his arms. “Was it worth the wait?” Trent asked me. “Yes! Yes! Yes! It was sooo worth it! I love you so much!” I replied excitedly. “Well I’m glad you like it. I’m also glad you hadn’t gotten impatient and asked when I was going to propose!” Trent replied. I chuckled to myself, thinking about the fact I almost had, but he beat me to it! I wasn’t going to tell my parents until the next day. But once I got ready for bed I just couldn’t sleep. I went outside to walk out to the guest house and tell them Trent proposed. I hadn’t gotten past the porch when Dad walked by, “What are you doing out here so late?” he asked. “Well Dad, I have something to tell you! Trent finally proposed!” I exclaimed. “That’s great sweetheart” he said giving me a big hug. “I’ll let your mother know, she already went to bed.” he finished. “Thanks Dad! Goodnight!” I said, going back into the house. Now maybe I could get some sleep!I told Candice about Trent and I and after that she sort of flew off the handle. To be honest I think she may have had a little crush on him. He was one of the only people she would actually talk to outside of the family. I think even though she always knew we were together she still hoped maybe since we weren’t getting married he would leave me and choose her. I wish I knew how to help her, it hurt me to see her so upset. She usually knew how to calm herself down. She would fly off the handle then when she calmed down a little she would go do some sort of activity that pleased her sensory issues. One of which was the laundry. I suppose it was the scent of the clean clothes coming fresh out of the dryer, but no one can say for sure why it gave her such an intense feeling of satisfaction. Whatever it was though, it was also nice that it saved us one less thing we had to do. Trent even asked me one night why Candice was acting so strangely, even for her. I confided in him my suspision about the little crush I felt she had. He sort of blushed then laughed it off. I sort of had then feeling he may have had a crush on her as well. I quickly shook it out of my head, I mean he wouldn’t still be with me if he didn’t really love me. Right? About a week passed and Candice finally began to act like herself. She and I had a little “talk” and played some of her favorite games. I think whatever feelings she had for Trent she let go of. I was glad, I certainly didn’t want to make my sister miserable. I wanted her to be happy for us all. I loved her and hoped even though she was different she would still have a good life here with us.Although Trent had waited a long time to propose he told me he didn’t want to wait as long for the wedding. We talked it over with my parents and agreed that since Trent and I loved the outdoors we would have a nice seaside wedding. I got the perfect little dress and did my hair sort of messy with a flower, to complete the tropical look. Then I called up the place and made reservations for 3pm that day. The time had finally come, Trent and I were going to get married!

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  1. madismith67 says:

    About time. But I have a feeling that Candice is going to get Trent…. /:

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