Gen 2 Chapter 11

Cassie had become a little self-consious about her weight. I told her she looked just fine, because in my opinion she did. But then she would grab a her belly shake it and say “Well where’s yours then Mom??” I took after my own mother in the sense even after my kids my stomach seemed to go back to normal. So she insisted on working out and trying to lose those extra pounds. Kesha had even commented to her one day that she looked really good, but Cassie insisted she was just too ‘fat’ and still had a ways to go. I don’t know where she got these ideas but I certainly hope she doesn’t turn herself into some sickly skinny twig.My Dad’s teleoscope was finally getting some use. Niether Chris or I had much interest in it, but Caden liked it! It was kind of nice to see him with his hands on something besides Kesha or that camera of his! I’m not quite sure what it was he would look at during the day since the stars don’t come out until later. Now that Candice was older she was developing quite the personality. I guess I’m not the only one who finds Caden’s pet spider ‘Manny’ just a little disturbing! I can’t believe he still has that thing after all these years! I’m just glad that it’s stayed in that cage or else I probably would have smushed him!I began working at the Bistro in the afternoons and going on my walks right after I would get off. My first day I was late! The stupid carpool didn’t pick me up on time! Luckily it didn’t effect my performance much! I was such a good cook they immediately moved me up! That came with a nice little bonus! Cassie was very serious about this losing weight thing. So much so she starting jogging to school. She would get up 3 hours early since it took so long to get there! Plus she always made sure to get up in time to eat, pack extra clothes and all that. I am glad though she was still eating, so while she lost some weight and toned up she didn’t become a rail. Candice was a very forgetful child. I worried a lot about her. She would get on the bus but then get off at the wrong stop. Wander around for a bit, do her homework, wander around some more. She always found her way home, but it scared me that one say she would get lost and we wouldn’t be able to find her! There was a knock at the door one evening and I went to answer it. “Yes?” I said opening the door. “Hi, um Ms. Groves? I’m Trent I-“, “Oh you must be Caden’s friend, come on in.” I said interuppting him. “Well, no. Actually I’m here to see Cassie.” he corrected. “Oh, well.. just a moment.” I said closing the door behind me. “I’m sorry about that Trent.” Cassie said walking out the door. “It’s no problem Cass, I’d be over-protective if I was your Mom too.” Trent said with a wink, that made Cassie giggle. I think I’ve figured out why she wanted to be in such good shape! She had a boy she was trying to catch! Chris’s hobby had become martial arts now that I was working again. He really hadn’t been practicing for a long time but he progressed very quickly. I remember the first time he tried this board breaking thing he hurt his hand and whined for the rest of the week about how he couldn’t do anything for himself! Caden was such a good big brother! I was so proud of him! He made sure to spend time with both of his sisters! When Candice would come home from school they’d go out and play catch for hours until it was time to eat dinner, do homework and go to bed!“Hey Caden, how did you and Kesha start dating?” Cassie asked one night. “Well, we were friends first, then I dunno. We both liked each other and one day it just sort of happened you know?” Caden tried to explain. “Oh, do you think a girl should wait for the guy to ask her out?” Cassie asked. “Well no, I think boys are just as unsure about whether a girl likes him or not so I don’t see a problem with it.” Caden replied shoveling more food into his mouth.  I guess all Cassie’s questions did have a purpose behind them although she never actually said it to any of us. Later that night her friend Trent stopped back by to hang out. “Trent, we’ve been friends for a little while now. You ever think we’ll be any more than that?” Cassie asked him. Smiling Trent responded with, “I sure hope so Cass. I like being with you a lot.”That’s when she leaned in and kissed him! My little girl, I couldn’t believe it! She had always claimed to be shy, but I just didn’t see it. She had a lot more friends than both Caden and Candice put together. She was extremely friendly, I guess she just wasn’t that sure of herself all the time. After that night though Cassie and Trent were glued to each other just like Caden and Kesha. Now I just had Candice as my only baby!But even that was quickly changing. It seems like it was just yesturday I even found out I was pregnant with her. Now she was celebrating her 13th birthday! Soon she too would probably find a boyfriend and then Chris and I would be the lonely old couple! As happy as I was to see my kids growing up it was a little upsetting too. Since it also meant I myself was getting older too. I guess some things never change! Even though Candice had become a teenager she still liked to play with her toys. So we kept the doll house and stuff around. I certainly didn’t have a problem with it. Maybe she wouldn’t be out of our lives just yet! It was quite the relief to me!

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  1. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Whew I’m all caught up on the chapters now! I can’t believe it’s already time for a heir vote! The family didn’t even go on their vacation yet! Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next!

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