Gen 1 Chapter 12

So after the wedding my baby boy moved out! Elisha suprised him with a brand new house! I’m not sure how she could afford it but I was happy for him, even though it meant he was leaving us.

Now with only one child in the house, and the fact Bayleigh managed to stay on the honor roll while working, Aaron and I agreed she deserved a present. So we bought her a purple car for her senior year! She loved purple and she was simply estactic when we showed it to her!

 Since she couldn’t wait to drive it so we told her to take it to the park and test it out! She grabbed the keys from Aaron and ran! “Thanks Mom & Dad!” she squealed while hopping in and pulling out of the driveway.Once at the park she met up with Chris. “Hey, Bayleigh right? You remember me? I’m Chris, Elisha’s cousin!”. Chris asked her. “Of course I remember you! I think you were the only family Elisha had actually show up!” Bayleigh answered. “Yeah, well most of the family lives so far away and they don’t like to travel. She sort of knew that would happen.” Chris replied.

Bayleigh ended up spending almost the whole day chatting with Chris at the park. Chris wasn’t the most handsome guy, his eyebrows were sort of funny looking. But there was something about him, Bayleigh couldn’t believe it but she thought she was having feelings towards him already. Strong ones at that. “Chris? Can I tell you something?” Bayleigh asked quizically. “Sure, what’s that?” Chris replied. “Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this.. but I think I have feelings for you. Do you, well, do you like me? At all?” Bayleigh struggled to get the words out. “Wow.. I wasn’t expecting that.” Chris said, then added. “I do like you. Very much in fact, I think I’ve liked you since we met at your brothers wedding.” No sooner had those words escaped Chris’s mouth Bayleigh leaned in, grabbed his arm and kissed him. This time she wasn’t rejected, and it felt oh so good! After that they began dating. They were a cute couple but not like Bently and Elisha had been. No, they spent their fair share of time apart. Both had jobs and school that they both took very seriously. Bayleigh was still a big help to me around the house as well. Aaron and I were slowing down in our old age so when she had time she cleaned up the house. One Saturday as she was cleaning up lunch she announced to me that she was going to go visit Bently and see how him and Elisha were getting along. After they moved out Bently began working and Elisha was pregnant, so they didn’t really come around too often.“Hello Bayleigh, how nice of you to stop by! I’ve heard you and my cousin are getting along quite nicely.” Elisha said smiling. “Yes we are. How are you and Bently doing, and the baby? How’s that?” Bayleigh asked. “Oh just fine, why don’t you come in and watch tv with us?” Elisha asked. “Sure!” Bayleigh answered. “I’m so glad to see things are going well for you Bently!” Bayleigh talked to her brother, or at least attempted to. He was very into his fishing show! She wasn’t sure what he had really heard of their conversation so she decided to make sure she told Elisha too about her big birthday bash coming up next month. She was finally going to be 18 and she wanted them both to be there!When the night of her party arrived Bayleigh ordered a pizza. I had offered to cook, but she insisted on pizza. As her guests arrived I was quite suprised to see she had invited Ahmad and Reed. I guess she had gotten over what happened with Ahmad now that Chris was in her life. Bayleigh’s party was going very well. All her friends and family were there cheering her on! I couldn’t wait to see what a beautiful lady my daughter was going to become. But as fate would have it as soon as Bayleigh blew out her candles we all heard a scream come from the crowd.It was Elisha, the baby, it was time! She managed to control her contractions for some time while we all cut the cake, but before she even sat down to try to eat her slice her water broke! Bently was freaking out so I offered to drive them both to the hospital. When we got there I got out with Elisha and asked Bently to go park the car while I took her inside and got her registered. I couldn’t believe I was going to become a grandma! And of all times on my very own daughters birthday! Apparently we had arrived just in time! No sooner had we gotten Elisha registered and the Dr went to check her cervix and said the baby’s head was already crowning! The delivery was fast and easy. In fact mother and baby were doing so well they got released the same night! Welcome to the world little Tobin Groves! My very first grandson!


This is the last chapter for generation 1! I can’t believe how fast this has gone! Bayleigh won the heir vote and she will be taking over in the next installment, things will now be from her point of view!

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