Gen 2 Chapter 4

That night I woke up to the most horrible stomach pain I’ve ever had. At first I didn’t even think about labor, I assumed maybe it was heartburn. But as I started to wake up even more and the pain intensified I knew just what it was. It was only 2:30am, Chris was still at work for another half hour. So I called myself a cab, then called him and let him know to meet me at the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at the same time. However as I waddled up to the door Chris took off running. Apparently in all his excitement he forgot pregnant women can’t run like that! I laughed to myself, but then was hit by another horrible contraction. Thank goodness Chris had the sense to ask the nurse at the door for a wheel chair!Lucky for me the labor was quick and easy! Almost exactly 3 hours after my first contraction, my sweet little baby boy came into the world! At 5:34am all 8lbs 5oz, 23inch of him! He was a monster! But he was my little monster and I couldn’t have been happier!That is until I began thinking of what I was going home too. Of course Chris would be there, but my parents were gone. My little boy would never know his grandparents. I almost began to cry thinking about it. Then my son let out a little whimper, as I looked down at him I couldn’t help but smile again. I was able to push away my sadness until we arrived at the house. I looked at Chris, he smiled at me that handsome smile of his. I just couldn’t manage to do the same. Why couldn’t my parents at least lived long enough to meet their second grandbaby?? It just didn’t seem fair. Life apparently isn’t fair though, since neither my brother or I obviously met our grandparents.As the weeks went on I came to accept that my parents wouldn’t be around to see their grandson, or any other kids I may have. Little Caden was a blessing and I didn’t want him to think anything was wrong with him because mommy was always sad. It was hard to stay sad around that precious little face anyway! Daddy would definately agree! He loved his little man! It was so strange to see someone like Chris, full of tattoos and all tough looking, being so sweet and loving. I’ll tell you a lot of people looked at Chris as a menace because of his tattoos, but that’s only because they don’t know him like I do. He may appear tough but he’s probably the best man I know!My maternity leave was about to expire since Caden was almost 6 weeks old. I had decided however that I didn’t want to continue working after-all. So the week before I was scheduled to come back I called and put in my notice. I told them I’d work until they could find a replacement if they needed, but they said that was alright, they wouldn’t need me to do that. That was a big relief because I really didn’t want to anyway!

Now that I wasn’t working not only would I have the time I wanted to spend with my son, but I also had time for things I wouldn’t have normally been able to do. My mom may have been gone but her plants were still alive and well! I tended them whenever I could, and harvested their produce. It was a nice way to feel that she hadn’t completely left our lives. I will admit there is a side of me most people don’t realize. I may not be covered in tattoos and look tough like my husband, but I wasn’t as innocent as I may have appeared. I always took a “walk” in the early evening before my husband would head off to work. I told him I just needed the fresh air after being cooped up with Caden all day.

I always wandered around the neighborhood looking for the houses with no lights on. Then I’d sneak to the back to see if they had anything good. Lucky for me most of our neighbors didn’t have fences otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did most every night. Steal. Now I realize you may think this is wrong, but let me explain. I always took stuff from people who had more than enough. Trust me on that! I never robbed anyone blind by taking more than I needed either. And I did it for a good reason, I would take the items and sell them to another town’s consignment shop, take the money and donate it to charity! People who really needed it!Sure my husband was a hard working man, he made decent money. It just wasn’t enough to help my cause. I never did tell him what I was really doing. I know he would have understood the stealing, I just don’t know that he would have understood the other half. You see he liked being able to spend what he made on other things. What kinds of things? Well his tattoos for one! He said they were addicting, that once you had one you had to have another! I guess I wouldn’t understand that since I never had one, but as expensive as they were I really didn’t care to find out. He eventually had so many that almost his whole body covered!My parents may be gone, but I knew they were never too far away. Mom had purchased a plot of land in a grove of trees behind our house, just big enough for our family, and that is where she and Daddy rest. Whenever I miss them all I have to do is look our the window and I can see their graves. And I’m happy because I know they are watching over me, and their new grandson!

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4 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 4

  1. ;Rainee says:

    R.I.P Anette!
    I’m writing my own legacy too you inspiredme!!

  2. madismith67 says:

    I adore this legacy! Although, Anette will always have a special place in my heart, as she carries on my Aunt’s name. (:

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