Gen 2 Chapter 14

Flying into China was a dream come true! It was even more beautiful than I could have imagined! I was already as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, now seeing it in person I think if I had a parachute I would have just jumped right out of the plane! As soon as we arrived the girls and I wanted to check out the market and stock up on some goodies. Chris had however, already entered himself in some sort of martial arts event so he took off in a cab to go take care of that. “Let’s go girls!” I said leading the way into town. Leave it to my daughter, she saw the massive ‘pools’ in the town center and decided to go for a dip. Before I could tell her that probably wasn’t a good idea she had already dove in. I guess it couldn’t have been too bad, the water looked clear enough. So I just let her have her fun! Chris was facing off with his first ever opponent. When he told me about it later he asked if sumo wrestlers also practiced martial arts. I told him no, he seemed a little embarrassed and explained he thought that woman was one because of her size. I laughed at him, silly Chris, just because she’s larger doesn’t mean she’s a SUMO wrestler! He had won his match against this woman though, but had decided to withdraw from the main event so he could spend more time with me and the kids.    That night we all met up at our hotel for dinner. The kids seemed to be having just as good a time as we were exploring the new culture. Candice and Chris had even mastered using chopsticks! I was amazed because as hard as I tried I fumbled with mine. I eventually gave in and asked for a fork! There was no way I was eating without one! For the most part the girls had their own agendas and Chris and I had ours, but we had planned to spend at least one day as a family up at the orchard. I picked some fruit that I could take home and later plant, I had picked up a little gardening skill from taking care of my Mom’s plants once she passed away. Candice was having a good time torturing her poor sister. She thought it amusing to sneak up on Cassie when she wasn’t looking and scare her. We had tried to tell her that it wasn’t nice to scare people. It just didn’t seem to register in her mind. I know she wasn’t trying to be mean! Cassie new as well that Candice just couldn’t control herself. No matter how often Candice did it to her she just didn’t seem to get used to it! Poor Cassie, it seemed that Candice had just about given her poor sister about 10 heart attacks! Lucky for Cassie, Candice was pretty easily distracted. She caught a glimpse of some butterflies flying around by the pond and spent a good hour watching them fly around her. She even lucked out and caught one! A good souvenir for her to take back home with us. Chris was having a very good time fishing. Neither of us had done much since our trip to France but he sure hadn’t forgotten how it was done. He left that day with six whoppers! Those would sure make some good sushi! On the other hand he was still a little dissapointed that all he caught were kois, what he really wanted was a dragon fish. With Candice distracted and finally giving her a little room, Cassie had pulled out her guitar and started playing. It added a very nice ambiance to the orchard for all of us. She had gotten quite good in a very short amount of time. She certainly had a gift for music, that was sure. Back in town Candice had taken notice of the fortune cookie machines and begged me up and down to let her make some! I finally agreed, but when I tried to help her she insisted though she could do it herself! I had to admire her determination to be independent. I was fairly confident that determination would help her possibly one day make it on her own. Only time would tell though. We may have had our children on the trip with us, but we had made sure to book seperate rooms. Chris and I were both getting older, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t still have fun together! Our trip had been one full of excitement and adventure. It seemed to end as fast as it had began, and although I was sad to leave, part of me couldn’t wait to get back home!

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10 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 14

  1. Amy6 says:

    Yay for China my sims just went there! Is she an elder already? Wow time flies

  2. FeliciaB84 says:

    I think you should keep Candice around the house, too! 😀 I like her!

    This makes me want to take a trip with my little people, but I am afraid it will be TOO MUCH! *lol*

  3. ;Rainee says:

    I really wish Candice won the heir vote!! With her traits her life would be so INTERESTING!!!!!

  4. Antebello says:

    I just love China 🙂 I’m going to send my legacy family there once they have enough money. Great chapter 🙂

  5. madismith67 says:

    Oh, I just ah-DORE china. Who’s with me! ((:

  6. Em says:

    Which sims game did u use to create these stories! It looks like they’re all mixed. Ambitions…..World Adventures…..pls help me!
    btw lov ur stories!

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