Gen 2 Chapter 2

Flying into France I couldn’t get over the view! I was so excited to finally be somewhere other than Longview! Also I coulnd’t wait for Chris and I to have a chance to expand our relationship! We were going to be gone 2 weeks, and I’ll admit I was a little nervous since I had never been away from home before, but the excitement definately over-powered any doubts I had. When the taxi dropped us off at our hotel I glanced around taking in my surroundings. Everything was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined, I couldn’t wait to go exploring! But it was already 3pm so even though I couldn’t wait to get started, Chris and I agreed to wait until tomorrow to go outside of the hotel area. I happened to notice a little cafe next to our hotel so I told Chris I wanted to try some real French roast coffee. I ordered my cup and sat outside the cafe. Sitting there I closed my eyes and quietly sipped my coffee. I was amazed how good travelling could make me feel. The change in scenary was just what I needed to help me figure my life out. Later that night I called my Mom before heading to bed, just to see what she and Dad were up to. She told me they had been over to Bently’s house visiting him and Tobin, their grandson. I was glad they had done that, they hadn’t see him since he was a little baby! Too it was nice to know they weren’t just sitting around the house being lonely. So the first stop on our list of places to visit was the nectary! Both of us being too young to drink back home we were excited to hear there wasn’t an age limit in France! Unfortunately Chris poured some nectar that must not have been aged quite right since it made both of us sick! Not a fun way to start our vacation! “Bayleigh, I’m sorry I made us sick.” Chris stated after I emerged from the bathroom. “It’s not your fault sweetie! You didn’t know it was going to do that!” I responded. “True, but I still feel bad and would like to make it up to you.” Chris answered.

Then Chris got down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his back pocket. As he opened it I let out a squeal before he could even open his mouth. I couldn’t believe he was actually about to propose! He couldn’t have picked a better time or place! “Bayleigh Groves,” Chris began,” You have made such a difference in my life, you would make me the happiest man alive if you would be my wife!” I stood there still flabber-gasted and shook my head yes! I held out my hand and watched then as Chris slid the ring on my finger. I guess I was still in shock. I mean I knew we loved each other but I just couldn’t believe he was already so sure he wanted to spend his life with me! I stood there admiring the ring and the way it shown in the dim light of the nectar cellar. Chris stood up and said “Well? Does this make up for the bad nectar I gave you?” That’s when I realized I hadn’t even really said yes to him! I had just stood there like a big dummy! Before saying a word I thew my arms around him. “Yes Chris! I would be honored to be your wife! And I was never upset with you about the nectar! I promise!” I told him. “Well I’m glad to hear that. I couldn’t stand having you upset with me, you’re my world Bayleigh. Without you and your parents I’d be out on the street!” Chris said. When we left the nectary is was already dark out so we headed back to our room. Perfect since I wanted to give Chris something in return for suprising me with the engagement! As we cuddled in bed I asked him, “Are you ready for your suprise now?” He just looked at me puzzled. I then began kissing him and stripping his clothes off.. I think that’s when he got what I meant! That night was our first night together. It was absolutely amazing! France was such a magical place! The perfect place for a couple like us, young and in love! I couldn’t believe what a good first week this had been! I almost didn’t even want to go back home! We spent the next week fishing and seeing the rest of the country-side. I will admit when Chris woke me up one morning at 4:30am to go fishing I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure getting up that early to put a slimy worm on a hook and fish an even slimy-er creature out of the water had much appeal. I will admit though I was suprised. I felt so in tune with nature, and it was a great way to spend some peaceful alone time with my man. I guess too I was a little competitive. I kept reminding him the rest of the trip that I had caught the biggest frog! Our trip was going to be over tomorrow so I made sure to go by the bookstore and pick up some French recipe books so I could cook my parents frog legs and maybe even one day crepes! Crepes were a very yummy french dessert but very hard to prepare! I was going to have to improve my cooking skill first! So for our last day in France we went to the little cafe beside out hotel and had lunch. We both agreed it was nice to get away from our typical lives and we even talked about possibly seeing more countries some day! I guess we’d have to wait and see what our life had in store for us! While it sure was a lot of fun, it also cost a lot of money!Our plane landed in Longview Airport at about 5am, and it took us about an hour to gather our bags and load up the car to begin our drive home. While I was still a little sad to leave France, I couldn’t wait to see my parents again and tell them the good news about mine and Chris’s engagement! Chris had also got a camera while we were there and taken lots of pictures of our trip that I couldn’t wait to have developed!

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3 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 2

  1. ;Rainee says:

    Can’t wait for chap. 3!

  2. OnendOnliYazzie says:

    Aw I can’t wait to find out what happens next!! 🙂 I’m so glad Bayleigh won the heir vote

  3. groveslegacy says:

    Ah yes, chapter 3.. should be out tomorrow! 😉

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