Gen 2 Chapter 3

I told my Mom all about France over breakfast! In fact I was so busy talking about everything Chris and I had seen and done in the last few weeks I hadn’t even touched my pankcakes by the time my Mom was done with hers! I told her about fishing and the recipe books I had bought and all the yummy food I was going to be preparing for her and Dad! She said she couldn’t wait to try the frog legs, someone told her they tasted like chicken! I decided the best way to tell my parents our news was over dinner. I ran to the store and picked up some items and decided to do a barbecue for them! I couldn’t wait to tell them! My Dad had spent most of the day working on his logic by spying on our neighbors through the telescope!

No sooner than I had finished dinner I heard a strange noise coming from the yard. I had to go tell my father dinner was ready anyway so I went out to investigate. And what should I find?! The Grim Reaper had come for my dad! “Oh my gosh! This can’t be happening! Not now! No!!” I yelled at Grim. But my cries fell upon deaf ears. My Mom was devastated. I couldn’t tell her our happy news! Not yet anyway. I’d wait, until after Daddy’s funeral. Mom didn’t feel much like eating after Dad passed. I understood and to tell you the truth neither did I. Chris was so understanding, he even cleaned up after since neither Mom nor I felt like doing much of anything. We cried on each others shoulders for a while then Mom told me she was tired and went to bed. I felt so bad for her, going to bed all alone. She hadn’t been without Daddy for almost 65 years, I can’t imagine how hard it was on her. I went to bed myself, but didn’t sleep very well. Once I even woke up and felt sick to my stomach. I went to the bathroom to throw up, although I hadn’t eaten much I guess the food just didn’t agreed with my stomach since I was so upset about Daddy. As fate would have it the day of my fathers funeral came, and just as the guests began to gather I heard the same strange sound I heard the night of my fathers death. I turned around and saw Grim again! I panicked when I saw him now taking my Mother away from me as well! My Mom was going to be the only person I really knew at Daddy’s funeral since Bently and Chris couldn’t get off from work! I stood there over my parents graves. I just couldn’t believe they were gone. I was the only one at the funeral. Well there were guests, but I didn’t know them, most were old clients of my Moms. So I felt alone anyway.. I stood all by myself and cried. I wish Chris could have been here. I stayed at the cemetary even after the guests had gone. I just couldn’t seem to compose myself. Every time I began to stop crying I would think of something else and the water works would start right up again! Even thinking of the outfit I was wearing! Not appropriate for most funerals but I remember what my mom said as we picked out our dresses. “Daddy doesn’t like gloomy colors, so NO black!” those had been her exact words. Finally as the sun began to set I thought it best I head home, Chris would be home from work and start to get worried if I wasn’t back yet. As soon as Chris arrived home I ran to him and began crying on his shoulder. I told him all about the funeral and what happened with my Mom. “I didn’t even get to tell them about our engagement!” I sobbed to Chris. “I…I.. I didn’t even get to tell Mom my other good news!” Chris looked at me puzzled, “And what would that be?” he asked. “I’m pregnant!” I mumbled. Without hesitation Chris reached down and started rubbing my stomach. “I’m going to be a Daddy!” he shouted. I smiled a little half smile seeing how happy I had just made him. Still I wish I could have been sharing the good news with my Mom as well. She was so happy when Tobin was born that I knew she would have been happy for us despite not being married yet. “Let’s get married!” Chris declared grabbing my hands. “Now?” I asked. “Why not?” Chris replied. “I know you wanted to have a big wedding, but with your parents gone and the baby on the way I think now is the perfect time!” he explained. “Well when you put it that way!” I said back. And with that we began making up our own vows. He pulled two rings out of his coat pocket and slid one onto my finger. The other he placed into my palm for me to put on his finger once I recited my vows to him. I wasn’t really sure how to begin my vows but once I started the words just came flowing out of my mouth. I didn’t mention anything about “til death do us part” with my parents just passing I wanted to keep death out of my marriage! I slid the ring he gave me onto his finger. It may have just been the two of us but I couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony. And with that we sealed our marriage with a kiss. It felt so good to have him there and feel his arms around me after losing my parents, at least I had him there. I knew too that us getting married would be better for the baby in the end as well. As happy as I was to be Chris’s wife I was still quite upset, afterall it had only been a week since my dad passed, and less than a day since my mom passed. Waking up in my parents room took some getting used to. Chris and I had began sleeping there after we were married. I wasn’t a huge fan of the pink, and I knew Chris was even less fond of it, but my Mom had left it the way her parents had. I never did get to meet them, Mom said they died in a fire when she was really little. She never talked about it much, but losing my parents was hard on me, so I imagine losing hers, especially at such a young age must have been even harder.While I was on maternity leave from work I had a lot of spare time on my hands. One day I decided to go visit my brother since I hadn’t seen him in a few months. “Hi Bayleigh! My you’re getting big!” Elisha exclaimed. “I know right? I think if this baby gets any bigger I’m gonna pop!” I said with a laugh. “Well your brother isn’t home right now but you’re more than welcome to come inside and visit with me and Tobin!” Elisha said, and with that I followed her into the living room.  Upon entering the living room I saw Tobin watching cartoons. He got up off the couch to give me a hug, but stopped right before he got to me “Aunty Bayleigh, what happened to your tummy? Why is it so big? Did you swallow a watermelon?” Tobin asked. I laughed and replied, “No sweetie, there’s a baby growing inside my tummy!” He looked confused, I’m sure he didn’t know that was even possible until now! “You can feel the baby kick if you put your hand here.” I said placing his hand on my belly. “Wow! That’s neat! It feels like an alien is in there!” Tobin exclaimed with excitement. Ah, kids! I couldn’t wait until mine and Chris’s was born! This visit really did me some good by getting me out of my house and away from all the memories of my parents.

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4 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 3

  1. ;Rainee says:

    Sad that annette and her hubby died ;[ Can’t wait to hear more of bayleighs storry thou

  2. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Aww it’s always sad to see the founders go 😦 that stinks Bayleigh never got a chance to te them of her engagement or the baby but hey at least she and Chris are married and will be happy together now 🙂 I can’t wait to see the baby!

    • groveslegacy says:

      yeah, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep them around long enough for the baby but I thought maybe I could at least do a quick wedding before they passed, and well no such luck!

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