Gen 2 Chapter 12

My first baby was turning into an adult today. I’m so upset I couldn’t be there! This job has me working all the time it seems. I need to keep it though because retirement is approaching me quickly and we need the extra funds. This house is getting too small, and I’m afraid we’ll all have to move. It didn’t come as a huge suprise that once Caden was offically an adult he told us that he was going to propose to Kesha, what he said next however was a little suprising. “Dad, I’m going to ask Kesha to marry me tonight, and-” Caden paused for a moment. “And I got us our own place, so I’ll be moving out.” Caden finished. We were both stunned but told him if that’s what was going to make him happy to go ahead and do it. Cassie had two loves in her life. One was the guitar we had bought her for her birthday. Whenever she was home it seemed she was playing it. She would only stop to eat, sleep, shower and of course do her homework. Of course the only exception to the above aside from everyday necessities, was Trent. They were stuck to each other like glue and reminded me an awful lot of my brother and Elisha. I guess it’s not a bad thing, I just wish she’d pay more attention to her sister. Candice needed a lot of help, she was really smart but she had a hard time focusing her attention and getting stuff done. Cassie did at least make sure she helped Candice get her homework done and remember to put it in her backpack so as not to forget it the next day. Chris had a special relationship with Candice. Although it seemed even he couldn’t keep her attention or focus for very long. We were all beginning to worry about her. We all knew something was different about her even when she was very small, but it seemed that the older she got the worse it was also getting. I was afraid she may never be able to live on her own and take care of herself. We all thought the toy thing had been a phase that she would grow out of, but it wasn’t happening. I had read somewhere that children with autism often exhibted the same signs Candice was. For example, she was playing with a car, but not the way you should play with a car. Instead she’d make it fly through the air like a plane. I decided it was time we got a professional opinion. That evening I found Kesha in our room. She had gone in there to change but had been taking an awfully long time in there. I knocked on the door and came in. Kesha was sitting on the edge of the bed staring into space. She appeared to be worried about something, but I wasn’t sure what. As I approached her she stood up from the bed. “Is something wrong Kesha?” I asked. “Well Mrs. Groves, I.. well I..” Kesha started. “You can tell me Kesha, I promise I won’t bite!” I said with a laugh. Unfortunately she didn’t think it was very funny. “Mrs. Groves, I’m a vampire. And well, I’m afraid if I tell Caden he’s not going to want to be with me anymore.” Kesha said in a worried voice. “Oh honey, if I know my son that’s not going to matter. He loves you! Just give him a chance.” I replied giving her a hug. Kesha took my advice and went into the kitchen where Caden was cleaning up from dinner. “Caden, I have something to tell you.” Kesha said. “Ok, I have something to tell you too.” Caden said with a smile. “Ok, I’m just gonna say it. I’m a vampire!” Kesha said closing her eyes she cringed waiting for Caden to be upset. Instead Caden wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. “Kesha I love you no matter who or what you are!” Caden said. “Oh Caden, I’m so glad! I was afraid you wouldn’t want to be with me anymore!” Kesha said feeling relieved. “Let me take you to the movies.” Caden then replied. After the movie Kesha was about to go home when Caden stopped her. “I have one more thing for you tonight.” he said. “Ok, but hurry I have to get to work soon.” Kesha said. “Don’t worry this will only take a minute.” Caden assured her.  Then Caden got down on one knee, and pulled a small box out of his pocket. “Kesha you’re the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine spending another moment without you as my wife. Will you marry me?” Caden asked.“Oh Caden! It’s beautiful! Of course I will marry you!” Kesha responded holding out her hand. Caden slid the ring onto her finger and got up and gave her a big hug! That’s when he also told her that he had gotten a place down on the beach that they could move into together! He even offered to go home with her and help her pack her things. Things with Chris were the same as then had always been. I was no longer suprised when he called me from the police station to inform me he was in jail- again. I got so used to it that really my only question was “How long this time?”. I didn’t even ask why anymore, I pretty much figured out what sort of ‘career’ he had. I just couldn’t believe after all this time he hadn’t learned to be more careful about getting caught. I have to admit his job and frequent arrests were a plus for me. I got a lot of information from him about where the really good stuff was at. I heard that this shipment of electronics had come in and where they would be and when we be the best time to make off with them. I guess it was wrong of me, but I just couldn’t help myself.

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10 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 12

  1. Amy6 says:

    The kids are growing up well! I’m glad she told him that she’s a vampire.

  2. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Aww good for Caden, I’m glad he and Kesha could get past the whole vampire thing..I just wish he coulda won the heir vote 😦 I cant believe there all grown up already!

    So I’ve been wanting to ask you, Bayleigh’s hair do you happen to remember where you found it? It just looks soo beautiful and I just cant seem to find it 😦

    • groveslegacy says:

      I don’t remember where I got it.. but I think I can possibly upload it? I’ll have to get an account somewhere unless it will let me do it here. I’ll try to see what I can do tomorrow 🙂

      • OnendOnliYazzie says:

        Hey i just wanted to say thanks for offering to upload the hair for me, but fortunately I managed to track the hair down but unfortunately, the poly count is to high so it doesn’t really look so good in game for me..go figure! Thanks though I really do appreciate it 🙂

      • groveslegacy says:

        aw! I’m sorry 😦 That stinks! I’m glad you found it though, and glad I looked I was just about to try to upload it! hehe

  3. FeliciaB84 says:

    Caden is a cutie-pie! I can’t wait to see what happens with the girls. I’m not TOO disappointed that Cassie won. I like her, too.

    Did you find it annoying that everyone already knew she was a vampire? It perturbed me very much in mine. I think they should have made it a secret to reveal. Kinda like being pregnant. It’s no fun to “announce pregnancy” if the baby’s daddy is already wanting to read a baby book. 😛

    • groveslegacy says:

      Honestly I had thought about changing her at first since I didn’t really want vamps in the game, BUT she looks so good as one.. He ended up with her too because all the other girls he was into would grow up into adults after they became friends, that was quite annoying!

  4. madismith67 says:

    He’s… He’s… GONNA GET MARRIED??!! Excuse me, but they can’t grow up. I remember Bayleigh holding him in her arms from the hospital…. (:

    • groveslegacy says:

      it’s just as hard to watch sims grow up as it is our real kids! My son is going to be 6 this year.. and I still remember finding out I was pregnant, having him and all that fun stuff! Now he’s half my size!

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