Gen 2 Chapter 6

Finally it happened! One morning I awoke with a terrible feeling in the bottom of my stomach. The second I got up and dressed, I had to rush to the bathroom! It was the beginning of morning sickness! I know most wouldn’t be happy about that sort of thing, but for as long as Chris and I had been trying it sure felt like a blessing!Our news couldn’t have come at a better time! Caden was about to celebrate his 5th birthday today! I invited my brother and his family over for the party! We decided to do an outdoor thing and got a sprinkler for everyone to enjoy. Seems to me the men are having more fun with it than the kids!

When it was time for the cake the guys relunctantly followed me over. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ then I told Caden to make a wish and showed him how to blow out the candles! It was so exciting! I couldn’t wait to see what a handsome young man he was going to become! After the cake was cut Bently and his family got a call and he informed me they had to leave. I wrapped up a couple peices of cake and sent it along with them, then we all had a seat and ate our cake. Caden loved it! He couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he’d had that day and how he couldn’t wait to start school the next week!In fact the school had informed me they were going to have a bake sale on the first day of school and asked for anyone who had the time to bake some sort of treat to send to school with their kids. I jumped at the chance! It was just another way to help those who needed it! All their proceeds were going for new books and computers in the library!Caden loved the outdoors! He spent lots of time out in our backyard playing. One day however he called me out to look at something. I jumped back when I saw the spiders crawling around on the grass. Caden laughed at me for being scared and proceeded to pick one of them up. “Can I keep him, Mom?” Caden asked. “Well…” I began, “I suppose, just make sure you keep him locked up good! I don’t want him wandering around the house!” He jumped for joy when I said that. Caden loved his pet spider. I thought it was just creepy, but he had even given it a name! He said he chose to name it ‘Manny’ since Spiderman was nick-named ‘Spidey’. I guess that made sense, kind of. I’ve got to hand it to him though, he certainly does have an active imagination! As my second pregnancy quickly progressed I began to have the weirdest cravings. Like spagetti in the morning! Followed by a heaping bowl of ice-cream! I started to wonder if I was having twins since I was so hungry all the time! I kind of hoped not though, one baby was certainly enough to handle!I had also decided to take a break from my walks. As I started getting bigger I was much more tired, so instead I would go to bed early. Chris had finally gotten our pictures back, unfortunately he’d forgotten to take the lens cap off for all but one picture, and that was of me eating of all things! Still it was a fond memory that I decided to keep right next to our bed.The next morning I awoke to a stabbing pain in my abdomen. I don’t know why, but my children must not like to let me sleep! This time fortunately the sun was at least up before I went into labor! I looked at the clock and began thinking we might actually be able to get Caden on the bus before we headed to the hospital. Just then Chris walked out of the bathroom and started freaking out. “Are you in labor??” he asked in a panicked voice. I tried to talk to tell him yes, but the contraction that hit was so powerful it just about knocked me off my feet. When I could speak all I managed to say was “Yes.” We decided not to take the chance and asked one of our neighbors if they could see Caden to the bus stop, then Chris immediately drove me to the hospital. It was like deja-vu as we got out of the car he took off running again, leaving the poor pregnant woman in the dust! I gotta love him though, as crazy as he is!

It was a good thing we left for the hospital when we did! Not even 30 minutes after we arrived my baby girl joined our family! She was born at 8:11am, weighing 7lbs 6oz and 22inch long! A bit smaller than her brother, could be why her birth seemed faster as well! Either way I was relieved that it was finally over! We took a cab home, don’t ask me why. The woman driving kept giving Chris these nasty looks, so I gave her one just as nasty and she finally turned around and drove us home. I can’t understand what it is with the people in this town! They are just so rude! Just because a person looks different they think they can judge them on that!Arriving home I snuggled my baby girl close. She looked up at me a cooed, babies are so precious! As much as I loved my kids, however, we had decided that our family was now complete with princess Cassie as our last edition! A boy and a girl, what more could I ask for!? Both were perfectly healthy and oh so adorable! As I laid my little princess in her crib, I was just so happy to have her home at last! I couldn’t wait until she got older so I could do her hair, play dress up, and dolls! That was the only thing I missed since having a boy. Especially Caden, he was 100% pure boy! He loved to get dirty and play rough, although he was a sweetie none-the-less! He was just like his daddy in that sense!

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  1. madismith67 says:

    Aww! First comment! (: Little Cassie is just gorgeous!

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