Gen 2 Chapter 9

Not long after Candice was born it was time for Cassie’s birthday party. I decided to just do a little thing at the house with family so I called up Bently and invited him and his family over. They said they’d be there as soon as possible and couldn’t wait to see our newest addition as well!

I must admit I was a little suprised that not only Elisha was finally pregnant again. But guess who also showed up, uninvited? Yup, Ahmad. Looking at him now I’m so glad he rejected me that day! Chris is definately a better catch than he would have been! I dunno, just something about that hair. It may have been attractive when we were teens but not now in our 30’s. I was so happy for my brother and Elisha! I rubbed Elisha’s belly and said “I hope you guys have a girl this time around!” Elisha smiled, “That’s why we decided to try again!”. Bently seemed kind of off in his own little world. I hope he was just as excited as I was! Maybe he was still kinda upset about the house and all. It wasn’t that Mom and Dad didn’t want him to have it, it’s just he and Elisha wanted their own space and moved out as soon as they were married. The time had arrived for Cassie to blow out her candles and offically become a little girl! She tried her hardest but couldn’t blow the candles out, so I helped out a little bit. Birthdays were such wonderful time, it was so fun to see what my kids looked like the older they got! Cassie was adorable as ever! She still liked to keep her hair the same way she had as a toddler. It was fine with me, the pig tails and her hair color reminded me so much of my mom! She loved her birthday cake too. A little too much though if you ask me! After her party she continued to ask for leftover cake for just about every meal! If she wasn’t careful those sweets were gonna catch up to her!Even now that she was older her and Candice still shared a room. It was a good thing Cassie was a heavy sleeper since Candice would still sometimes wake up to eat in the middle of the night. Cassie had definately gotten that from my Dad, he could sleep through anything! Candice was a pretty calm baby though. When she did wake up wanting her bottle I would give it to her and as soon as I set her back into the crib she’d go right back to sleep. If only all my kids had been that easy maybe I would have given Chris the large family he had really wanted! Caden had a new friend, at least this time she was his age though. There was something about this girl though that just seemed, well different. I don’t really know what it was but she seemed to be able to mesmerize you with her eyes. They almost seemed to glow! In some ways I found it a little creepy, but my son, well I could tell her really liked her. She seemed to really like him too. She was always laughing at his jokes, even the ones that weren’t really funny, and blushing whenever he gave her a compliement. She may have been a little strange, but she seemed nice enough. Hopefully things will work out for them. But then Caden leaned in to kiss her and she backed away. At first I was a little upset since I knew how bad rejection could be, but then she said something that made me feel better. “Caden, I really like you. I just don’t know that I’m ready for that just yet. Can we give it just a little more time?” Kesha told him. “Of course, I don’t want to make you do anything you’re not ready to do.” Caden answered. Candice seemed to grow up virtually over-night. She had a perfect mix of my families genes! She is the only one who has my mother’s eye color, and she seems to have a mixture of both hair colors! It isn’t extremely visible but she has some light blonde streaks throughout her hair. Although Chris was moving up in his career he just seemed to have plain old bad luck! The same police woman always seemed to catch him, usually right before he did something wrong. At least he was good about covering his tracks since they could never actually prove anything he would always get released the next day. In some ways I was grateful to my husband, he kept the cops busy! So much so that I was still able to take my walks and not get caught. Once I’d cleaned out the beach homes I began searching parking lots for abandoned vehicles. The cars were worth a lot more than anything else and the more I was able to steal, the sooner I would be able to stop stealing.Toddler life is pretty boring I guess when you stop and think about it. Play, eat, learn, poop, sleep, repeat. Chris taught Candice how to talk, in fact he made sure her first word was ‘Daddy’. I was a little jealous since none of the other kids had said ‘Mommy’ first. I as usual taught my little girl to walk. I was a little iffy about it since I knew once she could walk we were really going to be in trouble! It was also a little sad since I knew for sure this was our last child. I didn’t want anymore children but there was just something about watching your baby grow up that’s hard to accept. I just had to remind myself that the older they got, the sooner we’d be able to go on our vacation to China!

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6 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 9

  1. Amy6 says:

    Ohh I hope they get to go to China soon! If I were her I would go without the kids! Candice is adorable and I hope things workout between Caden and Kesha. I wonder if she’ll tell him that she’s a vampire, the suspense the suspense!

    • groveslegacy says:

      I would have sent them already.. but I have found that travelling messes up Bayleighs LTW.. soooo I have to hury and get that met! lol, I’ve just been using the kids as an excuse 😉

  2. ;Rainee says:

    Two chapters in one day! It’s my lucky day. Can’t wait for chapter ten. What’s Bayleigh’s LTW?

    • groveslegacy says:

      to have 50,000 worth of stolen goods.. lol, when they took their trip to France it reset it back to zero.. I only had about 1,000 then, but we’re a lot closer now and I don’t want to take that chance!

  3. Kiki says:

    Awww! I love Candice! Where did you get the hair from?? 🙂

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