Gen 3 Chapter 1

Our arrival home was bitter sweet. Mom had informed us while we were in China that we would be moving as soon as possible. I knew it wasn’t an easy choice for her, she, just like myself had grown up in that house. It was just getting a little too crowded for all of us, and since Candice wasn’t going to be able to live on her own we needed something more appropriate. Even though I offered to clean up after our last breakfast, Mom insisted she would do it. I’m not really sure why she was so perticular about how we left the place. She had after-all convinced Caden and Kesha to move in once we were out. It was going to be good for all of us, since they needed a bigger place just like we did. One thing Mom couldn’t bring herself to do was pack up the bedroom. She asked me and Dad to do that for her. In fact once we came back from China she slept in Caden’s old room. She said that if she went back in there she might change her mind about leaving, despite it being best for us. As we prepared to leave and go to our new house I took one last look at the living room. It seemed so much larger, even with all the boxes piled up in it. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. “Stay strong Cassie.” I told myself. I couldn’t let Mom see me upset, she’d totally lose it! As we arrived at the new house everyone else seemed to hesitate to go inside. I decided to take the first step. I knew this would be a big change for us all, but at least our old house was still going to be in the family, and it was only a five minute drive, 10 tops!As I opened the door Mom jumped in front of me. I noticed her eyes were closed until she got inside the door. Then she slowly opened them. The house was magnificent! Even with the furniture it was a lot bigger than our old house! I couldn’t wait to see my room! I was given the master bedroom, a big change from sharing a room with my sister! Candice was a little freaked out, however. I felt for her, especially since her diagnosis we understood that this was going to be hard on her at first. I think once she got used to it though she’d be more than ok. She was getting her own room too, filled with more kinds of toys than she could imagine! As I inspected my new room I started to worry. Was it too big? No! Of course not! I mean I wasn’t going to be alone in it for too long! Mom and Dad had both agreed that I could ask Trent to move in with us after my birthday. I was all too excited about that! Trent’s Mom was a big problem in our relationship, she didn’t like my parents and if she had known we were dating she would have locked him up! But once he turned 18 she couldn’t stop us!

Some of the fish my Dad had caught in China we had decided to keep as pets. There was still room for more, but it was a nice start to our collection. I really liked having them as pets, they were so cute! Candice really liked to watch the fish swim too! She could sit and watch them for hours, one more thing to help keep her entertained! My 18th birthday was the week after we moved into our new house. I couldn’t wait to finally be an adult! Plus I was excited for Trent to come live with us. I hadn’t told him yet, but I knew how much he hated living at his house since his Mom was so over-protective. The only reason we had seen as much of each other before was since he told her he had ‘after school activites’. As soon as I blew out my candles and cut the cake for Candice I raced into my room to call Trent. He had his birthday while we were in China, but had been working a lot since then, so we hadn’t seen each other since then. “Hey Trent! I have some really good news for you! Can you come over?” I asked excitedly. “Sure, you’re at your new place right?” Trent asked. “Yup! I’ll be waiting for you!” I said hanging up the phone. Wow, that was all I could think when I saw Trent again for the first time in about 3 weeks. How could he have changed so much? I couldn’t believe how handsome he was, even if he was kind of lanky! “So Cass, what’s up?” Trent asked with a smile. “Well my Mom and I both want to talk to you, if that’s ok?” I replied. “Sure thing.” he said, and we walked into the other room to find my Mom. “Hey Mrs Groves!” Trent said to my Mom. “Hi Trent, nice to see you again! Cassie, why don’t you tell him the good news yourself.” Mom said motioning towards me. “Ok, so Trent” I began “How would you like to stay here with us?” I asked. I was a little nervous he might not want to, but it didn’t take him long to agree. “Really? That would be awesome! My Mom won’t like it, but she can’t stop me now!” Trent said. Trent didn’t have a lot of personal belongings, so it didn’t take him long to gather his things. He was right and his Mom was furious once she found out. She hated my parents with a passion, I guess because of the way my Dad made his living. Not sure why she didn’t like my Mom though. Either way we were together now. We both loved music and it was great to have someone to play my guitar with!

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