Gen 2 Chapter 1

After Elisha had gone into labor during my party everyone including my Mom took off. Well, except Dad, he said he didn’t feel good and was tired so he went to bed. That left me alone in my thoughts to eat cake and clean up the house. I wish Chris had stayed longer. Oh well, he’ll be over tomorrow! My parents agreed to throw his birthday party too since his parents said “The only good thing about being 18 is you can get out of our house!” I can’t imagine if my parents said that to me. So the next day came and it was time for Chris to become an adult! After he aged up we were going to have a talk with my parents because apparently his parents packed all his bags and threw him out that morning. He had no where to go and I wasn’t about to let him stay out on the streets!How handsome is my man?? Now that he IS a man! “Honey I have good news!” Bayleigh exclaimed. “Oh yeah??” Chris replied. “My parents said you could stay! How awesome is that?!” Bayleigh answered. “That’s great! It’s gonna be lot’s of fun.” Chris said with a wink. “Well,” Bayleigh began, “they did have one condition. That we had to sleep in seperate beds and bedrooms unless we were to get married.” I saw a some dissapointment in his face, be never the less he smiled and said. “Anything is better than being homeless!” Even with Chris living with me things progressed rather slowly. I continued to work at the Day Spa, although I took on more shifts since I was out of school. I wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted to do with my life or not. In fact I wasn’t really sure what I expected out of life at all! I guess I figured I’d end up like my parents, married, have kids, live happily ever after and all that. Chris also got a job. His job, well he didn’t really say much except he did odd jobs at the old warehouse downtown. He convinced my dad he needed to be in shape for his job so my dad got him a home gym for his room. He began working out on it right away. I must admit when I was home I enjoyed watching him. It was very sexy! Too bad we still hadn’t been intimate seeing as my parents wouldn’t allow that. *sigh* Daddy had been working really hard at home. He was upgrading all of our appliances to clean themselves. He said my mom deserved a break from cleaning since she’d been doing it her whole life. Plus he said it would be easier on me when they were gone. I didn’t even want to think about that! My parents weren’t THAT old! One day I got a call from Chris. He said he’d been arrested on false charges. I told him I’d be right down to pick him up, but he said they wouldn’t allow him bail since they thought he actually had commited a crime. I have a feeling he was just trying to make me feel better, but unfortunately my parents weren’t going to be happy about this. That evening I explained to my dad what happened and told him Chris was sentenced to 10 days without bail in jail for stealing. I also told him he said it wasn’t him, still my dad was pretty upset. “Are you sure this boy is right for you Bayleigh?” Aaron asked. “Yes dad. Yes he can be a little odd at times, but he really is a good person. He just hasn’t had the best past. Just give him another chance! Please Daddy.” Bayleigh pleaded. “Ok honey, just one more chance though. If he gets put in jail again he’s going to have to find another place to live!” Aaron answered.

When Chris was released to come home I had a talk with him before we both had to go to work. I told him what my dad had said about not getting arrested anymore. He told me he understood, but he also confessed that he was guilty and that he couldn’t help but steal things. He said it’s something he’s done all his life and just seems so normal he didn’t even think to stop when he saw the cop around.I was a little suprised when I got a call from Chris telling me he was at the tattoo shop. It was close to his work and he decided he wanted to get a tattoo to signify his past hardships in hopes maybe he could turn his life around. I told him ok, just nothing too crazy! Afterall I knew how he could get! He decided on a dragon emerging from the flames to symbolize his strength overcoming all obstacles. I thought it was a very neat idea! I wish I could have gotten one too! My dad would kill me though! He said tattoos weren’t very ladylike! I don’t know if I could have done it anyway. I’m a wimp when it comes to needles and things! Of course like everything else Chris does he got carried away! He ended up liking his tattoo so much he picked out several others to get as well. All symbolizing something or another. He even got one with my name on it! I thought it was sweet, but not so sure my parents would agree or not. I had let Chris take my car to work that day so I had to walk home. On my way I passed by this one house with a pink flamingo in the yard. I don’t know why but I stopped and studied it. Then I got an urge I never felt before in my life, I wanted to steal that flamingo! I looked around to see if anyone else was around. The whole street was dark, so I seized the opportunity.  When I got back home I went looking for Chris. He was in his room working out, like always. I wanted to talk to him about what I’d just done. I felt such a rush. I just couldn’t explain it. I thought I would have felt bad about doing something like that to someone, but no I was happy about it! But when I saw him working out there with his new tattoos down both arms my mind began to wander. The sexual tension between me and him was growing. I had to find a way to be alone with him! That’s when I got an idea! We could go on a trip together! I had always wanted to go to France and I had just enough money to do it! So I told my parents, talked it over with Chris and then called the travel agent! I was so excited! Not only was I getting my dream vacation I would also be taking my love with me and we’d be totally alone! YES!

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5 Responses to Gen 2 Chapter 1

  1. ;Rainee says:

    Hey! It’s Rainbowner from the sims 3 I LOVE YOUR LEGACY<3 I think I'm going to enjoy Beyleigh's soooo much:)! I can't wait until you upload the next chapter; Thanks for commenting on my forum post, too!

  2. Nikki says:

    Just catching up with the Groves. The Johnson’s are back btw.

  3. singer14 says:

    Aaaaaaw, I liked Reed!

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