Gen 2 Chapter 10

Cassie was growing so fast! She continued to be a girly girl though. She loved pink and purple and anything doll/stuff animal oriented! Her and her bear even had matching pajamas! How cute can you get? I talked to her about a party for her 13th birthday and she told me she already had it all planned out! In fact she was so particular about how the party was going to be she wouldn’t let me do anything! Well except for buy the stuff obviously! She had a long guest list and very specific decorations that she wanted. We decided to rent some things for the party, like effects machines and a picnic table, otherwise we would have dropped a fortune on things we’d probably only use that one time! The day of the big party arrived. It took a long time to set up, but in the end I think it all came out perfectly. Chris was grilling the hot dogs as the guests began to arrive. I have to hand it to Cassie, she had some good ideas and nice decorating skills. I was a great artist I just wasn’t good at things like that. The big moment had arrived! The guests all gathered around Cassie and her cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her and then waited in suspense for her to make her wish and blow out her candles. I don’t know what she was wishing for, but she took her time whatever it was. We all waited and waited, finally I yelled “Blow out your candles Cassie! Before they burn the cake!”. She nodded at me, looked back at her cake and blew them out. We all cheered, now it was time to sit down and eat! I don’t know if Cassie got her wish or not, but I think Caden got his! That day him and Kesha shared their first kiss. I was so glad to see that she really did like him and they seemed to make each other very happy. Seems like everyone was having a real good time at the party! Even Candice was having a good time. She wasn’t outside like most everyone else, but she was indoors playing with one of Cassie’s little friends. I was grateful she took the time to play with her despite the age difference. Afterall I hadn’t known any toddlers that I could invite for her to play with. Later on when the party was over and most of the guests had gone home I overheard Caden and Kesha talking. “I’m really glad you came to my sisters party today.” Caden said. “Me too, it was a lot of fun.” Kesha replied shyly. “I was wondering, well if maybe you’d like to make our relationship a little more offical? Like be my girlfriend?” Caden asked. “I think I’d like that a lot acutally.” Kesha told him.I felt a little bad for Cassie, still having to share a room with her little sister. Thankfully though she really didn’t seem to mind! She would get up with her and feed her or take her to the potty, whatever she might have needed. Soon Candice would also be growing up then life would be a lot easier on us all. One thing Cassie loved more than anything was music. After we got our money back for all her birthday party rentals we told her we’d get her the instrument of her choice. She chose a guitar with a pink heart pattern. I did mention she was a girly girl right??Kesha practically lived at our house once her and Caden began dating. It wasn’t a bad thing though. She got along with everyone and especially doted on Candice. Having the older kids around made my job a lot easier. In fact I was starting to get tired of always being at home. Besides my walks I never really got out of the house. Cassie took over a lot of my household chores as well. No one asked her, she just liked things to be neat. The kids may have never met their grandparents but they all have so much of them in their looks and personality. It was nice to have those little reminders around the house, that although my parents were gone they wouldn’t be forgotten. The time had come, and Candice was going to be going to school. We didn’t throw her a huge party, instead it was just the immediate family. We all gathered around her cake as she blew out her candles and watched as she grew into a charming young woman. After eating his slice of cake Caden told me he still had homework to do and went to his room. He stayed in there most of the day, he couldn’t stand to be in the living room with the TV. We offered to buy him a stereo for his birthday, he declined. I was beginning to wonder about this child. The only technology he liked to be around was his camera. He had a wall of photos in his room that he had started taking when he was 7 years old. Soon it was the morning of Candice’s first day of school. All weekend she had talked about how excited she was to get to go to school like her brother and sister, but that morning at the table she was quiet. The entire time she ate her cereal in silence. While Cassie and Caden talked about their friends and other activities they couldn’t wait to get back to. I hoped she was just nervous and hadn’t changed her mind about wanting to go. After the kids had all left for school I sat and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Not even an hour later I felt as if I was going out of my mind! I decided that I would go out and get a new job. I hadn’t worked since I was 19 but I had to get out and do something! I figured since I was so good at cooking I could easily get a job at the Bistro. So I went out and applied, they hired me on the spot! I couldn’t wait for my first day to get started!

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9 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 10

  1. ;Rainee says:

    Chapter ten already! Wow! I love your legacy, never stop writing it.
    You inspired me to write my own!

  2. Amy6 says:

    Great chapter the kids seem t oget better with age!

  3. callierose says:

    I love all the family pictures you have in the background!! I’ve run out of time now but I’ll be back to read more later!! xD

  4. jade says:

    your legacy is great it’s really fun to read

  5. Kiki says:

    Omg im hooked!! Ive read for about 3 hours now!! But I just cant stop!! 😀

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