Gen 3 Chapter 2

It was so nice to have Trent living in my house. No more sneaking around his Mom! It really allowed our relationship to grow past what it had been in High School. I kept waiting for him to propose, but it just never came. I guess a girls got to be a little more patient when it comes to these things. One bad thing about living in the suburbs and around more people: more chance for confrontation. Candice saw some man outside watching her and flew off the handle. She didn’t talk much but this man must have really upset her, “GO AWAY! STOP! YOU’RE A BAD MAN!” Candice yelled at him. Apparently her scare tactics worked because before she had a chance to say or do anything else he took off running! I felt bad for my sister. I know she thought he was watching her because she’s ‘different’ when in reality he was probably a pervert. Either way I’m glad she stood up to him. We don’t need people like that hanging around our house. One of my Dad’s poor fish must not have liked his new habitat too well. Despite the family feeding and taking very good care of them one died. I guess I’ll pick some up from the pet store next time I’m out. That’s too big a tank for only one fish! Trent and I both loved our guitars and music in general. I don’t think Candice shared the same enthusiasm! At least when it came to Trents electric guitar! She loved spending time with me while I played my acoustic but, she’d often get upset with his and run off to her room! I think it was just too loud for her poor ears! Mom decided it was finally time to retire from her job at the Bistro. She said she was getting too old. I couldn’t see it though! She may have been getting more gray, and maybe a little slower. But her and Dad still acted like a couple of teenagers! See what I mean? I suppose she retired to have more time for activities such as this! Which I really don’t want to stick around to see or hear! I’m so glad our new house came with a guest house out back! I don’t think I could watch them all over each other all the time! The guest house was also nice too since my parents weren’t always butting into my personal life either. Yes, Trent and I were sleeping together, but that’s actually all we did. Sleep. Sure he tried at first to turn it into more, but I told him I was saving myself for marriage. Even if I was sure I was going to marry him I still wanted to wait. Trent loved to party and even though I wasn’t big on it I’d tag along. It showed too because I didn’t hold my juice as well as he did, and well I got a little out of hand to say the least! I did a lot of things under the influence I normally wouldn’t have. Crazy dancing and things such as the bubble blower! If you thought the juice was bad you hadn’t seen this! It would mess you up so bad! You’d start seeing things inside the bubbles! It was a lot of fun but it also had a down side since after I would get so hungry I’d eat entirely too much! That wasn’t good for my waist line at all!Being under the influence of the juice and bubble blower also made it very hard to resist giving myself toTrent. There we a couple of times I almost had, but I was lucky he still had a better head on his shoulders and would ask, “Are you sure you’re ready?” and then of course I would realize what I was doing and say “No, I’m sorry”. I was a very fortunate that he cared enough to not take advantage of me in that state. Candice went through some big changes going from a teenager to an adult. She still had her issues, in fact she developed some new ones. At the same time she matured a little and had the desire to get a job! Mom and I helped her fill out the paper work and got her into a special work program for people with disablities. She got a job at the Science Facility which required her to learn a new skill, gardening. Mom helped her get started but before long she was doing it all on her own! She was quite good too and would spend much of her free time tending to her plants! Just in case I forgot to mention, Trent and I had started our own band! We weren’t big by any means, but we had gotten our first performance scheduled! “Great news Trent! The Red Rendevous wants us there at 7pm! They’d like us to perform for at least two hours, and said they’d give us $500 if we did!” I told Trent after I got the phone call. “That’s great! I’ve been practicing drums as well, so I’ll let you do the guitar bit!” Trent replied. “Sounds great! Let’s go practice!” I said.All our practice certainly paid off too! We didn’t have a very big audience that night, but the people who were there really enjoyed it! In fact the lady who booked us to play threw in a $75 bonus! That was very nice and really encouraging! She told us she would definately be having us back! Hopefully sometime soon!

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  1. ali says:

    Can you please read my new legacy? It just started and needs an heir vote, but no one knows of it yet:

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