Gen 2 Chapter 5

Chris had for the most part gotten better about checking his surroundings before stealing stuff. One night however he just wasn’t careful enough. The cops had been staking out his workplace for weeks according to the news. I still don’t understand how they manage to run the kind of “business” they do right next to the police station anyway!This time however his stay would be even more brief. Just an overnight since the cop jumped the gun and arrested him before he even did anything wrong! He used his phone call to tell me what had happened. I guess he thought I was going to be mad at him, but I told him not to worry and I’d see him the next day. It wasn’t until later when I was watching the news that I actually did get a little upset. Not so much at Chris but the people in this town! Now they were calling my husband names and just being down-right nasty. I eventually just had to turn the TV off. I couldn’t watch them talk like that about my husband, they have NO idea what kind of person he really is! It was about 9am when Chris was finally released from jail. He told me they had taken his camera away and wanted to have the film developed before giving it back to him! I was outraged! That camera had our vacation pictures on it! How dare they?! I didn’t have long to be mad though, it was my baby boy’s birthday!

Isn’t he so cute? He looks a lot like his daddy from what I can tell so far! Holding my little man made me want another baby so bad! I knew Chris wanted more kids, I hadn’t been so sure though until that moment. I think it’s time we start trying for baby number two!And trying, is the best part! I told Chris I was ready to have another baby and it didn’t take either of us long to get started! I would often ambush him in the shower! I just couldn’t help it! Something about the way his body looked covered in those tattoos! I had never thought I’d find that attractive, but it was most definitely a turn on for me!I still went on my walks. I was very careful however with what had happened to Chris. No one could have suspected me though, I just didn’t look like that type of person. Often when I was in town people would ask me how someone like me could be married to someone like him, I tried to laugh it off, but it always irriated me. I continued to donate my profits to charity as well. I always send my donations anonymously too, just in case. I didn’t want anyone asking any questions! It felt good though to help those less fortunate, and I planned to continue doing it as long as I possibly could. At home I was the perfect mommy! Teaching my son all kinds of new things, like how to talk! Of course I tried to get him to say mommy as his first word, that didn’t work out the way I had planned! His first word instead was art! It made me so happy! My mom had been the one to teach me to draw! Maybe my son would one day allow me to teach him as well!I still loved to draw, and would do so usually when Caden was down for his nap. It was another activity that reminded me of my mom. It had been her studio, her drawing board, and her pictures of architectural design were all over the walls. I loved to spend time in there reminesing about when she taught me to draw. She told me I had a real talent for drawing, even very early on. I think she wanted me to be just like her, but that just wasn’t my thing. Drawing was fun sure, I enjoyed it. I just didn’t want to make it part of my job. Somehow to me that would take the fun out of it. The better I got, the more detailed my drawings became. Chris even commented on one saying it felt as if the drawing was staring at him!Caden was moving right on up in the world! Soon after he said his first word he began walking. We even started him on the potty! He still wore a diaper, but he really didn’t have many accidents! Watching him grow made me even more anxious about having another baby. Chris and I had been trying, but no such luck yet. I suppose that could have been a good thing though. Caden was very active and always drug out all his toys from his toybox! I think if I had been pregnant keeping up with him would have been even harder than it already was! Not that I would have minded either way. I loved my baby no matter how much of a handful he was!One evening while out for my walk I saw one of my neighbors sitting on her porch. I ignored her and kept on walking. As I got past her driveway, however, she yelled “Better keep that trouble makin’, no-good husband of yours away from my house Bayleigh Groves!” That did it! I couldn’t believe the nerve of that woman! I stopped walking, turned and marched right up her front steps and laid into her “LOOK old lady! I don’t know who you think you are but my husband is the sweetest guy you’d ever meet! I don’t care what you think you know about him but YOU better keep yourself away from him!” With that I turned and left.I couldn’t believe what that woman had just said about my husband! As I continued my walk the feelings I’d had before intensified. I decided I was going to up the stakes a little and see just how much I could take! I saw a deserted parking lot and wandered over. I made sure to check, and sure enough, there wasn’t a soul around so I pulled on the handle to see if it was unlocked, and it WAS! This was going to be the best night ever!

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2 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 5

  1. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Aww Caden is such a cutiepie! I hope they can have another baby soon, but what a twist! 🙂 Cant wait to see where this is going!

  2. madismith67 says:

    Aww! Hey, her drawing looks a LOT like Bella Goth…. (Sims 2)

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