Gen 2 Chapter 7

After Cassie was born things were a little chaotic, but once we got a routine going it was smooth sailing! I eventually started drawing again, daydreaming as I did it. I thought about the next country I really wanted to visit, China. I wanted to wait until the kids were a bit older though, Caden was almost a teenager, but Cassie was just barely a year old. Not really a good age to travel!One day I was trying to have a conversation with Chris and his work called him, like ALWAYS! It was so annoying, and for some reason that day I just couldn’t hold back my feelings about it any longer. “Hold ON Bayleigh!” Chris said, “Yes sir, sorry that was my wife. Of course I can, uh huh. Ok see you tonight!” Then he hung up. “WHAT? Why are you looking at me that way?” Chris yelled. “You know very well why I’m looking at you this way Christopher Groves!” I yelled back at him. “You are always blowing me off for work! Why can’t you listen to me when I have something to say??” I asked. “S-O-R-R-Y I actually have a job! I have to keep a good relationship with my boss if I want to get promoted you know!” Chris finished. That made me so mad! He was the one who wanted me to be a stay-at-home mom! I just turned and walked away, I couldn’t stand to be around him anymore for the moment. My day just kept getting worse after the confrontation with Chris. The shower busted and water leaked all over the floor! I wish my Dad was here! He was extremely gifted when it came to fixing things. Chris said he’d do it but I knew if he did he’d only make it worse, so I called the repairman. Not like we didn’t have the money, Chris just didn’t like to ask people in this town to do anything for him. Apparently our fight had really affected Chris’s work, since once again the cops caught him in the act. I didn’t feel bad that night when he called me, but when I woke up the next morning I did. I know he didn’t mean to ignore me, he was just trying to be more careful at work and be attentive to his boss. I guess I’ll have to make it up to him when he comes home tonight. Meanwhile my babies were growing up so fast! Caden absolutely loved his little sister! It was such a relief for me that he actually was old enough and wanted to help me with her! Who could blame him though? Cassie was cute as a button! She had somehow miraculously inherited my mom’s hair color! Every time I looked at her I saw my Mom, and it was a nice feeling. In fact Caden even helped me teach Cassie new things, like how to talk. One of her first words was police car! I thought it kind of ironic, with her Daddy always being arrested and what-not. I couldn’t have asked for better kids! At the rate they were growing I’d be able to take my trip to China sooner than I thought!Chris called me and told me that despite getting arrested he’d gotten the promotion he was after, and he was headed over to the new Dojo in town to practice martial arts, something his next promotion required. I told him ok and I’d see him later that night. When he finally got home he was groaning about how much his back was hurting from all the physcial activity he had just done. I decided it would be nice to give him a massage to sort of say I’m sorry and make up for our little fight the other day. Needless to say he quickly forgave me after that! And of course then one thing led to another! I couldn’t help it! My man had recently mastered athletics and now learning martial arts! I got myself worked up just thinking about it! And then giving him that massage! *ahem* I suppose that is a little more information that I needed to give! My husband and I may have had our differences but we always made up! He was such a good Daddy I don’t know what the kids would do without him! He especially loved his little girl! I know though she’d be in trouble later when it came to dating! I’m pretty sure Chris had a plan to scare off any of the young men who didn’t meet his standards! Caden, well I wasn’t sure what to think. He was just a freshman and he was always having these senior girls come over and hang out with him. When I asked him about it he said they were just friends, but I could see the way he looked at them. I just hope he didn’t get hurt, that’s not a fun feeling! Cassie was a very smart little girl and very eager to learn. Caden had pretty much taught her how to talk, she had just about mastered walking and potty training was going quite well considering she was not quite 2 yet! It made me a little sad seeing my babies grow up, but I couldn’t wait to travel with them when they were older! It would be so much fun! Cassie was a very active toddler, just like her brother had been! She would do the exact same thing he used to and drag all of her toys out in the living room! It sort of drove me nuts, but not as bad as it would have if my Mom was still around! She hated the house to look messy and she was always cleaning, no matter what! I suppose all Cassie’s activity caught up to me as well! I would lay down in the afternoons and take a nap while she did. I’m so glad I’m not pregnant! I don’t know how I would manage to take care of Cassie if I had been! I probably would have had to hire a nanny because even with coffee some days I could just barely keep my eyes open! Some of my exhaustion could have also been caused by my nightly activities, however. I was still going for my walks and still so far no one suspected what I was doing on those walks. I tried to get the most expensive items I could make off with, though it wasn’t always easy getting them home! Still it was for a good cause and I wasn’t going to stop! My ultimate goal was to raise $50,000 for charity. Once I reached my goal, then I could consider stopping, or at least slowing down.

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  1. madismith67 says:

    Ha! She really needs to lose the habit. Not a klepto!! (:

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