Gen 2 Chapter 13

“Uh huh. Yes, I think I understand.” I said to the Dr on the other line. Honestly I don’t even know what I was saying because as soon as the Dr told me “We’ve confirmed Candice does indeed have autism.” my mind just went blank. I began thinking about how this could have happened. Was it something I did? Something I didn’t do? Now what?

“Mrs. Groves? Are you still there?” the Dr’s frantic sounding voice snapped me back to reality. “Oh yes, sorry. It’s just a lot to take in for me.” I replied. “Don’t worry Mrs. Groves, Candice is a very smart young woman and I’m sure you’re family will be fine, if you need anything just let me know!” and with that I hung up the phone. I suppose the Dr is right, we will be ok. I mean we have been up until now anyway. On a brighter note I decided to drop by one night after work to see how Caden and Kesha were doing. I was a little suprised to see Kesha had gained a little weight, she no longer looked quite as boney. “Mrs. Groves, Caden and I are going to have a baby!” Kesha announced. I was a little shocked, but that certainly explained things! “That’s wonderful honey!” I said giving her a hug. I was a little concerned however, since their home was so tiny, they had just gotten a one bedroom when they moved since they hadn’t expected to be having kids so soon. “Caden I want to say congratulations on the new baby. I also want to let you know that you and Kesha are welcome to move back with us if you have to.” I told him. “Mom, that’s sweet, but even though your house may be bigger, there’s already a lot more people already living there. I’m sure we’ll be fine” Caden assured me. I guess what he said was true, our house was getting a little low on space. Just as I was getting really good a swiping things right from under people’s noses I had officially reached my goal. This was such a relief for me in many ways. It meant I was done having to sneak around, and our family could finally take our trip to China that we had been waiting so long to take! That night I went and shared the good news with Chris about our trip! We then told the girls and planned to leave right after school let out for the summer in about two more months. I also told him that Caden and Kesha were going to have a baby around that time. I think his jaw literally dropped to the floor! He was quite happy though, since he had wanted more children, grandchildren were just as nice! One night while I was at work I got a call from Caden. Kesha had gone into labor a little earlier than expected, but he said the baby and her were perfectly fine and already at home! I rushed over as soon as I was done with my shift! This was great news! I was so happy I’d get to meet my grand-daughter before our trip! I didn’t think I’d get to see her until we came back!Since they hadn’t expected Tyra for another month or so they had yet to buy her a crib. I jumped at the chance and told them not to worry! We got her the cutest little tent crib, all decked out in pink, every girls favorite! It was such a rewarding feeling to watch her sleeping in it! It also made me miss when my own children were that age!The morning of our trip had finally arrived. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 4:30am and decided I might as well get up! I had butterflies in my stomach and it seemed the only way I was going to calm myself down was to eat some breakfast. When the girls and Chris had finally woken up I rushed them to get dressed. I had been up so early I managed to pack the car all by myself and even though our flight wasn’t for another 4 hours I wanted to make sure we got there in plenty of time to go through customs and all that. Once I got everyone in the car I announced “China, here we come!” in a fancy announcer type voice. Candice clapped and Cassie and Chris cheered. I only wish Caden and Kesha could have joined us, but now with little Tyra that just wasn’t going to be possible. As much as I couldn’t wait to get to China part of me couldn’t wait to get back either. That little girl had won my heart and I didn’t want to be away from her too long!

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4 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 13

  1. ;Rainee says:

    Did Bayleigh turn into an Elder? I sort of noticed it.

  2. FeliciaB84 says:

    Bayleigh makes a cute old person! YAY for the new baby. I’m excited to see what happens to them in China. 😀

  3. madismith67 says:

    This is getting hard on me! BAYLEIGH IS OLD. I MISS ANNETTE. ):

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